Weekly One-on-One segment looks at 11 potential coaching vacancies

On Sunday night, Rodney Harrison of NBC’s Football Night In America had to call it an Early Night In New York as he continues to overcome a flu bug.  So Peter King pinch-hit for Rodney on the weekly One-on-One Presented by Nissan.

Peter and I went through each of eight possible coaching vacancies, offering up our views on whether the jobs will or won’t be open.

We also make our best current guesses as to who will replace each of the three current vacancies.  Please only hold us to them if we are right.

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14 responses to “Weekly One-on-One segment looks at 11 potential coaching vacancies

  1. It’s less Lovie’s fault than it is Jerry Angelo’s fault. Lovie has gotten the best out of the little talent he has.

  2. Leslie Frazier is the tops for the list to be fired. But let’s make one thing clear here!

    THE NFL WILL Pressure “ALL” NFL teams who have an African American as a coach to keep them.

    Raheem Morris – Should be Fired! Just to young, needs more grooming.

    Leslie Frazier – Should be Fired! Terrible coach, lacks motivation to inspire team.

    Jim Caldwell – Proved Peyton Manning was the real coach, should be fired!

    Marvin Lewis – Is a proving winner, and has a good young team to build on. Deserves to stay.

    Hue Jackson – Come on… It’s the Raiders. But he like Raheem Morris just ins’t qualified.

    Lovie Smith – Injuries have plagued his squad. Should fire Mike Martz!

    Mel Tucker – Not ready to be a head coach either, Fire him!

    Romeo Crennel – What has he done? Oh yea! He knocked off the over-rated Packers. But we’ve been down the Romeo Road before, he’s a great coordinator, not a head coach.

    Todd Bowles – Who? Yep See Raheem Morris.

  3. The only thing Lovie’s feet should be held to the fire for is campaigning for Martz.

    Then again, if you’ll remember, NOBODY else wanted the job because everyone thought the regime wouldn’t last a year.

    Lovie’s the second-best coach in Bears history. Keep him, Tice, Marinelli (and of course Taub) if you can, fire everybody else up to and including Ted Phillips.

    Start with Jerry Angelo, and do it on the 50 yard line next week as a Christmas present for Bears fans.

  4. Lovie’s the second-best coach? So, of the legendary George Halas and Super Bowl winner Mike Ditka, which would you rank after Smith? I’m thinking that Lovie is number three, at best.

  5. Ditka had the potential of a mini-dynasty and blew it.

    What’s the #1 reason the ’85 Bears won? Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense.

    #3 at best? Who on earth would you put ahead of of him? Wanny? Jauron?

  6. Why aren’t the Buffalo Bills discussed Peter?

    Gailey gets another year to fumble around with a lack of talent, no QB and cheap coordinators because Ralph Wilson is cheap?

  7. Frazier needs to go…
    The way this season went what makes u think he would do any better next season…
    Vikes need a new GM stat! spielman is worthless.
    Clean house boys

  8. Did I black out or did they not discuss who they think will replace Raheem Morris? Maybe because the Glazers are too cheap to get anyone that has been an NFL coach/coordinator? If Raheem can beat the Panthers (doubtful) he will probably be back. That means they played competitively against the division (split with each team). I don’t agree with that decision, but I could easily see it happening.

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