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Flutie is a Tebow fan

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One of the most unconventional quarterbacks in NFL history has plenty of fans.  One of those fans is another well-known, unconventional NFL quarterback.

Doug Flutie, who was regarded as unusual by NFL standards not because of mechanics or accuracy issues but because of his height, roots for Tim Tebow.  Flutie knows from experience that guys who don’t fit the NFL mold meet resistance, which makes it far less surprising that the quarterback for whom they broke the mold and who also happens to currently run the Broncos has been slowly warming up to the irony that has been unfolding in Denver.

Flutie, now a member of the NBC Sports family and a genuinely great guy (yes, I’d think that even if he wasn’t a member of the NBC Sports family), appeared last night on NBC SportsTalk with Russ Thaler to discuss the Tebow phenomenon.

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11 Responses to “Flutie is a Tebow fan”
  1. warvette says: Dec 15, 2011 9:21 AM

    i thought flutie was jewish?

  2. castleofcheese says: Dec 15, 2011 9:31 AM

    Has anyone seen that has added an all Tebow page to their NFL section. I wonder if they will take it down after Denver gets throttled by New England. God, I hope so.

  3. portnoychunk says: Dec 15, 2011 10:02 AM

    That’s funny, when there were articles posted about who on the Pats would act as Tim Tebow in practice this week, the first name that popped into my head was the former Patriot Flutie, wishing he was still a back-up on the team. He, like Tebow, also has a direct line to God, what with his Hail Mary pass and all.

  4. mikeholmgrenwearsstretchpants says: Dec 15, 2011 10:04 AM

    I just had a nice big Tebowl of Flutie Flakes.

  5. cjspiller12 says: Dec 15, 2011 10:11 AM

    I wonder if Flutie knows that Tebow tunes a flute whistle?

  6. pigskinswag says: Dec 15, 2011 10:50 AM

    Tebow’s success has surprised me, but I was never a part of this bloodthirsty group of people who hate this kid and feel the need to trash him. You can quote all the stats you want to, but he puts up numbers in the statistic that counts the most: WINS. He wins games. This is the same team that was going nowhere with Orton now they’re in playoff contention.

  7. westclaims says: Dec 15, 2011 10:54 AM

    I never NEVER root for the Patriots. But I am this time.

  8. megatronownsyou says: Dec 15, 2011 11:21 AM

    Fluite is an idiot with a tendency to proclaim that there’s “no question” that one team or another is going to win before the game even starts. I’ve heard him do this several times. Just go away.

  9. jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson says: Dec 15, 2011 11:29 AM

    Sorry i’m not from Boston can someone tell me who this nobody Doug Flutie is?

  10. bjtmeyer says: Dec 15, 2011 11:56 AM

    I say make Doug Flutie apart of Sunday Night Football and get rid of Rodney Harrison.

  11. Herb says: Dec 16, 2011 2:43 AM

    Google Bucky Gleason’s 2001 piece about Flutie to see what a “genuinely great guy” he is.

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