Shockey: Texans disrespected America during national anthem


Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey says that when “The Star-Spangled Banner” played before Sunday’s game against the Texans, he looked across the field at the opposing sideline and didn’t like what he saw.

According to Shockey, several players on the Texans didn’t display proper reverence for America while the national anthem was played.

“I was pretty upset when they weren’t showing respect to America during the national anthem,” Shockey said, via the Houston Chronicle. “There were about 10 players who didn’t put their arms across their chest. This is America. They should at least give respect to America. I haven’t seen it anywhere else in the NFL, but I don’t know how you forget to do something like that.”

Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans heard about Shockey’s complaint and raised an interesting question: If expressing patriotism during the national anthem is of paramount importance to Shockey, why was he focusing his attention on the Texans?

“If he’s so patriotic, why was he looking at our bench instead of the flag?” Ryans asked. “Where did he come up with the number 10? Was he counting? Why was he paying attention to us during the national anthem?”

If Shockey gets upset about opposing players not putting their hands on their hearts during the anthem, one can only imagine how upset he gets when the singer screws up the lyrics. Good thing that would never happen in the NFL.

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  1. Its Shockey’s dig at the flag waving, its bigger in Texas, citizens.
    He doesn’t actually care, but watch the morons in the media run with this. Shockey knows how to stir it up and have fun. Lets see if Fox news makes this into a top story today about black athletes disrespecting America and somehow blame it all on Obama with the lack of Patriotism in America since his election.

  2. Shockey’s behavior is an example of why some people hate America.

    Just because someone puts a microphone in his face, he thinks he’s correct. Why are the ‘best’ patriots always the dumbest & the loudest? Does he think that his tacky tattoo makes him Captain America?

    DeMeco made a great point & owned that Toby-Keith-listening-chitkicking-Oklahoman.

    Get better, Wade. Go Texans.

  3. If this is true then the commish should be on the phone right now, suspending all those who were unpatriotic, immediately, and indefinately. Of course he would rather focus on penalizing hits that are too rough so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that pencilneck doing the right thing.


  4. This one has always bothered me. Arent you supposed to put your hand on your heart when you say the pledge of allegiance? I think people get this confused with the national anthem. It obviously isn’t bad to put your hand on your heart during the national anthem, but I didnt think you had to either. Some people do, some people don’t.

  5. “when “The Star-Spangled Banner” played before Sunday’s game against the Texans, he looked across the field at the opposing sideline and didn’t like what he saw.”

    Why was Shockey looking over at the Texas sidelines during the National Anthem, To show respect your eyes should be on the American flag at all times while the Anthem is being played.

    What a slap in the face to America Shockey.

  6. With America’s freedoms, there is no rule or law saying you have to do anything during the national anthem.

    Shockey is just pandering to the ignorant “AMERICA **** YEAH” crowd.

  7. Chalk this under non-story. Truthfully, who cares? Are we going to fault players for not putting their hand over their hearts during the anthem? I mean, it’s not like they were popping champagne while this was playing. Shockey just trying to find a way to keep his name in the papers because we all know he hasn’t been a major impact player in 5 years. Add to the fact that every team he’s ever played for has been better off without him and that’s all you need to know about Shockey. He wasn’t a major contributor to New Orleans success during their SB run and we all saw him watch from the sky box with a drink while the Giants pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL history. Guy talks a big game but plays a small one!

  8. Ummm… Is this elementary school shockey? Your not required to put your hand over your heart…. In the military we would just cross our hands in a respectful manner…. Now if they were talking and not paying attention that’s different….

  9. I’m sorry. I missed the “America no longer matters” memo. I’m glad the “Houston Texans” brought that to our attention. Finally I can let the rest of the service members know that that Freedom is over, and we can all pack it up, and come home. What a relief that will be to the hundreds of families that lost loved ones in the fight for freedom. Give Texas back to the Mexico, and the Cartels. Your welcome, Sam Hurd.

  10. Pot calling the kettle black. Shockey has disrespected the NFL, the Giants, the Saints, and Carolina. But the sad fact is, he disrespects himself. When he isn’t drinking, he should just keep his mouth shut. I can abide a fool, but not one who has to make certain everybody knows it.
    For such an average player, he should just be thankful he is still in the NFL, and quit burning bridges. Most teams wouldn’t have him at any price, and he can now add the Texans to that list. Good job, Shockey.

  11. motortboss says: Dec 19, 2011 11:31 AM

    I’m sorry. I missed the “America no longer matters” memo. I’m glad the “Houston Texans” brought that to our attention. Finally I can let the rest of the service members know that that Freedom is over, and we can all pack it up, and come home. What a relief that will be to the hundreds of families that lost loved ones in the fight for freedom. Give Texas back to the Mexico, and the Cartels. Your welcome, Sam Hurd.

    This is your reaction to a few players possibly not putting their hand over their heart during the anthem? You are an unbalanced individual. I hope you are responsible for no one.

  12. As some have pointed out, the hand over the heart thing is for the pledge of allegiance. Even in the military, you stand at attention and face the nearest flag. You do not put your hand over your heart to show respect for America. What a total non-story… I guess that gave the Panthers the extra motivation to beat TJ Yates

  13. Time for a wake up call America. There are already games played in the UK, Mexico and Canada. In ten years there could be a team in one of the above. We will start to see more and more players in the NFL who weren’t born or raised in America. Who might not even *like* America very much. The flag, the anthem and the jingoistic insular attitude many Americans have is going to become more and more marginalised.

    If Shockey is pissed at 10 Texans players not ‘respecting the anthem’ he is in for a shock.

  14. Because Panther football gets no press, Shockey has been an amazing influence to these young players this year. He’s changed and he actually gives a damn. He saved the one player from choking during training camp.

  15. Yo Shockey, rather than trying to trash the Texans, you might want to give some thought as to what you will do after your playing days. Not much of a demand for long-haired, toothless and tatooed imbiciles, is there?

  16. Umm….”cross your hands in a respectful manner”? I’m pretty sure the proper “customs and and courtesies” call for service members to place their right hand over their heart when in civilian attire.

  17. Next time the national anthem is played, the stadium announcer should ask everyone to please stand, and put their hands over Shockey’s mouth.

  18. It’s disappointing to hear of professional athletes direspecting the American flag or National Anthem. They are symbols of our country and direspecting them also disrespects all of those who gave life and limb to assure the freedoms we enjoy today. Many of these athletes would be earning a minimum wage were it not for the NFL and the freedoms we enjoy in this great country of ours.

  19. Shockeye’s just pissed cause they didn’t bring out a tattoo artist to give the Houston players a star spangled sleeve!

  20. What a true american Shockey is. I mean, he gets a massive American flag tattoo AND he covers his heart during the national anthem. Take notes Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin.

  21. So wait, it’s not enough to stand quietly and respectfully during the anthem, it’s required to stand with your hand over your heart? Because if that’s the case, I’ve seen HUNDREDS of players over the years disrespecting America.

  22. Some people just can’t be bothered with trivial stuff like showing respect to the flag and all it stands for. These are likely the same guys that get all bent out of shape if they feel “disrespected”. It is not a requirement to show due respect but it says a lot about one’s character or priorities. This kind of stuff goes on every day and it is sad. As a veteran of over 20 years of military service it is bothersome to me as well but there is nothing to be done about it. It’s a shame that people resort to attacking someone else in order to defend behavior that is either ignorant or insentient. I remember seeing a photo, years ago, of a flag coming by during a parade and the only person in the shot that was showing any respect happened to be the old guy struggling to stand from his wheelchair.

  23. I’ve always just removed my hat if I were wearing one and acted attentively, we even were told to do that during the 2 years I was in JROTC in high school. There’s no rule that one has to put their hand across their heart.

  24. …i’ve always found it odd that the national anthem is played so often before sporting events anyway…and i could care less who chooses to put their hand over their heart or not during this silly ritual…

  25. savagenation2011 says:
    Dec 19, 2011 11:24 AM
    Let it go Jeremy. I’d focus on Obama disrespecting the country

    Can you please provide some examples of this supposed disrespect of America?

  26. In summary Shockey is saying, “You’re allowed to be free and do as you please… long as you act how I want you to act.”

    It’s not like they were dancing during it or yelling. They didn’t have their hands over their chest, big deal.

  27. ‘motortboss’

    You make such a big deal of the ‘hand over the heart’ when the National Anthem is played.

    Mind telling us which law REQUIRES it? US Code citation, please. Full quote of the requirement, please.

    Hint, it it’s REQUIRED, you should have no problem giving us the citation of the REQUIREMENT. If you can’t quickly find where it’s REQUIRED, maybe you should consider that it’s not?

    And remember, in law, the word ‘should’ is the permissive and a suggestion. The word ‘shall’ is the imperative, and is a requirement.

  28. Oh noes! What’s next, eating a baguette on the Foruth of July? Please tell me it’s not *gasp* voting Democrat?

    Shockey’s a moron, and he needs to shut his stupid mouth. Being loudest doesn’t make him right.

  29. Oh shut the hell up shockey. W

    When was the last time you did anything football-related that warranted news coverage?

    You can still have respect for your country without going to the extreme of writing “BURN IN HELL OSAMA” with a bar of soap on the back windshield of your Ford F-150 (or getting a ridiculous-looking eagle and flag tattoo on your arm).

  30. Most/all Baltimore fans disrespect the National Anthem every time it is sung by screaming “O!!!” at the beginning of the line “O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave” – they definitely do a good job of making the moment about them and their team instead of our great country

  31. As a Panthers fan, I think he went too far. You cannot legislate patriotism. We are free to express it like we want to. Play ball Jeremy and wear your flag pin off the field.

  32. moolah954 says: Dec 19, 2011 12:02 PM

    America disrespects me with this thing they call a goverment

    Then leave – you have that freedom. Seriously – leave – right now.

  33. I hated Shockey prior to his arrival in Charlotte. However, by all accounts, he’s been a positive influence in the locker room this year – just ask Ben Hartsock. Shockey saved his life in training camp this year when he was choking. Maybe Houston should’ve signed him – although I don’t think anyone could’ve saved the T.J. and Texans from that choke job yesterday.

  34. Duh. Talk about nonsensical. NFL football has zilch to do with “patriotism”, it’s a business that makes wealthy men wealthier. Want to “honor America” and support the troops? OK, fine, then donate your game check to a VA home or, as mentioned above, enlist and shut the hell up. I’d see his point if they were joshing around or scratching themselves during the song, but come on already with the phony “more patriotic than you” act. Shockey is just another jerk who thinks being an NFL player is somehow similar to being in the military. It isn’t. The Texans, just like everyone else there or watching at home, were waiting for the song to end so the game could start, which is exactly what they should have been doing.

  35. This should be easy to settle…someone should have video of the Texans during the anthem…if Shockey is right, hopefully everyone will have a chance to see what Shockey was talking about.

    I’m not about to diss Shockey for wanting all Americans to be respectful during the playing of America’s national anthem…especially his fellow NFL football players.

    Someone has the video…let’s see it, so everyone can better understand what Shockey is talking about.

    For those who don’t know it, you are not supposed to be goofing around when our national anthem is being played.

  36. When you say the Pledge of Allegiance, you are supposed to put your hand over your heart. When the National Anthem is playing, you stand, and remove any hat or headgear you might be wearing.

    During the National Anthem, you aren’t making any type of pledge or vow, so there is no reason to “put their arms across their chest” as Shockey said.

    And if he’s so concerned about “disrespecting” the U.S.A, does he get upset when every single crowd starts cheering before the last line of the anthem?

    I think Mr. Shockey is a little bit misguided.

  37. joerevs300 says:
    Dec 19, 2011 1:36 PM
    Yeah enjoy watching the Texans from home Jeremy. Sounds like sour grapes to me…


    Texans will be one-and-done. Way to win the South – the rest of the teams in that division are a combined 12-30. Who’s the MVP of the AFC South….Peyton Manning’s surgeon.

  38. Love Him; Or Hate Him:
    Shocky has the right to complain:
    The People who fought and died for that Flag gave him that right!
    During the National Anthem, you should show respect for Them!

  39. Holding your hand over your heart for civilians, and military members in civilian attire, is showing respect to the flag that so many have paid the ultimate price to portect your freedom to do so. As a veteran, when I was in the military, if you were outdoors and the anthem was played, unless in formation, you had to stop and salute in the direction from where the music was coming from, PA system, or band , etc. Pretty simple really, why is it so hard to show respect for your country and those who died fighting for it? I am as liberal as they come in my politics, but when it comes to believing the true principles our flag really stands for, I am very much a stubborn patriot.

  40. I’m a Shockey fan since his years with the giants. And even now that he is with a divisional foe I can’t help but still root for him except when he plays the saints. And if u have followed his career u would see that just has a problem with the texans. He would get in fights with texan players during the training camps we would Share with them.

  41. I don’t know about you, but I get kind of sick hearing that song at the beginning of football games.
    Why can’t everybody just “Tebow” instead.

  42. I’ll save the rant against nationalism for some other time, but I’m a veteran and I don’t salute the flag during the anthem. Heck, I can’t even stand the anthem. Nothing makes me more angry than blindly following symbols without understanding what they really mean (which is what we were taught to do in the military).

    You want to be “patriotic”? Start a revolution. Or at the very least, write your politician and tell them to stop occupying other countries and bring your fellow countrymen home, where they belong. But whatever you do, please realize that responding to stimulus (ie putting your hand on your chest when you hear a certain tune) has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with patriotism.

  43. Shockey is absolutely right. It’s the very least these guys, or any American, can and should do. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re unwilling to demonstrate a respect for your country, and by extension, a respect of all of the sacrifices of past Americans who helped build this great nation, then you SHOULD be called out. I too find it extremely disrespectful when people ignore the National Anthem.

  44. Sounds like rarson got kicked out of the military or is just bitter about his/her service.

    “blindly following symbols without understanding what they really mean (which is what we were taught to do in the military)” yeah, right. that is a bunch of crap and you ought to know it.

    The issue is not about patriotism. It is about respect. The ones that brought up the patriotism are the people that disagreed with his perception of a lack of respect.

    The military teaches its members to respect the flags/anthems of other nations as well (especially when stationed in those countries) and that is in no way a sign of “patriotism”. I guess you were either sick on those days, failed to read the regulations, or never served in a foreign land.

  45. Do you pledge allegiance to a flag, or show reverernce when a song is played? I don’t. Not anymore. My America is gone. America is corrupt. A nation where hard working people get screwed and rich a**holes are rewarded. The political system serves no one but politicians, corporations and banksters. And the media all the time pumping us with demoralizing propaganda. America is all about the show, the advertising and the hype. It’s a Potamkin Village, a Hollywood sound stage, with nothing of substance behind it. The American dream is alive and well, just as long as you weren’t born here.

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