Newton, Panthers roll over Bucs


Tampa’s reliance on a historically tough schedule as an excuse for its rough year keeps getting weaker and weaker.

The previously 3-8 Panthers rolled into Tampa and rolled over the Bucs, 38-19.  Along the way, Cam Newton set the single-season quarterback touchdown rushing record with 11th, 12th, and 13th of the year.

He broke the mark previously held by, of all people, Steve Grogan.

Newton also completed 12 of 21 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown.

The loss technically puts the Bucs in the basement of the NFC South, dropping them to 4-8.  The bigger question is whether coach Raheem Morris will be back in 2012.

14 responses to “Newton, Panthers roll over Bucs

  1. I hope the people who doubted Cam at least watch a few of his games

    He’s just so much fun, just what this franchise needed

  2. There shoulb be ZERO people in the stands. Go fishing, Go to the beach. its 80 degrees outside.

    Glazers need to spend CASH

  3. I think the reason the bucks suck is because of the lockout, you know, since it didnt affect the other teams…eye roll

  4. Where are all the Cam haters? thats right they are hiding somewhere. I was one of the skeptics before he even played a down in the NFL, but after i watched a complete game of his against the Redskins, that was enough for me that this guy is for real.

  5. Rookie QB and HC…I’m just glad this regime is exciting to watch! Next year watch for us as a wild card, then after that…who knows?

  6. “He broke the mark previously held by, of all people, Steve Grogan.”

    Of course, Grogan was leading the Patriots to an 11-3 record that year, a year after they had been 3-11. Newton said he never heard of Steve Grogan in an interview with the local Charlotte newspaper. That doesn’t surprise me. The way he has celebrated his meaningless TDs in Carolina’s many losses this year indicates he cares more about his individual stats than winning, or emulating winners…unlike Steve Grogan, of all people.

  7. dienavinjohnson, you are clearly not paying attention. All Newton has talked about after every loss is is dissatisfaction. The guy cares a ton about winning, much more than he does about his individual accomplishments. It just so happens that he excels as an individual player, which is why the team is as improved as it is.

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