Willis McGahee is expected to play Sunday

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Late in last Sunday’s win over the Vikings, Broncos running back Willis McGahee suffered a knee injury.  As a result, he missed practice Wednesday and Thursday.  But he returned to practiced on a limited basis Friday, and he’s officially listed as questionable.

Unofficially, a league source tells PFT that McGahee is expected to play.

McGahee has been one of the unsung heroes in Denver’s push to 7-5, with six 100-yard games.  He should receive serious consideration for the comeback player of the year award.

He’d likely prefer a playoff berth.  With a win over the Bears on Sunday, the Broncos will move closer to making that happen.

16 responses to “Willis McGahee is expected to play Sunday

  1. Willis is of course a main ingredient like Tebow to a winning streak. However if he is out Tebow seems to find a way to win with what he is given as well as what the defense is doing. Defense stopping the Bears weak offense and Tebow methodically working the team downfield. A winner!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with him at all. He’s fine, he was on Jim Rome today and that was the first question directed at him about his knee. Rome said you got a bad knee right now and Willis cut him off and fired back “There is nothing wrong with my knee right now. Me sitting out of practice is to prevent re-injury.” John Fox is a master of managing his team. The Broncos are screwed without him in there, see the Detroit game. I’d rather have 100 percent of McGahee against the Bears on Sunday then 70% of him in practice. Go Broncos!

  3. With a bad knee and the punishment of six 100 yard games, Willis would probably prefer any berth. Ideally the bottom bunk.

  4. I can’t keep up with everyone, so please remind me what McGahee has come back from? Did he miss last year?

  5. I think McGehee had 14 touchdowns with Baltimore – he was exceptional. He was used mostly inside the 20s which helped that stat, but that he got it shows how great a runner he was. If he had more carries his yardage would have been better. In the end though, its all about putting points on the board, and he was great!

    I hope he is recognized and wins the award – he’s been working hard all along though.

  6. Ravens fan and sorry to see him go. We couldn’t afford him. I think he was due about 7 million. Always thought you could build a team around him, and they have.

  7. Good to see a good rb in Denver. I wonder if we can get an 8th rd. pick, a Gatorade cooler, some Breatheright nasal strips, & a couple of jockstraps for Knowshow?

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