Adrian Peterson can’t explain his lack of carries


Adrian Peterson only got ten carries against the Saints on Sunday.

In one sense, that’s a surprising number because he’s Minnesota’s best player. Then again, the Vikings fell far behind in the second quarter and had to play catch up.

Peterson didn’t know what to say after.

“I don’t know how to explain [getting] 10 carries. . . .  I was ready to roll. I just do my job when I’m called upon,” Peterson said after the game via Judd Zulgad of

Peterson averaged six yards-per-carry on his 10 runs. The Vikings averaged only 3.2 yards-per-attempt on their throws.

So to recap: The strategy didn’t work out so well.

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  1. 2-12, 6 losses in a row. Players on defense ignoring calls put in by the coordinator. 6 yds passing 7 mins into the 4th quater yet Frazier, Musgrave & Pagac still have jobs?!

    Sorry but the Vikings just flat out quit today just like they did against the Packers. That falls all on Frazier.

    If Wilf doesn’t want to pay for another fired coach then demote Frazier to a well paid defensive back coach again but as a head coach he has to be fired. No way around that now.

    Musgrave has to go. Pagac is a joke.

    What a horrible team effort.

  2. Worst play calling all season. It is bad enough we don’t have an Oline. But stop using the same screen and end arounds every single game. They are always identified by the defences because that is all Muskrat uses.. How can anyone justify running AP only 10 times. That is pathetic, the coaches are pathetic, the team is pathetic.

    And on defence, once again Jared Allen is the only one who tries. Those losers to his left just give up right away, Brees could have been sacked a few times if anyone got any push upfield other than Jared.

  3. Why get him killed behind this crappy O-line? Let him heal and hopefully they can improve the line this offseason so he at leasts has a fighting chance.

  4. aww, heck. who cares about the score. isnt it great that Jared is smitten by fatherhood? and my goodness, who could forget what a wonderful job Leslie did keeping our team together through last years snowstorm? uff da.

  5. I wanted Frazier fired before the season even started for his decision to keep Bernard Berrian as our #1 receiver. But actually this season is working out okay. There is no doubt we are playing for practice and for draft position. It would be monumentally stupid to play Peterson a lot and win an extra game or two. We are resting our top 4 cornerbacks too. So I support Frazier. We are clearly getting Ponder his practice time and playing for next year.

  6. Hmmm, lets see: the reason(s) why AP didn’t get the proper # of carries:
    1) The NFL conspired against the Vikings to let the Saints win because of Hurricane Katrina.
    2) The Saints defenders are dirty.
    3) Coach Payton is a Vicotin dealer.
    4) etc., etc., etc.

    These are the comments that are STILL showing up on the Saints threads by Vikings fans. If they’re still good enough to use 2 years after Farve blew the NFC Championship game, why not use it today?

    Maybe the reason for this year’s problems is that the whole organization is just plain old poorly run – top to bottom.

  7. Wilf has completely destroyed this franchise. He’s a pathetic joke among the other owners in the league. I cringe every time they show him on TV in his skybox, and he gets all excited when he realizes the camera is on him. This is going to end very badly for the soon-to-be-announced Los Angeles Vikings.

  8. I’m a big Saints fan and glad we won today, but I don’t understand the coaching up there either. You have 2 big bruising running backs and a rookie QB, yet there isn’t much emphasis on running the ball.

  9. He is healed! He wants the ball Viking fans! He is hands down the best running back in the league and is making a huge amount of cash,you want him on the sidelines?? The guy is a juggernaut! Let him play! He wants to play Leslie! Dumb.

  10. Adrian Peterson is a great player, but isn’t even close to our best player Percy Harvin. Harvin is a true student of the game who has instinctive abilities that few have. Harvin is the closest thing we’ve had since Randy Moss, no doubt, a true game changer that you can always count on.

  11. There are 50 Percy Harvins in the NFL…there is one Adrian Peterson…too bad there is a Leslie Frazier coaching this team

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