Brady loses control

PFT Live – Segment 3: Mike Florio talks about Tom Brady’s sideline actions with his offensive coordinator during their Week 14 matchup against the Washington Redskins.

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  1. You say you focus on Brady’s facial expressions, but how about the coaches facial expressions? He ultimately says something that pisses Brady off, and no, nobody usually makes a big deal out of players and coaches arguing as it is just part of the game. Just because it’s Tom Brady doesn’t mean everyone’s pushing it under the rug, but you’re totally blowing this out of proportion

  2. He’s been calling out his receivers a lot more of late. Stop being a dink like Dan Marino. He was the worst player on the Patriots offense yesterday, and again tried to pin the blame on one of his receivers.

  3. I completely disagree. Brady was giving a street scrub a hard time about what he saw as a mistake. QBs do that sometimes. O’Brien was the one who stepped out of bounds getting all over the franchise guy for admonishing the scrub. Who the hell is O’Brien to decide what players on the offense Brady can lay into? I have never seen a coach go after a veteran player like that, much less a star for getting on a teammate about a play. O’Brien will be gone sooner or later because of HIS lack of control. This isn’t his first problem like this. No way a player has to put up with that kind of verbal assault from a coach simply because he got on a teammate. It was way out of line. O’Brien is nobody and was given that job way before he deserved it. And it apparently has gone to his head. He is out of his league on this, and will probably be literally out of the league soon enough. Notice who Belichick admonished. It wasn’t Brady.

  4. Pats put up 34 points and walked away with another win. Yeah, Brady was just terrible yesterday. On his worst day he’s still better than most of the starting QB’s out there.

  5. Steeler fan here who has a lot of respect for the Patriots (present and past), particularly Brady, Belichick, Welker, Gronk, Troy, Rodney Harrison, Mayo, Branch, Chung, even Woodhead.

    If you love intelligent situational football, any fan should appreciate New England’s approach.

    But Brady is remarkable on many levels. One is his unbelievable ability to take the high road in nearly ever instance afforded.

    Most of us would go blowtorch when someone crawls up our azz like O’Brien did, but Brady was astonishingly respectful and deferrent. Brady was the bigger man — and ya gotta give the guy credit for that too.

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