Eagles score 24 straight points to grab halftime lead

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When we last saw the Eagles defense, they were being run over by Marshawn Lynch but things are turning out much differently for them this week.

They’ve dominated the Dolphins in the first half of their game in Miami, giving up only one score that came as the result of a short field following a blocked punt. They’ve sacked Matt Moore four times, picked him off and recovered a pair of fumbles (one forced by Asante Samuel, who wanted nothing to do with making tackles against Seattle) on their way to a 24-7 lead at the half.

Things looked like they would go much differently until the end of the first quarter. The Dolphins were up 7-0, pressuring Mike Vick every time he dropped back to pass and controlling the game when Tony Sparano opted to try a 55-yard field goal instead of pinning the Eagles deep with a punt. Dan Carpenter missed the kick, the Eagles flipped the field and took off to the races from that point.

It was a strange decision to try such a long kick at that moment in the game, given how well the defense was playing, and even odder to choose a kick over going for it if you didn’t want to punt for the corner.

Even when they tried to hand the game back to the Dolphins, things bounced the Eagles’ way. DeSean Jackson tried some razzle-dazzle on a punt return by passing the ball back across the field to Curtis Marsh, but Marsh couldn’t handle the toss and the Dolphins recovered with great field position. Moore fumbled on the next play, though, and Jackson caught a long touchdown from Vick to make it 24 straight Eagles points and a big halftime lead.

26 responses to “Eagles score 24 straight points to grab halftime lead

  1. The fact that I am somewhat surprised that the Eagles are dominating the Dolphins says a whole lot about Philly’s season.

  2. Eagles are a fake team …full of frauds,whiners and guys that just dont have the heart to take it back when the chips are down. They are fine with a lead…if they hold it..but when it gets tough forget it!

  3. @fittytuckin

    Uhhh, yes? I guess numbers are scary to you, huh? Be aware of books as well. They contain these things called facts.

  4. @nysaysbringit are you mentally challenged? The eagles have been better than Ny for years. It’s a fluke bad season because the team hired an o line coach to be DC. Next yr with a real DC they’ll sweep the division and make a run. Watch and see.

  5. I don’t think there’s anything quiet about LeSean McCoy — everyone recognizes he’s amazing. But this game certainly isn’t showing it.

  6. @fittytuckin

    Riggghhht, I get it, we are the laughing stock of the nfl, but to deny mccoy? Thats laughable in itsself, rag on the iggles all u want, but let us enjoy our lone bright spot.

  7. @checkforecheck

    I refuse to argue with fantasy football nerd. I watch football games. Adrian Peterson is still the best pure runner while Arian Foster, Matt Forte, and MJD are the best complete backs. Now go sandusky yourself.

  8. Eagles season is over anyways. Talk about a disappointment. Maybe next year they will get it together and make a big run. They are too talented not to

  9. The Eagles could screw up free lunch. Now that they are playing for a draft pick (should be losing like the Colts), they finally start winning a few games. What does 8-8 get you? No playoffs, middle of the round draft pick. They should Irsay it!!!

  10. tfaulk says:
    Dec 11, 2011 3:44 PM
    I don’t think there’s anything quiet about LeSean McCoy — everyone recognizes he’s amazing. But this game certainly isn’t showing it.

     So, 2 rushing touchdowns isn’t ‘showing’ it??? Tsk, tsk …

  11. @fittytuckin

    Nothing fantasy about it. He’s number 1/2 (neck and neck, depending on the day) in rushing yards, and has been all season. Check the stats yourself, or even better, watch a few games. Sorry buddy, you’re grasping at opinion, and it sounds bitter.

    And so does your lame comeback, which you only used because you thought it was timely. But it, much like your argument, makes no sense. You’re pretty laughable.

  12. You eagle fans are really pissing me off to no end. McCoy is an exceptional back, there is no denying it. But best in the league, no. This season couldn’t have happened to a classier fan base by the way.

  13. @birdgirl2

    You have a point. The O line is doing terrible, they’re not opening any holes. Not to mention the fins run D is actually pretty solid. Neither are helping him.

  14. @ baldingerspinky;
    No…Im not mentally challenged…LOL…Your team on the other hand….putting an O-line coach in as your DC…Now THATS mentally challenged!!

  15. ” So, 2 rushing touchdowns isn’t ‘showing’ it??? Tsk, tsk …”

    Given short yardage off of Miami turnovers. He had 32 yards on 22 carriers for an AMAZING 1.4 yard per carry average.

    Yes, Miami completely and utterly shutdown LeSean McCoy and made him look unimpressive despite the final score.

  16. @fittytuckin

    Yes, rooting for a team is so bad. How dare they! You’re a pretty funny troll.

    If you want a personal opinion, he’s top 3. I don’t think there’s any one best right now because the corps around the league is so good. But the facts back up my opinion.

    You just sound bitter. 🙂

  17. To be fair an update: 38 yards on 27 carries for an even lesser 1.4 yd per carry average. On almost half of those carriers he lost yards.

    No, I am not impressed that he gained 3 yards on 2 plays.

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