Okung hurts pectoral on “unnecessary” play by Trent Cole

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Seahawks left Russell Okung suffered what coach Pete Carroll termed a significant pectoral injury late in Thursday night’s game after a questionable post-whistle move by Eagles defensive end Trent Cole.

The play came with 1:57 left in the game.  I watched it again on NFL.com’s Game Rewind and Cole’s takedown should get some attention from the league.

Okung is blocking Cole legally to the whistle even though the run is away from them.  (The best view we can find online is here. It’s not ideal.)

Cole gets upset after the whistle is blown and continues to grab at Okung’s arm. He hip tosses Okung to the ground like a wrestler. It sounds like Okung may be out for the year.

“I didn’t see the play where they threw him down, but he got hurt,” Carroll said after the  game via the Tacoma News Tribune. “He has a pec injury that doesn’t look good right now. From what I heard, it was really an unnecessary play that didn’t have to happen. You guys will probably see that.”

At the very least, it was worth an unnecessary roughness penalty.  Mike Sando of ESPN.com says that the Seahawks thought it was a cheap shot.

Okung said he felt something pop. He had to hold his arm up after the game while others cut off his uniform around the injury.

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  1. “I didn’t see the play where they threw him down, but he got hurt,” Carroll said after the game via the Tacoma News Tribune. “He has a pec injury that doesn’t look good right now. From what I heard, it was really an unnecessary play that didn’t have to happen. You guys will probably see that.”

    There he is, Pete Carroll in a nutshell.

  2. If by “not ideal” you mean appears as if it was filmed with a potato and an added 90 degree rotation for difficulty, then yes, the video is “not ideal.”

  3. I remember people killing Tanahann for taking Williams over Okung two years ago, but Trent is really turning the corner and Okung can’t seem to stay healthy. It’ll be interesting to see how these two franchise left tackles develop.

  4. Another oline injury for seahawks. They arent in contention for play offs, so im not completely mad. Obvious the eagles are frustrated, but lets not injury people cause philly sucks this year

  5. The only good thing to come out of Philadelphia in the last 100 years is Cheesesteak, Rocky and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Oh and the mayor there, that guy is awesome.

    The sports fans, players and teams = unsportsmanlike, classless trash.

  6. “ESPN.com says that the Seahawks thought it was a cheap shot.”

    And they would be correct. It was a cheap shot. Okung owned Trent Cole in that game…he had him beat all night long. I guess Cole couldn’t handle the ego bruise. Either way it was clearly after the whistle and completely dirty. Temper temper. I hope there is a nice hefty fine to go along with his ego bruise.

  7. “Cole’s takedown should get some attention from the league…. (The best view we can find online is here. It’s not ideal.)”

    “I didn’t see the play where they threw him down, but he got hurt,…From what I heard, it was really an unnecessary play that didn’t have to happen. You guys will probably see that.”

    Considering the pair of you really didn’t have much of a decent vantage point I don’t know why either of you would pontificate on the topic.

    But that’s the way it goes these days. Fire from the hip and who cares if you’re right or not. No one will hold you accountable.

  8. @twitter:Chapman_Jamie

    Gotta love brilliant individuals like you who equate greatness through pop culture and culinary suicide and then throw out blanket statements as if you know. Stay classy.

  9. Looked like a fairly common play to me. Guys go at it after whistle all the time; especially when they are engaged the entire play. Football isn’t what it used to be.

  10. Not justifying the move by Cole, but it seemed like a bang-bang kind of incident. It looked like Okung was holding Cole (no flag) and then Cole went down, taking Okung with him (and flinging him over) (also no flag). Bad line play by Okung, bad reaction by Cole, bad officiating all around.

    The Seahawks played well and the Eagles didn’t play at all.

  11. Was it cheap? probably. was it trying to intentionally hurt someone? no. should there be a fine? nope. you see these types of plays allllllll the time after whistles. all.the.time. it’s an unsportsman-like conduct penalty at worst.

    the seattle dude obviously has crappy genetics if that broke a bone. it’s a penalty and not even close to a fine. if this gets fined for the specific action it’ll be just another reason to hate goodell’s girlification of the sport. if it gets fined b/c of the circumstances – ie a 15 yard penalty at that point in the game is MEANINGLESS and doesnt deter players from committing fouls – then sure.

  12. What the hell game were you people watching?

    Okung was damn near riding Trent Coles back the whole way up the field. And he was doing it every time he lined up on him. I would have flipped him too. He is still hanging on his back after the play is over. Okung didnt “handle” Cole, unless you want to call 8% of his snaps played on that side of the field “the entire game”

    I swear, I dont know why I bother to read comments here most times. I have never seen a place with a larger group of imbeciles on one place in my life.

    And for those of you calling Trent Cole a piece of trash, et all…he does more charity work every week than you have probably done in your entire lives.

    Trent is a model citizen, and a fantastic teamate and player. Some of you people read a headline, and automatically label an entire persons life. Thats very classy of you as well.

  13. That is complete B.S. That is not a football move. Fine him 10k, he will not care. Suspend him a game and that’s the last time he’ll do something like that. The league HAS to realize that fining guys $10k just doesn’t work. Missing time, letting down their team works!!!

  14. Maybe if the Seahawks coach wasn’t calling pass plays up by 17 and under 2 minutes and jumping around like an 8 year old girls’ Dad when she gets a shot on goal then his players wouldn’t get nailed by a frustrated group of Eagles….Also Okung was being a retard earlier on a convert and had to be separated…keep your head up kid

  15. Unnecessary I would say so but post whistle I disagree. You can see when Okung gets flipped over and it’s at the same time the whistle blows. He’ll probably get fined for it. Not sure why we should care Okung is fragile and both teams are going nowhere this season.

  16. Wow, so all of a sudden Trent Cole is a dirty player? I assume what the video doesn’t show is that Okung is obviously holding Cole, hence the takedown. Looks like a video my mom would take with her iPhone. Regardless the refs this year have been pathetic. Oh, anybody know who that holding penalty was on on the 3rd down play where the eagles tipped the ball? Anyone? Me either.

  17. This is worse than what Suh did! Cole may have ended the season for Okung. Suspend him for the rest of the season 🙂

  18. Eagles should upgrade to Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp as free agent pick-ups for 2012 season. They’ll fit right in.

  19. I’ll be interested in seeing how consistent the NFL is with its suspensions if/when Trent Cole gets a FedEx in his locker next week. He’s a repeat offender (fined twice in 2010: $20k for five roughing the passer calls during the season and another $15k for a scuffle with the Giants) and his actions resulted in another player ending up with a significant injury.

    If the NFL is at all consistent, and based on their Suh ruling, Cole is looking at a suspension. Whether it’s deserved or not is another question.

  20. That was actually a pretty sweet judo throw by Cole on a guy who has at least 40lbs on him.

    If that is what hurt Okung he may want to look into non-contact sports.

  21. Offensive lineman have been and are the dirtiest players in football and are enabled by the league to be so. The saying that holding could be called on every play is true and that it is rarely called causes situations like this. The reward for holding far outweighs the risk. Holding should be a loss of down as well just like defensive holding is an automatic first.

  22. When the hell did this website stop letting people respond and react to one another in debates? How sad.

  23. Since we haven’t heard a decision on the Suh appeal I wonder if this will play a part in reducing the suspension. Here is a player injured because of late play shenanigans with a guy with prior fines. The NFL has put itself in a bad spot with the Suh suspension. Suh is either the new standard for punishment from the NFL or the NFL is clearly treating Suh with a double standard against. Of course the rally cry against Suh is one day he’s going to hurt somebody even though he never has. The NFL will have to determine if perception is a bigger infraction than reality.

  24. Was it an “after-the-whistle-” cheap shot?


    But the solution to this was simple:

    Out-handle the other player.

  25. Mixed on this play. Obviously Trent went too far, but it did seem like Okung was piggybacking unnecessarily. Would’ve preferred to see Cole just turn around and give him a solid punch to the helmt like most angry football players.
    Impressive takedown, though.

  26. No joke that move that Cole throw Okung with this arm flipped him on his back. That is a judo takedown, the people that say that he shouldn’t be fined don’t know a thing about football. It was after the whistle and Cole was frustrated just like Suh was for getting man handled and had a poor reaction ending someone’s season. Okung is better than Williams. 2 injuries where his players get blocked into his knees giving him 2 high ankle sprains and now this. Is Williams playing right now??

  27. Suh got 2 games for a stomp on a D-bag packer (Did not hurt him at all) and Trent Coal wont get anything for doing his Chuck Norris Impersonation (the may end Okungs season). The league is just.

  28. Kind of mixed on this play. I think Cole’s takedown of Okung was unnecessary, but it does look like Okung is excessively piggybacking him/blocking him in the back. Cole should’ve turned around with a jab to the helmet like every other angry football player!
    Impressive takedown, though! 2 pts.

  29. Section24,

    I’ll defend Cole because he isn’t a dirty player! His intention was not to hurt end the guys season, it was to get him off of his back. And if it were after the whistle, why was dude still on his back?

  30. When I viewed the play it appears that Okung was riding on Cole’s back even after the whistle blew and finally Cole threw him off ! That was not a cheap shot on Cole’s behalf … Okung should have pulled up ! Actually, it looked like a holding penalty could have been called on Okung. IMO

  31. Trent Cole is a cheap shot artist and out of control. I mean I saw this guy trying to get past the offensive tackles and try to get to the QB. All night. I think he wanted to knock him down or something. Him, Suh and that degenerate Harrison from Pittsburgh need an intervention from Tim Tebow and his Saviour. Teams should stop this hitting nonsense and start talking their opponents into sliding, running themselves out of bounds or just giving themselves up. I am sure if they yelled “STOP” with authority and sincerity all the ill will and bitterness of this contact sport would simply fade away and no one would ever get hurt (or watch).

  32. jeffchadwick says: Dec 2, 2011 10:34 AM
    “If the NFL is at all consistent, and based on their Suh ruling, Cole is looking at a suspension. Whether it’s deserved or not is another question.”
    You are a moron.

  33. Maybe if the Seahawks coach wasn’t calling pass plays up by 17

    Make a play. Stop them. Do your job.

  34. Of course there’s a bunch of punk a$$ Eagles fans on here defending that cheap a$$ play that put Okung out for the season. Trent Cole was getting his a$$ handed too him all night so he resorted to cheating, just like the Eagles. It’s no wonder a little bitc! like Desean Jackson is the face of your franchise. DREAM TEAM, DREAM TEAM!!!!

  35. I sincerely hope that the NFL will NOT fine or suspend Trent Cole!!

    Instead, they should punish him by making him play out the rest of the season with his pathetic team … that’s punishment enough.

  36. Was it a lil unnecessary?

    Sure, you could say that.

    But, mannn…..shame on Russell for even getting taken down like that!

    C’mon Russell!!!!!!

    Guarantee that wouldn’t have happened to Big Walt had he still been there!

  37. Afterwards he said, “I felt something pop…”

    Same thing you said about both your ankles all last year and this year as well!

    Get it together man, please!

    You’re an NFL LT!

    My goodness…..

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