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Ravens expect to have Ray Lewis back on Sunday


Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said on Tuesday that he’s not sure when he’ll be back on the field, even though his injured toe is feeling a lot better. But it looks like his return is coming on Sunday.

The Ravens expect Lewis to play Sunday night against the Chargers, a team official told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

A return for Sunday night against the Chargers has been expected for more than a week, as reports out of Baltimore indicated that Lewis was feeling good enough to play the last two weeks, but that the Ravens didn’t want to take any chances — especially considering that they were playing the Browns and the Colts, two teams they figured they could beat without Lewis.

So far, the Ravens have been just fine without Lewis on the field, going 4-0 in the games he’s missed.

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30 Responses to “Ravens expect to have Ray Lewis back on Sunday”
  1. mrgroovesd says: Dec 14, 2011 12:57 PM

    Not good for the Bolts….

  2. tellmeaboutitbaby says: Dec 14, 2011 12:58 PM

    Time for some stabbing RayRay! have fun with that!

  3. mlenenski says: Dec 14, 2011 1:01 PM

    Those are some scary eyes….

  4. ravensruleandharbaughisgod says: Dec 14, 2011 1:08 PM

    Of course Ray Ray will play. He’ll also be helping his Coach prep. the 49’ers for the Stillers.

  5. jjackwagon says: Dec 14, 2011 1:10 PM

    Ray who?? I thought the Ravens D was doing pretty damn good without him.
    Nitey-Nite Dolts, you season is officially over.

  6. pacificamjr says: Dec 14, 2011 1:20 PM

    Ray will take a stab at playing, Tiki is flabbergasted, Peyton’s head is about to EXPLODE!

  7. tellmeaboutitbaby says: Dec 14, 2011 1:23 PM

    Wonder if he’ll stab someone in the tunnel before the game or just wait until mid-game to go for it? Where’s his white tux?

  8. myspaceyourface says: Dec 14, 2011 1:24 PM

    Too bad the Ravens have to get slower in the middle.

  9. Mike Tomlin says: Dec 14, 2011 1:25 PM

    Ray used to be one of the best, not he is just an overrated pile jumper who celebrates other peoples tackles as his own. Hang em up dude, you’re done…

  10. avianflew says: Dec 14, 2011 1:26 PM

    Ray-Ray is truly on the cutting edge of defensive play.

  11. mazenblue says: Dec 14, 2011 1:27 PM

    And the Lion’s have Suh!!

  12. jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson says: Dec 14, 2011 1:29 PM

    Glad to have you back Ray. All said, we’ve done really well without him, proof that once he retires that we’ll be just fine. People don’t realize how young of a team we are, especially on D. Put aside Ray, Ed, and Sizzle and you’re looking at a very young and intimidating defense. Let me introduce you to Webb, McPhee, McClain, Kruger, Cary Williams, Jimmy Smith, and Mount Cody just to name a few. Always reloading.

  13. ppdoc13 says: Dec 14, 2011 1:30 PM

    Cue the miscreant morons with the stabbing jokes which r only slightly less funny than their accidental births.

  14. citizenstrange says: Dec 14, 2011 1:36 PM

    If I were Mike Tomlin here is what I’d do.

    If the Chargers beat the Ravens on Sunday night I would start Roethlisberger on Monday night.

    If the Ravens win I would sit Roethlisberger out until the playoffs.

  15. bigperm33 says: Dec 14, 2011 1:39 PM

    Wow. Ravens must be so thankful. The D really struggled these past few weeks without Lewis. Wihout him there, there was really no one to run around and jump on the piles after someone had already made the tackle.

  16. knowerofallthings says: Dec 14, 2011 1:39 PM

    There will never be another playmaker like Ray Lewis

  17. fittytuckin says: Dec 14, 2011 1:50 PM

    Tiki is flabbygastric

  18. dansyndersux says: Dec 14, 2011 1:50 PM

    The beaten dead horse called, it wants it Ray Lewis stabbing/killing/murdering jokes back.

    Get over it already……………………

  19. dannymac17 says: Dec 14, 2011 1:51 PM

    its gonna be hilarious when its not because of Ray Lewis losing the game for the Ravens, but the declining play of Joe Mental Midget Flacco

  20. tellmeaboutitbaby says: Dec 14, 2011 2:09 PM

    Wait a minute! Ray stabbed and killed a horse too? Wait until PETA gets a hold of that story!

  21. bunkmcnulty says: Dec 14, 2011 2:25 PM

    Mike Tomlin says:
    Dec 14, 2011 1:25 PM
    Ray used to be one of the best, not he is just an overrated pile jumper who celebrates other peoples tackles as his own. Hang em up dude, you’re done…

    Sounds like #43 in black and yellow!

  22. steelersownyou says: Dec 14, 2011 2:31 PM

    God. this just slowed up the middle big time..I love the bolts sunday night…BOOK IT….God I love saying book it!

  23. lanjoith says: Dec 14, 2011 2:39 PM

    This is major trap game. The Chargers are playing better now that the o- line has been solidified with Jared Gaither.

  24. takingbacksundays5 says: Dec 14, 2011 2:51 PM

    Wow. This place reeks of jealous Steeler fans. Don’t you guys have a James Harrison suspension story to get busy commenting on?

  25. eddddddd says: Dec 14, 2011 3:05 PM

    Its good to see he got that hangnail clipped off his widdle pinky toe.

  26. dawhorsefeathers says: Dec 14, 2011 3:23 PM

    citizenstrange says:
    Dec 14, 2011 1:36 PM
    If the Ravens win I would sit Roethlisberger out until the playoffs.
    Again, the Steelers haven’t clinched a wild card yet. I wouldn’t sit Ben for 3 weeks and rest your playoff hopes on Chuck Batch.

  27. tyler200829 says: Dec 14, 2011 3:24 PM

    Those jokes are almost as funny as the rest of the AFC, which we will dominate in the playoffs. im sure ill get a jags joke, but point is were #1…..sorry haters. Also, how do we always have to travel to San Diego? they cant even sell theyre sorry tickets

  28. benandjerrysberryhorny says: Dec 14, 2011 3:31 PM

    LOL at Jared Gaither comment

  29. chopper150 says: Dec 14, 2011 3:33 PM

    Hopefully he is all healed up. They will need him at full strength to help console Harbaugh and Flacco in First Round of Playoffs.

  30. seytonmanning says: Dec 14, 2011 6:22 PM

    I love how people comment about the patriots and Steelers hiding injuries without ever mentioning the ravens who are one if the worst offenders. And ray got hurt being juked out if his Jock by marshawn Lynch and they don’t want to admit that’s his he got hurt lol

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