Curtis Johnson leaving the Saints for Tulane

As the Saints continue their push toward another possible Super Bowl appearance and/or win, they will need a new receivers coach.

Per a league source, receivers coach Curtis Johnson has accepted the head-coaching job at Tulane.  He joined the Saints in 2006, with coach Sean Payton.  Johnson, 50, previously spent 10 years at the University of Miami, with various other college jobs before that.

Johnson will coach with the Saints tonight.  His status beyond the Lions game has not yet been determined.

6 responses to “Curtis Johnson leaving the Saints for Tulane

  1. Seriously? Coaches shouldn’t be able to jump ship mid season like this. Given that the NFL hands out punishments on behalf of the NCAA, colleges should return the favor by not poaching NFL staff members mid-season…

  2. So yeah, finish the next five weeks plus the playoffs and that head coaching job that was just offered won’t be there. Colleges are on a much different time table. They have to have their head coach in place so they can get recruits signed among other things. The man has to strike while the iron is hot.

  3. NFL teams always have the right to refuse to let coaches interview for college jobs. So if he got this job now it was with the blessing of the Saints.

    Why colleges need to sign their coaches right away instead of waiting for the off season is that they need to start recruiting right away. If they wait they will be behind, and every day counts.

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