Skeltonmania does it again


We’ll say it again: All John Skelton does is win.

The Cardinals pulled off yet another crazy comeback, once again in overtime. And once again, an excellent Patrick Peterson punt return set up the win.

This time, Peterson set up Skelton to make the game’s biggest play. Skelton lofted a nice touch pass to Larry Fitzgerald to set up Jay Feeley for a chip shot field goal to win 20-17.  The Cardinals are now 7-7.

The Cardinals trailed 17-7 heading into the fourth quarter, but scored 10 points in the final nine minutes of regulation, then finished off the job in overtime to win 20-17.

Arizona is now 5-1 in Skelton’s starts, even though the Fordham grad has been a little erratic. The Cardinals are improbably still alive for a wild card berth, although the Lions’ win puts a dent in those plans.

The win sets up an interesting question for Ken Whisenhunt this week: Does Kevin Kolb start this week if healthy?

If we are really to believe that “wins are the only stat that matters” for quarterbacks, then it shouldn’t be that hard a decision.

27 responses to “Skeltonmania does it again

  1. Yes, he’s a winner alright. Against that awesome Cleveland D that couldn’t stop a cold in the 4th quarter. I’m sure Arizona is fielding calls right now for Kevin Kolb.

  2. There defense is looking pretty good but Fitzgerald is a beast,Skelton just throws it up in the air and Fitz out jumps everyone…Wont work in the playoffs but theyre clombing out of the gutter..

  3. Browns are a mess. It’s funny though, five years ago with Romeo Crennel they were on the right track. Two head coaches later they’re right back in the dumpster. Speaking of Crennel how’d he do today? Oh yeah, he knocked off the #1 team in the NFL. Browns = disaster

  4. I think Skelton’s success says more about Kolb than anything. Arizona has some really good offensive weapons, including some guy that may be the best WR in the league.

  5. Skelton mania will last as long as it takes to get a close look at the guy, or hear him speak. He makes Joe Flacco seem dapper and dynamic.

  6. @4512dawg4512

    Crennel had the Browns “on the right track?” Are you delusional??!!! In his four years in Cleveland he had one lucky season (2007) which was due primarily to a ridiculously easy schedule and some bombs thrown by Derek Andersen. Where’s that QB today? He’s a backup for Cam Newton in Carolina. The Browns are playing very young now that they’ve dumped all the dinosaurs which Crennel and, after him, Mangini had assembled. Give this team two more years and they’ll be a genuine competitor. Crennel was lucky today. The Pack obviously looked past KC and didn’t prepare for them worth didley.

  7. As someone who has watched the Cardinals over the past few weeks, I can say with certainty that Skelton is horrible. The Cardinals defense has been playing really well lately, Wells has been running better, and they are getting good returns from Peterson. Don’t forget they upset the Cowboys with Kolb starting. Skelton has very little to do with their recent winning ways.

  8. People crack me up. ‘All he does is win’ is an acceptable rationalization if your name is Tim Tebow, but if you’re John Skelton the other team just stunk or your receiver deserves the credit.

  9. Interesting article. Read it carefully; there’s not one word in it to indicate who the Cardinals beat. Apparently they were playing an intra-squad game? I’m a Browns fan, and this article shows just how far the Browns have fallen; they’ve reached the point that they’re not even worth mentioning in an article which recaps a game they played. Only the other team is worth mentioning. Rock bottom … are we there yet?

    Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I was actually rooting for the Browns to lose. At this point there’s nothing to play for but draft order, and if we lose out (which is likely), we finish 4-12 and probably end up with the #4 pick in the draft. If we had won in Arizona, it would have dropped us back to more like the #8 or #9 spot. Great thing to root for, huh, getting a higher draft position?

    I’m not sure how this team manages to stay terrible for decades at a time, especially in a league with a salary cap and a draft that helps level the playing field for everybody else. But somehow the Browns manage to remain incapable of being competitive year after year after year after year. Got to hand it to them, I guess. They’re unique.

    If nothing else, I guess experiencing all these years of misery should make it especially sweet if by some miracle they actually become a decent team someday.

  10. @Coop16: The Redskins are consistently mediocre. The Lions only this season came out of a decade-long nightmare. Hang in there. It gets better.

  11. @simalex: Thanks, a little encouragement is always appreciated. Anyway, I know it’s going to get better, by default, because for us Browns fans, it can’t get any worse than it’s been the last 12 years.

    At least the Redskins have some Super Bowl trophies. The Lions, I sympathize with, because they’re one of the few teams, like the Browns, who have never been to a Super Bowl.

  12. Last week in Pittsburgh the Browns angled every punt out of bounds rather than kick to Antonio Brown. Yet in overtime today they punted to Patrick Peterson. Crazy!

  13. OldBrownDawg, with all respect. Crennel took the Browns to 10-6 and missed the playoffs. The following year the Browns had injury issues and played the NFC East and the AFC south (the two best divisions at that time). That year the Bengals went 10-6 and won the division. Since then the Browns have been on a reverse treadmill. Mangini is intelligent but bringing half of the Jets practice squad didn’t sit well with me. Shurmur…. I have nothing to say about him, you’ve seen what he’s made of. We need a QB with an arm, we need to keep Hillis, we need Greg Little to be the deep threat that he can be to loosen things up underneath. Things aren’t working right now bub and unfortunately it starts with the front office and trickles down to the field

  14. Skelton didn’t win the game today. It was a TEAM Effort

    But Skelton was an important element in the Cardinals Victory today.

    He didn’t LOSE the game.

    Thats whats important when you evaluate the Backup QB’s effort.

  15. Somebody needs to explain why in the world Dimitri Patterson was against Fitzgerald on those, and many other, pass plays. Patterson sucks in coverage. Where was Joe Haden?

    Jauron made Skelton look good out there…

  16. Awesome!!! Now let’s see Stephen A. Smith make Tebow fetish boy (yuck!), Skip Bayless (why name your kid that???), have it!!!!!

    Sorry, but you want to know a reason why people give Tebow a hard time … his biggest supporter (and sycophant) is the obnoxious and deservingly unrespectable Bayless!!!

    It’s not right to hate on Tebow when a useless contributor to society like Bayless acts mean to guys like Aaron Rodgers, but makes Tebow greater than Joe Montana. However, Bayless’ stupidity is an obvious sign why we see Tebow haters!!!

  17. Yeah…. You guys do realize Fitz is averaging pretty much the same number of catches, yards, and YPC per game with Kolb and Skelton?

  18. Everyone is jumping on Skelton because he beat a bunch of bottom feeders. Umm, like Tebow didn’t do the same.

    The best team the Broncos have beaten under Tebow is the Chargers, who probably won’t make the playoffs.

    Meanwhile, the Cards have beaten Dallas (who isn’t good, but they’re better than anything the Broncos have faces) and the 49ers, who will probably lock up the number 2 seed tomorrow by lucking out and catching the Steelers without 5 pro-bowlers.

    mmcdan133 nailed it. “All he does is win” is an acceptable explanation for Tebow but not Skelton.

    NFL fans=most hypocritical fan base in sports.

  19. Nice game by Skelton against a pretty good defense – as always he is calm and better as the game progresses. He is improving everytime he plays and the last couple of games his pocket awareness and accuracy has been noticble better, which has helped on 3rd down. I still think Kolb is better, but he does not seem to have the durability you like from a quaterback, so it is essential that the back-up is serviceble.

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