Woodson returns to practice on limited basis

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On Sunday, Packers cornerback Charles Woodson suffered a concussion late in Sunday’s win over the Giants.  To their credit, the Packers called it a concussion — not a neck injury or a jaw injury or “concussion-like symptoms.”

Woodson has been cleared to return to practice following the concussion, and he participated in Wednesday’s practice on a limited basis.  Woodson will have to be cleared separately to play on Sunday.

Missing practice on Wednesday for the Packers were running back James Starks (knee, ankle), linebacker A.J. Hawk (calf), and linebacker Desmond Bishop (calf).

The Packers go for their 13th win of the season on Sunday, at home against Woodson’s former team, the Raiders.

18 responses to “Woodson returns to practice on limited basis

  1. AP is reporting that he ran out onto the field, immediately threw Jordy Nelson to the ground while the ball was still in the air and then threw a fit after being called for defensive P.I..

    So, it looks like he’ll be ready for Sunday.

  2. Charles Woodson is the man!!. 49er fan here but this guy is a beast. He’s always been a beast spicially in OAK. Glad he’s getting better

  3. herlies says: Dec 7, 2011 7:56 PM

    Wierd injury.

    Sidney Crosby out for months, Charles Woodson out for hours.

    It’s only weird if you don’t understand anything about concussions and how the severity can vary.

  4. Yeah Pittsburgh, you aren’t fooling anyone with that Polamalu diagnosis.

    Also, putting 69 in your username is childish, and I’ve never seen Charles Woodson complain about refs despite being a very often penalized player.

    How anyone can hate on Woodson is beyond me. When he makes a mistake he mans up to it. When someone makes a spectacular play against him he gives them credit. He donates millions of dollars to charity. He gave himself a concussion hitting Ahmad Bradshaw at full speed. He never shows off. Whats not to like? The guy does it right.

  5. Crosby suffered 2 concussions in 3 or 4 days. That is why he missed so much time getting better. That is also why teams need to take reporting and treating concussions seriously.

  6. when is joetoronto going to stop giving his goofy Canadian medical opinions? We all remember his ridiculous comments regarding cancer and radiation treatment. yes, he was publicly castrated that time as well.

  7. Woodson has had a HOF career, no doubt. But, his physical tools have eroded quite a bit this season and in 2010. He has somewhat made up for that, through veteran experience and smarts and relying on his star status to get favorable non-calls on what should be PI. However, that can’t hide the fact that he’s become an average CB and won’t be a starter for much longer.

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