The Rams could be down to Tom Brandstater

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The Rams offense reached a new low in a season of futility on Sunday.

They were shut out, never advanced the ball past the 49ers’ 35-yard line and gained just 157 yards all day. As bad as that was, things might get even worse next Monday.

Seattle isn’t as good as San Francisco defensively, but the Rams might be starting Tom Brandstater at quarterback. Sam Bradford is battling a high ankle sprain and A.J. Feeley fractured his right thumb in Sunday’s loss, leaving the third-year man from Fresno State as the only healthy quarterback on the roster. Brandstater has never played in a regular season game and was elevated from the practice squad shortly before the 49ers game.

In his Monday press conference, coach Steve Spagnuolo conceded that he’s concerned about the fact that the team has little idea what they will do at quarterback in a week’s time. Spagnuolo is hopeful Bradford will be able to go, but Brandstater will take on a heavier load in practice in the event he’s forced into the lineup.

The only intrigue left in this Rams season is whether the avalanche of losses will wind up costing Spagnuolo his job. Owner Stan Kroeneke wouldn’t give any indication after the game, but Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes that there will be changes coming to St. Louis when the year is over. He cautions that those changes might “not follow the whims of popular opinion,” but that Kroenke is evaluating the entire organization to decide what changes need to be made to move the team forward.

11 responses to “The Rams could be down to Tom Brandstater

  1. If Steve Spagnuolo gets fired. Mark Davis better be 1st in line opening up and giving him a blank check to be the Raider DC next year. Mark Davis needs to hire a real qualified DC as a replacement for Al’s puppet two time Raider failure. Chuckles the Clown…..

  2. The one thing the Rams can do well is rush the passer, and Seattle will be missing three starting offensive linemen, all of whom played against the Rams a few weeks ago.

    This could be a very ugly MNF game. 10-7? 13-10? 3-0 in OT?

  3. The only way this game will stay close is for the Rams D to play their very best because Brandstater is going to throw picks and Jackson has never had success running against the Hawks.

  4. Is it really a bad thing for Brandstater to play over Feeley?

    Feeley is 34 going on 35. The Rams season is over.

    Brandstater is still young. Who knows, maybe he isn’t too bad and you’ve got a potential long-term backup.

    If I were a part of the Rams brass, I’d rather Brandstater play than Feeley.

  5. Yeah man, that niners defense is lights out man!

    they shut down aj feely and rich bartel!

    Light Years ahead of the Ravens/Steelers defenses!

  6. The first thing the Rams need to do after they fire that d-bag, Steve Spagnuolo, is hire back the equipment manager that Spagnuolo fired after last season. The guy was a 30+ year, 2nd generation employee, and Spags just kicked him to the curb. What comes around, goes around.

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