Greg Jennings suffers knee injury


Everything was going perfectly for the Packers today against the Raiders — until receiver Greg Jennings suffered a knee injury in the third quarter.

Jennings appeared to hurt his left leg when he was tackled following an eight-yard catch early in the third quarter. He was obviously in a lot of pain as he hobbled off the field, and he was later taken to the locker room on a cart.

The Packers said Jennings is questionable to return with a knee injury, but they’re obviously not going to put him back into a game that they’re currently leading 34-7. The question is whether this is an injury that could affect the rest of his season.

Green Bay was having a nearly perfect game until the injury, but when Jennings went down it felt like all the energy got sucked out of Lambeau Field, and on the next possession the Raiders marched down the field and scored their first touchdown of the game.

Packers defensive tackle Ryan Pickett also limped to the locker room, and running back Brandon Saine has left the game with a head injury.

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  1. Thats what they get your 12 & 0, your up 31 0, & you have all the starters still in the game dumb as hell!!

  2. Just to get it out of the way (and anyone who says “where are the Oakland fans” here’s one),

    We. suck. I am well aware McFadden, Ford, Jones, and Moore are out. I’m aware Green Bay is great. We still suck, and the playoffs look bleak.

    Carson played sucky, receivers played sucky, defenders played sucky.

    The replay device played sucky (if you didn’t see the game, Oakland couldn’t challenge because it broke, not that it mattered).

    Love my Raiders, but like with a child, I might love them, but I’m left very disappointed in them.

  3. Yeah, injuries seem to be pretty much the only thing that can stop this team from perfection.
    Or a late night by Aaron Rodgers & the Packers offense before their game

  4. “Everything was going perfectly for the Packers today against the Raiders ….”

    That’s an understatement considering the officials blocked a review by the raiders that would have cost them 20 yards because the “equipment wasn’t working.” Kinda suspicious when its their stadium.

  5. Who cares, I’ve seen Greg Jennings run the length of the field for a touchdown and run over Darren Sharper (one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league) for a touchdown. On a BROKEN LEG.

  6. Edmazeing1,
    Really with an entire half to play in the NFL they should pull the starters…your jealous and your ignorance is obvious! Injuries happen it is a violent game…go back under your rock!

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to let Green Bay start at the twenty on offense. They should have to start their drives in the back of the parking lot i n order to make things a little more fair for the NFL.

    I’ll add to Chairman Al’s statement and say that it looks like the Raiders defense quit on Hue before the whistle even blew in Miami last week. Hue needs to man up and fire Chuck before they get on the plane for home this evening. After that, he should punch Palmer in the face and read up on how to properly prepare your team week in and week out.

  8. emmac13 says: Dec 11, 2011 6:48 PM

    Carson Palmer was who I thought he was. Mike Brown did one thing right. I would take a first round pick for that one hit wonder.


    I wish you were wrong, but it looks as if Palmer is to the NFL as to what the Flock of Seagulls were to the 80’s.

  9. That’s going to be the question for Green Bay… is the undefeated season worth risking the SuperBowl? Chances are that if they do play for 16-0 nobody will go down, but what happens if you lose Rodgers? Season=OVER!!!

  10. edmazeing1 says:Dec 11, 2011 6:36 PM
    “Thats what they get your 12 & 0, your up 31 0, & you have all the starters still in the game dumb as hell!!”

    Could have happened in the 1st quarter/mowing the lawn/any time…. you trying to play the “karma” game and brag/laugh/insult a guy who injured his knee just goes to show what kind of a person you are…. I sure am glad you’re not a part of my team’s fanbase, you make me sick.

  11. Can the raiders get Jason Campbell back now, please? This performance is NOT worth two high round draft picks.

  12. I agree, McCarthy needs to be pulling the stars and letting the slugs play. Rogers got his bell rung and didn’t look sharp all day
    the packers may defeat themselves by the playoffs

  13. Green Bay will probably be fine, and to the “bench your starters people”, let me say this:

    There are only 45 men active on game day. With 2 of those being a kicker and punter, and sometimes 3 QB’s, that leaves 40 guys for the other 22 positions.

    There are not always back-ups to put in. Sure, you could pull your QB and a few other guys, but it’s impossible to have all back-ups in.

    I also don;t want to diminish what Jennings does (I believe he’s a top 5/10 WR), but the QB is Aaron Rodgers. And he is darn good. As long as he’s healthy there’s no reason they shouldn’t compete for the Super Bowl.

  14. @Rcpj22…Raiders was down 31 points, you really think if GB pulled the starters, Raiders where going to come back?

  15. @axespray why are you crying? The Packers won! the team That you decided to cheer for, after they won the superbowl, are now 13 & 0.

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