Vikings lock up center John Sullivan for five years

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The Minnesota Vikings have worked out a long-term contract extension with starting center John Sullivan.

Tom Pelissero and Judd Zulgad of report that Sullivan agreed to a five-year, $25 million contract with $10 million guaranteed.

Sullivan was in the final year of the deal he signed in 2008, when the Vikings took him in the sixth round of the NFL draft.

After spending his rookie year behind Matt Birk, Sullivan has started every game but three since taking over the starting center spot in 2009.

23 responses to “Vikings lock up center John Sullivan for five years

  1. Good god. The Vikings have actually done something that makes sense. Clearly, the Mayans were correct and the end of the world is right around the corner.

  2. Man, if the Vikings start making more smart moves, we won’t be able to make fun of them anymore!!



  3. Why? Are we even convinced that he is good? He certainly hasn’t filled Birk’s shoes.

    And why did Jared Allen take over long-snapping duties since the 1st string long-snapper has been hurt? It seems that the normal snapper would be an obvious replacement.

    I was hoping for a near-complete O-Line overhaul. Hutch might have one or two good years left in him, but Sully and Loadholt both block like sieves.

  4. Nice, 1 lineman down, 4 to go!

    Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn every now and again.

  5. Heavythumbs……’re obviously quite the bright bulb. By your logic no team should carry a long snapper. The center should just snap everything I guess. By the way, Jared Allen snapped for one half of football. They signed a replacement the next week. The line isn’t that great, but Sullivan is a solid center and switching out the center of 5 years would be a huge overhaul. Loadholt is good, just having an off year to some extent. He’s still fricking 6″8′ and over 300 pounds! Hererra is solid too, he just got back last week and the line play improved. Keep your uninformed garbage in your dumpster clown.q

  6. the vikings can expect the same blitz pick up failures for 5 more years. it all starts with the center and QB. this team couldn’t stop a snail from blitzing.

    also. sullivan is constantly injured. may as well sign the back up for 5 years too.

  7. The center is the QB of the line, and the Vikings have one of, if not the worst, offensive line in the league. Looks like that will remain the case for at least the next 5 years.

  8. @deconjonesbitchslap

    sully is actually a pretty good center. in his first year, he helped Brett Favre stay upright all the way to the NFC championship game. and, like the article said, he’s missed 3 games since the start of ’09.

    Good effort at sounding clever, it failed though. nice try.

  9. good signing. the problem with their line is the dead weight that is charlie johnson and hutchison. add kalil and a top free agent guard and their line will be fine.

  10. @heavythumb

    Jared Allen was recruited for college and drafted as one of the best longsnappers in the country. Also, a few years ago Collin Loefler had a family issue during training camp and Jared took over for a day or two. He’s been around this wheel more than once.

  11. @rgledz:
    “The line isn’t that great, but Sullivan is a solid center and switching out the center of 5 years would be a huge overhaul. Loadholt is good, just having an off year to some extent. He’s still fricking 6″8′ and over 300 pounds!”

    False x3

    -He’s not solid. He is -maybe- average.
    -He has been the starter for just under three years, not five. He started zero games in 2008.
    -Loadholt is not good. He’s big and that is all. He’s a 300 lb turnstyle.

    Signing Sully to a 5 year $26m contract reeks of desperation. Teams with GMs that have the vision to oversee long-term personell needs don’t suffer from these glaringly bad decisions.

    I might have directed the argument in the wrong direction with mentioning the fact that Jared Allen had to replace Loeffler when he went down. He’s a great player; it’s not surprising to learn that he is talented and capable in other positions…

    …But don’t let that distract you from the fact that the signing of Sullivan hardly represents a step in the right direction. It is more representative of a sinking ship with no one in the captain’s chair. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am dangerously close to missing Brad Childress. Sadly, he was the most competent coach we have had since Burnsie.

  12. Tom P from espn reviews the game tape from every game and always compliemnts John Sullivan and his ability to take on bigger lineman which has been his biggest weakness along with low shotgun snaps.Loadholt can’t handle speed rushers at all and Charlie Johnson is more suited for guard.If kalil is picked at 2 or 3 Johnson will move to guard Hutchinson will be cut to make room for fusco and Johnson will slide over to rg.Loadholt gets one more year at rt

  13. Even some of the worst offensive lines have a few good players. Just mostly bad ones. That’s the case with Minnesota’s line. Sullivan has improved a lot and has been pretty dominant the past few weeks. He earned this pay raise, now can people who think they know everything please articles like this alone. They are embarrassing themselves.

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