Lions getting thin at defensive tackle, sign Jovan Haye


When everyone is available, depth at defensive tackle is one of the strengths of the Detroit Lions. But now the Lions are thin enough at the position that they’re bringing in reinforcements.

With Ndamukong Suh suspended and Nick Fairley injured, reports that the Lions have signed veteran defensive tackle Jovan Haye, who has been out of the league since the Titans cut him in August. Haye played for Lions head coach Jim Schwartz when Schwartz was the Titans’ defensive coordinator, and he worked out for the Lions last month.

Fairley, the Lions’ first-round draft pick, has looked good when he’s been on the field, but he hasn’t been on the field very often, and he doesn’t expect to play Sunday against the Vikings. Fairley suffered a foot injury in training camp and is trying, slowly but surely, to get himself back to 100 percent. But he suffered a setback on Sunday against the Saints, and it’s been a long, hard process to get him healthy.

So when the Lions play the Vikings, a healthy Adrian Peterson will face a depleted defensive line.

13 responses to “Lions getting thin at defensive tackle, sign Jovan Haye

  1. “Lions getting thin at defensive tackle”

    The ONE THING we thought couldn’t happen to us going into the season…

    Oh well, at least we’re only playing the Vikings. Sammie Hill and Corey Williams can handle that, and we’ll get Suh back next week.

  2. Glancing at the photo I thought this DT’s name was “HATE”.

    That’s a shame, he would have fit right in on that defensive line..

  3. Something says to me that Fairley is going to have injury issues throughout his career. Injury problems in college, injury problems in NFL.

    The non-declared “Dream D Line” appears to be fading away … certainly for 2012.

  4. Hey whitecastleisafoodgroup

    I bet you said the same thing about Stafford this time in his first year didn’t you?

    Calm down man it’s the NFL injuries happen, and players get past them. Fairley will be fine he just needs an off season to let it heal

    With all that said the Vikes played us pretty good the first time, and this wont be a cake walk

  5. First objective, non hate filled item I’ve read on the Lions on this site in a long time. Thank you MDS for not showing bias like the other two guys and not spinning this into some story about how dirty Suh is or something.

  6. I agree with Megatron…MDS, I always call you out for hating on the Lions and then you posted this fair article. I give you props for being more balanced.

    As for the Fairley injury concern, he is 300lbs plus. He fractured a bone in his foot. It hasn’t even been 6 months yet. I mean, c’mon, give the kid an offseason to rest his foot and get 100% healthy. And by the way, he looked pretty solid last week against New Orleans before he left the game. He just needs more time. You can’t call him a bust yet.

  7. The only question asked of Jovan Haye by Schwartz was “Do you like to hit after the whistle?” …….. The Lions signed him immediately when hearing the word ‘yes’ ……

    The Lions & their fans are no longer relevant …….
    Time for both to be looking at 2012 ……

  8. After nearly fifty years of irrelevance it will be great to be a Lions fan. Pittsburgh went through a similar drought before their string of championships. Most of the pieces are in place, here’s hoping!!

  9. Scumbag Finally makes an article not completely trashing the Lions.

    Adds a photo of recently signed player commiting a personal foul to reinforce dirty team reputation.

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