Aaron Kampman heads to injured reserve


Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith has made some nice moves since taking over the team, but signing Aaron Kampman to a big free agent deal has not worked out well.

Kampman started off last season strong before tearing his ACL last November. He struggled to get healthy at any point this season, and will be placed on injured reserve on Friday according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.  (She did her reporting while driving. Dedication.)

Kampman was only active for three games this year and didn’t record a tackle. He was paid $11 million guaranteed on a four-year contract, but will almost definitely be cut in the offseason.

The team signed tight end Colin Cloherty to the active roster.

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  1. As a Packer fan it really sucks to see this guy hit IR year in and year out. AK74 was a great locker room guy, active in the community and a force off the edge (when healthy). Hope he can turn this injury streak around.

  2. The Jaguars never had a chance with an inept offense. But there defense was rock solid. Even without Kampman contributing this year. Unfortunately key injuries have completely derailed this defense. If they can get healthy watch out next year.

  3. Cue the “made of glass” comments from pudgy, overweight, Cheeto-stained-sausagelike-fingers-smacking-the-keyboard types in 3, 2, 1….

  4. Nice guy, but he can’t stay on the field. The Jags picked him up after he tore his ACL in Green Bay. That’s a huge red flag. Gene Smith totally missed on this free agent acquisition. Learn from it, and move on.

  5. Sad to see this happen to such a good representative of how football is supposed to be played.

    Anyone remember when the Vikings made the offer to him and the Packers matched the contract? If they were smart, they’d sign him to an incentive laden contract in the offseason to help take away some of the double/triple teams Allen gets. No better way to help improve your entire secondary than by getting after the qb.

  6. Green Bay G.M. Ted Thompson took a lot of abuse around these parts when he did not retain Kampman and give him a huge contract.

    In the end, another correct call by the wizard of Green Bay.

  7. He was never a speed/quickness guy and more of a power/effort/’want to’ guy. I imagine whatever speed he did have is gone w/ the injuries and age…so could he move to DT as a rotational guy playing 15 snaps a game?

  8. The Thompson haters went berserk when he traded Kampman, but look at how smart that move looks now. It’s too bad, Aaron is a great guy. It looks like his career is over.

  9. Packers’ fan here. Kampman is an absolute class act. Here’s to hoping he comes back stronger. Maybe as a pass rush specialist for GB.

  10. Guaranteed that no one will work harder to rehab. If the Jags cut him I hope the Pack signs him up again, as a DE, not an OLB again.

  11. stavreafavre says: Dec 9, 2011 3:57 PM

    Guaranteed that no one will work harder to rehab. If the Jags cut him I hope the Pack signs him up again, as a DE, not an OLB again.
    Not really big enough to be a 3-4 DE. Thats why they put him at OLB

  12. I remember thinking that the Panthers needed to go after him after loosing Peppers in free agency–guess I was wrong. good luck to him hope he heals properly

  13. I’m one of the millions of Wisconsin people who love Aaron Kapman. I’ve made a point of checking up on him after he went to the Jaguars. It was sad news when he injured the other knee and I remember thinking at the time that coming back after both knees were hurt so bad would have been a miracle.

    Maybe his NFL career is over. That’s a shame.

    So …. my opinion: I hope the Jaguars get the idea of cutting him in December (now). Get him signed back up in Green Bay before the end of the regular season and have him out for the coin toss for the Lions game. Then put him on IR for the post-season. In a nutshell: invent a way to get him retired as a Packer plus get a ring for him if Green Bay can win in Indianapolis next February.


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