Kubiak on Andre Johnson: We’re very fortunate

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Earlier on Monday, we brought you Texans owner Bob McNair’s take on Andre Johnson’s status after his latest hamstring injury.

McNair said that he expected Johnson to miss a couple of weeks, but coach Gary Kubiak had a much more optimistic message when he met with the media on Monday afternoon. Kubiak said that Johnson has only a mild hamstring strain and that he’s being considered day-to-day.

“We’re very fortunate,” Kubiak said. “I’ll tell you today he’s day-to-day. I probably can give you a better answer once we give him a couple days here and get to Wednesday, but we do expect him back, and hopefully sooner than later. To answer today, we feel very fortunate.”

Kubiak also had good news to report on the status of linebacker Brian Cushing. He left the game with a knee injury, but Kubiak said that it is just a sore knee and that Cushing is expected to be in the lineup for Sunday’s game.

Not all the injury news was positive, however. Punter Brett Hartmann is done for the season after tearing his ACL while running downfield to cover a punt. The Texans could look to the past and bring back Matt Turk, their punter from 2007-2010, if they choose.

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  1. The Texans usually play well vs the Bengals (from what I can remember from watching the last 2 times these teams played) but missing Cushing and Andre would defiantly make it tougher.

    As a Bengals fan, I’ll be the first to admit that the Bengals flat out stunk. Penalties and special teams blunders turned the Steelers game into a blowout. That said, I hope my Bengals rebound after having their worst game of the season.

    But I do hope the Texans lose this week because the Bengals need it more and the Texans are not going to lose a game the rest of the year (Panthers, Indy, Titans).

  2. I still don’t see AJ coming back before the playoffs. At best he will be 100% for the last game of the year, and I don’t think that will be a must win so no reason to play him.

    Cush will play, he has been missing a lot of practice already, but I know he will be ready.

    Hartmann was having a great rookie year and I hate to see this guy go down! I’m pretty sure they will sign Matt Turk, he is out doing try outs right now with a couple other guys. Sure he won’t perform the best but he has been a holder for field goals here already and they trust him from that point.

  3. The left hamstring was suppose to keep him out for three weeks and it ended up being 7 so knowing how teams do not like giving out injury info, Andre is probably out until the start of the playoffs. I am sure they will sign Matt Turk to replace Bryan Hartmann but they should also sign Terrell Owens and release Derrick Mason. The reason the offense looks so bad without Andre is because he is the only vertical, deep threat wide reciever on the Texans roster. He keeps safeties out of the box so the running backs have more room to run. The Texans need to finish 13-3 to get a first round bye and a home playoff game. Signing Terrell Owens makes the offense better because they will score more points and helps the defense by keeping them rested for the stretch run.

  4. bballpat07 says:
    Dec 5, 2011 5:13 PM
    The Texans usually play well vs the Bengals (from what I can remember from watching the last 2 times these teams played) but missing Cushing and Andre would defiantly make it tougher.


    It would make it toughter. I just don’t see defiance playing any part in it.

  5. Kubiak on his team’s division being absolutely putrid: “We’re very fortunate.”
    Kubiak on Manning’s injury being the only reason they’re in contention:
    “We’re very fortunate.”
    Kubiak on not having to put Delhomme in during last Sunday’s game:
    “We’re very fortunate.”

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