Former Redskin: “If you get caught three times, you have a problem”

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The reported suspensions for Redskins tight end Fred Davis and tackle Trent Williams are expected to be announced on Tuesday. They violated the league’s substance abuse policy by failing tests right after the lockout ended.

Players usually show sympathy for each other in these situations, but at least one Redskins teammate and a former Redskins player spoke out about their disappointment with the situation.

“It’s disappointing because everyone is aware of the rules,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told “More than just yourself is at stake if you get caught.”

Safety O.J. Atogwe said the team supports both players and doesn’t hold anything against them, but former Redskin Phillip Daniels feels differently. A longtime leader of the team, Daniels was cut in camp this year. He spoke out on Twitter:

“If true and you get caught three times, you have a problem. Actually surprised that more didn’t get caught. #CharacterIssues,” Daniels wrote.

Davis’ suspension comes at a particularly bad time. He’s headed for unrestricted free agency this offseason, and could be the top tight end available.

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  1. Well….he’s right. I thought it was the first time, and didn’t know until yesterday that this was the THIRD failure for both of them.

    This is a total disregard to your team. Selfish behavior which hurts everyone around you and your fans. Yeah, I’m a Boys fan, but I’m a football fan first. Guys like this shouldn’t be in the league.

  2. Both are really stupid. Now you have to really think on whether or not you really want them. For all of the talent that both have, they are a failed test away from a year break.

    You can recover from a tight end loss like that, however how do you recover from a LT problem like that?

    With Williams, he hasn’t been able to complete a full season yet, he missed multiple games last year and this year due to injury. Now he is missing due to stupidity. And people complain about Okung.

  3. Trent Williams issues from day one were about his work ethic and character issues. Looks like one of the issues are coming back against the Skins. Now this may be their third violation but they now just forfeited 1/4 of their seasons pay. If that doesnt wake them up to not do it again, nothings will.

  4. The real story here is why the NFL and America at large insist on prosecuting users of a drug more benign than alcohol.

    Oh wait, I forgot what Budweiser pays for a Super Bowl commercial, never mind.

    Let’s put it this way, if these two went out and got stoned on Friday night, they’re certainly feeling more ready to play on Sunday than the two guys who went out and got drunk.

    And for the Holier than thou types, the whole league smokes. The whole damn league. Just like the NBA, and just like the American populace in general.

    These two deserved to be suspended for being too stupid to not get caught. But pretending this is a 11 man problem or even a redskin problem is hilarious.

    Philip Daniels competes as a powerlifter in a sport rife with performance enhancing drugs, and he wants to ride his soapbox against pot smokers–give me a break.

  5. My employee agreement with my company states that I cannot use illegal drugs. I am never drug tested but since I signed the agreement I follow the it. I make in a year what these guys make in the first quarter but for some reason I am smart enough to not use illegal drugs because I fear I’d lose my job. Why don’t these idiots who make far more than the average person in the same situation as myself, understand that maybe getting stoned just isn’t worth it?

  6. Cough cough err.. I agree with you dalfanforever.
    They are so selfish. I am glad that some bizzare series of events did not have the skins contending for a playoff spot. How would that be with your leading receiver and starting LT (who by the way is a team captain) out for smoking dope and cant contend?

    And to get caught that many times? You know your going to be tested. Thats why thet call it dope.

    That LT was shannys pick and for a while I thought it was the better pick than Okung. I dont see davis back but they are on the hook for bucks to that idiot LT Williams.

    DC has never really had to deal with the criminality that is pervasive on other teams. Myabe thats whats wrong. We need to players who did time, or got away with murder.

    Right now I feel like they can all hit the bricks right along with the Shannahans.

  7. they were both player better! now we know why… but i really don’t care, nor do most other fans if the players want to up they performance.

  8. Yeah. As a Skins fan, these guys absolutely SHOULD NOT be cut or in Davis’ case, allowed to become a free agent.

    I hate that mentality. As of right now, at this very moment, they are not hurting the team. Were they going to contribute to the push to playoffs? That last, grande, futile games of the year? No.

    They messed up. They were punished.

    If the Redskins are guilty of anything the last ten plus years, its of failing to develop young players. Failing to stick with draft picks and improve them through coaching.

    Fans can yell and scream about Cerrato and Gibbs setting the franchise back years through poor drafting but that simply isn’t true. The real problem, obviously, is the lack coaching.

    Great coaches, and great management, can get the most of players that aren’t top teir. Its just a fact.

    So, as a Redskins fan, the organization should ABSOLUTELY stick by these players. They’re cornerstones, they’re young, they want to be here.

    COACH them, bring out the best in them, teach them to lead by example and from their mistakes, and this organization will start to win. Guaranteed.

  9. While I agree with the idea that marijuana should be legalized, and causes far fewer societal problems than alcohol, the fact remains that it is currently illegal, and its use violates the policies of the NFL.

    To have three violations shows very willful idiocy on behalf of the players. This is especially true for Williams, who hasn’t even finished his second year in the league.

    Stay clean for the 8-10 years you’re a player, and you can afford to retire at 30-35 and blaze up in your mansion for the rest of your life, and no one will give a damn. If you don’t follow the very-clearly-established rules, you will lose millions of dollars in fines, lost pay, and likely a smaller future contract because of the risk of a one-year suspension. It doesn’t take a very smart person to see what the right move is here.

  10. These two helped this franchise by doing this, because if they’d have won 2 or 3 more games, they might have pushed their 1st round pick up from 3 or 4 all the way to 10 or 11. All the good QB’s will be picked by then.

    But seriously, folks-these guys are professional athletes, getting paid millions to play football. What the hell are they thinking?? Why can’t the kids in this league figure out how rare their careers are and have the tiniest amount of self discipline required to make the most of it? This 4 game suspension will cost them more money than most Americans make in a few years. And more than either of them will make in many years, if not for football. Boneheaded idiots!

  11. Yeah, how dare these young atheletes at the prime of their lives with millions of dollars do something in the privacy of their own home that doesn’t effect their performance on the field. HOW DARE THEY. How in the world can’t these young men have completely arbitrary self control???

    Lord knows the Cowboys didn’t win three championships by hanging out with strippers and smoking crack. Morals definitely win you football games.

    Good grief.

  12. @jahbird
    OK we get it, you love smoking pot and fully support your fellow burnouts. No, all of the rest of America does not smoke weed. Some of us even enjoy alcohol without getting hammered and hungover. So how about taking the advice you offered to Phil Daniels and get off YOUR soapbox.

  13. Even a hardcore 10 year pothead would quit in a millisecond if given the opportunity to make the money these immature players make. These guys are guilty of being immature idiots. Plain and simple. If your boss pays you millions and says no swimming in the ocean, well… NO SWIMMING PERIOD. Guys like these two makes us pay check to pay check people sick to our stomach. And they still get lots of chances. If I fail a drug test, I’m done for good. No 400 bucks a week. A slim chance at being employed in a field that is my life. Grow up divas. Not a Skin fan, but I hope they win out in dominating fashion without these two “LEADERS”.

  14. How the heck do you know it’s marijuana? Might be but it may be cocaine or something else. Plus whether the laws ate right or wrong it’s still illegal. They both have s stupidity problem at the least and an addiction problem at the worst. It’s Thr only way to explain trashing your career for a substance

  15. blackqbwhiterb says:
    Dec 6, 2011 12:07 PM
    Where’s Dexter Manley to smack these boys upside the head when we need him?
    Dexter would love to come and smack them but he’s been busy trying to finish reading “Good Night Moon”.

  16. I’m baffled that people can even pretend to compare their normal, boring, workaday jobs to that of a professional athlete.

    Its apples and oranges, get over it. If Drew Brees or Tom Brady failed three times would fans be screaming that they be cut? Nope. Again, apples and oranges.

    The NFLPA has a deal worked out where these players don’t get fired due to failed drug tests. Its just the way it is, and not something to get mad about.

  17. I have zero moral issues with taking drugs. I think they should all be legalised even though they are dangerous.

    That said, these a professional athletes. It’s against the rules and you know you are going to get tested. The lockout was no excuse. It was obvious that the end of the lockout was never going to be set in stone and pot use can be detected for weeks after it was last consumed.

    These guys should be doing everything they can to maximise their physical potential. Getting busted for recreational drugs is a guaranteed indicator that an athlete is a total moron.

    There guys have let their team-mates down. Not because they did drugs. They let them down by not doing everything in their power to increase their own performance and by doing something that got themselves suspended.

  18. I won’t argue the morality of drug use or whether getting busted for smoking pot numerous times constitutes any “problem.” But I find their selfishness & lack of discipline astonishing. The average NFL career is under 3 years. They have the rest of their lives to do bong hits…

  19. My bad. According to the most recent NFLPA stats the average player’s career length is 3.3 years.

  20. Being a skins fan, as long as they aren’t out shooting them selves or fighting dogs, you really cant complain…
    HERE WE COME RGIII!!!!!!!!

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