Jim Mora heads to college football


Our friends at CollegeFootballTalk handle all the major college hiring news, but we couldn’t ignore this one because of its NFL spin.

As John Taylor points out, Jim Mora Jr. has agreed to become the next coach at UCLA.

The former Falcons and Seahawks head coach has been working for FOX Sports and NFL Network during his time away from the sidelines. He once famously said that coaching at the University of Washington was his dream job; now he’ll take on the Huskies in the PAC-18 or whatever they are calling it these days.

Mora, who was replaced by Pete Carroll in Seattle, replaces Rick Neuheisel, who once coached at Washington. Perhaps Mora will get some tips from Carroll on coaching college football in L.A.

But we doubt it.

26 responses to “Jim Mora heads to college football

  1. This clown announced one packer game this year…I had the local radio call on by the end of the first quarter. He was brutal.

  2. Now that the predominate infantiles have had their say, Good Luck Jim. I’ve enjoyed you since the 49ers and through your days on NFL Network – where it’s always nice to have a commentator that can actually be understood when they speak, something the producers there seemed to overlook.

  3. warhawk04 says:
    Dec 10, 2011 10:51 AM
    This clown announced one packer game this year…I had the local radio call on by the end of the first quarter. He was brutal.


    Dude is brilliant compared to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

  4. Why use the Jr. in the headline or in the story at all? He is NOT a Jr. His father is James Ernest Mora the son is James Lawrence Mora

  5. Does everyone forget what a great defensive coordinator Mora was during his tenure at San Francisco. He wasn’t colorful as an announcer but he was competent at analysis. Look at the roster he inherited with the Seahawks and the small slow smart bible thumpers that Ruskell kept on drafting before criticizing his short time in Seattle.

  6. This actually isn’t a bad hire. Jim Mora’s got the perfect temperament for a college coach. I’m a Falcon fan who never cared for his act in Atlanta, but all that high-energy, High School Harry business tends to go over well with younger athletes. If you throw in Mora’s twenty years of NFL coaching experience and connections in the business, it’s hard to see how Jim won’t be able to help improve the facilities, environment, and results in Westwood.

  7. thingamajig says:
    Dec 10, 2011 10:17 AM
    It’s hard to understand what UCLA see’s in this guy. I can see Mora Sr. but Jr., no way.

    What UCLA sees in him is that he is willing to coach there.

    The list of guys who turned down this job reads like a phone book.

  8. Can’t wait for the camera to catch him and his kids doing the smelling salts ritual on the sideline before kickoff…they need a new tradition at UCLA other than losing to USC every year.

  9. Hiring Jim Mora Jr. will be a mistake for UCLA. He is a loose cannon, and has a rotten temperament. He’s the kind of guy who gets in petty arguments and holds grudges for years.

    It won’t be long before he goes off on a rant during a press conference, before he berates a reporter, or insults a rival coach with bitter words.

    His father had a sense of humor, but Jim Jr. is a man who cannot laugh at himself under any circumstances. He has an extremely volatile personality and will eventually come to a full boil if the Bruins ever encounter true adversity.

    Trust me, the Jim Mora Jr. era at UCLA will be short and end embarrassingly. That’s just how he rolls.

  10. I’ve always liked his dad (even with the USFL) but I never liked this guy in any capacity. Maybe his personality translates better to college kids but the Bruins are a mess.

  11. glad the sob is NOT gonna be calling any more nfl games cause he’s the worst announcer in history!
    good riddance to his ignorance and unmatched stupidity!

  12. Good for him…though I agree with what was posted earlier,
    Mora does seem to hold grudges. I feel he knows and tries not to make it obvious.
    He is well spoken but his analysis was often clouded by bitterness…I feel that he targets his old teams. All year he has been questioning the Falcons team, which has been easy at times, but there is almost an air of, “I could do better.” In the beginning of the year I can remember him all over Jim Harbaugh in SF too, questioning his play calls and such even tho they were winning games.
    I guess it’s just the competitor in him…but I am glad he got a coaching job. Enjoy the break people because you know he will be back on TV depending on how well he does.

  13. As a Seahawks fan, I feel bad for him. He got a raw deal in Seattle. I was always bitter Tim Ruskell was pushing a HOFer like Mike Holmgren out the door to make room for Mora, never thought that was smart, but he didn’t deserve to get fired after one season.

  14. You guys really think he was the worst in history? He wasn’t good, obviously…..
    I give worst commentator in history to Dennis Miller with Mike Mayock a close second.

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