No interest in McNabb, yet

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Now that former Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb has cleared waivers, the question becomes whether he’ll sign with a new team as a free agent.

The answer, for now, is no.

Jay Glazer of FOX has reported that the Bears have “absolutely no interest” in McNabb, a Chicago native.  Charley Casserly of CBS added that the Texans and Cowboys have no interest, either.

Still, McNabb sees the glass as 10-percent full.  He told Adam Schefter via text message that McNabb is happy he wasn’t claimed, given that he can now sign with any team.

But will any team want him?  As Peter King pointed out on Friday’s NBC SportsTalk, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan likely gave a negative report to his former Denver protege, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.  And don’t look for the Vikings to gush about McNabb; Glazer reports that he had no sense of urgency in Minnesota, until he was benched.

Injuries can change things, especially as the pool of available veteran quarterbacks dries up.  But it could take a lot of sprained ankles or torn ACLs to prompt a team to dial up Donovan.  Though he doesn’t have as much baggage as Brett Favre, McNabb continues to engage in not-so-subtle blame shifting to his supporting casts in Washington and Minnesota as the reason for his recent struggles.

29 responses to “No interest in McNabb, yet

  1. Farve is 7 years older, and 7 times better. Baggage or no baggage, I’d by far rather have Farve on my team then Mcnabb!

  2. Donavan, you’re rich. Go enjoy the millions you have made.

    Drinking piña coladas on the beach in some tropical paradise > having genetic freaks try to knock your head off.

  3. Yet is the key word…..Some team will pull the trigger after this weekend…trust me…There is always someone out there that will over pay for some one who should not be playing anymore

  4. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Same guy that took the Eagles to 4 NFC Championship and a SB berth.
    Let’s see if a another major QB hits this week to cause a stir.
    SF would look at him if Smith goes down…

  5. No interest in McNabb yet? Completely false!! If there was no interest you would not be reading this. C’mon, the guy needs a job, surely there is a Burger King manager reading, help a brother out.

    Welcome to NoGoodburger Home of Donavan McNabb, can I take your order?

  6. Maybe Donovan and T.O. can get together over hot cocoa and talk about what went wrong. They both have alot of free time on their hands.

  7. McFlabb is done. He is delusional thinking he isn’t a cancer in the locker room, that he works hard, studies hard and demands perfection from himself and his teammates. He wouldn’t wear an armband with the plays on it, like Brady, because he is too good for that. His mechanics don’t need fine tuning, because he is an amazing quarterback, it is the receivers that are either running too deep or not deep enough, not his throws that are off target. Maybe he should play midget football so his worm burner throws have a chance at being caught.

  8. Maybe Andy will bring him back.

    Oh and, @Andre’s Johnson, I hope you don’t use the same standards when telling your significant other that she’s the prettiest girl in the world.

  9. He and Tiki should start a Flabbergasted tour where they visit cities of NFL teams to make their case to play.

  10. Maybe KC. It looks like the Kyle Orton Project lasted all of one play. That index finger looks broken.

  11. You may as well change the title of the story to “No Interest In McNabb Ever Again by NFL Teams”. He had a good opportunity with the Vikings this year to rebuild some value…. and he absolutely flopped. Ponder is far from a star, but he’s at least TRYING to get the ball down the field. I still think Ponder will be a bust, but better for the Lavender Clad Ladies to see if he has anything to work with than to just accept losses with McNabb.

  12. My oh my how my feelings are torn on this one. I always liked Donovan (Philly Fan here) and respected him even if he couldn’t get it done in the form of a Superbowl, so it is sad to see him fall this mightily. However, I hope this makes the rest of the league stop hating on Eagles fans not “appreciating” Donovan. We appreciated him plenty- we cheered him on his return last year, which got zero media attention- but wanted more and Donovan always played the “victim”. Now that act has worn thin. He’s not a victim- he was treated very fairly here in Philly and now the rest of the league is waking up to his “poor me” attitude. The guy is really annoying in that way. Sad to see his career end this way especially being two seasons removed from a stellar season that ended in a playoff berth with the Birds. Unfortunately his accuracy has declined even more and his motivation to win seems much less. He used to always talk about wins with the Birds now I hear him speak about his play instead of winning. Cya Donovan!

  13. I was spot on. Vikes blew it again due to griffen not knowing what he is doing TWICE. he needs to be shut down and let go for the year. Erin henderson being pushed down by tebow because he comes at him from a bad angle? bad. They look terrible on D. I feel for harvin. Incredible collapse from 2009. amazing. I am glad I have redzone! I’ll watch the dreaded packers do it right.

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