Crennel: Orton has chance to stick if he keeps winning

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Kansas City’s win over the Packers may just transform the direction of the franchise for the next few years.

Interim coach Romeo Crennel has a chance to earn the job outright. And Kyle Orton could find a home in Kansas City, if he keeps winning.

“If we win these next two games with [Orton], and he continues to play the way he did today, then you might have to say that,” Crennel said, when asked Sunday if Orton should be the team’s quarterback in 2012. “That’s what happens in football: You see what kind of production a player has, and then you make a determination of whether you think that production will continue and if you want that type of player on your team.

“If he continues to do what he did today, I would say yes.”

This is getting ahead of things, of course. Orton is a free agent this offseason and Matt Cassel is under contract. It makes sense to keep one of them, but probably not both.  They are both middle-tier guys that might be better paired with a young quarterback to develop.

There is also the question, of course, regarding whether Crennel will be in Kansas City next year. The Chiefs players have made it clear they would love to play for Crennel.

“Everything was different,” fullback Le’Ron McClain said of Crennel’s first week. “More meeting time. More football time. Learning your opponent better, understanding your opponent. I know I watched more film this week than I watched all year. Everything was different, man. Good different.”

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star wrote that the Chiefs have “almost certainly found their new head coach” but we’re not sure it’s such a slam dunk.

If Crennel does stay, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested that Josh McDaniels might arrive as offensive coordinator.

If that happened, McDaniels might essentially choose between two of his former quarterbacks in Cassel and Orton.

38 responses to “Crennel: Orton has chance to stick if he keeps winning

  1. 1. I want the Chiefs to draft and develop a QB at some point. Maybe it’ll be Stanzi. Maybe not.

    2. Until then, I’d take Orton over Cassel. Neither of them is great, but Orton can throw the ball downfield and can go through his progressions, neither of which Cassel can do very well.

  2. McDaniels tried to trade Orton midseason last year and was stopped by the front office, according to Woody Paige… So, if McD ends up in KC there is very little doubt that he’d choose Cassel and ship Orton out of town.

  3. ” I know I watched more film this week than I watched all year. Everything was different, man. Good different.”

    What a damning statement regarding the ex-coach. He always looked like he was in over his head and sounds like he was.

  4. The big problems with Orton have been how he does on third down and in the red-zone.

    You kind of saw that again against Green Bay. Orton played well overall, but the Chiefs sputtered and settled for FGs in the red-zone. Although I thought the Chiefs playcalling down there was iffy, and they insisted on running Thomas Jones instead of a more powerful Jackie Battle or even McClain.

    That said, he’s didn’t have a good defense in Denver – he does in KC. He didn’t have a good ground game in Denver, but he will in KC when Charles is back next year.

    He’s certainly better than Cassel.

  5. I think McDaniels ends up in KC no matter what happens the rest of the way for the Chiefs. One way or another Crennel and McDaniels will likely be head coach and associate head coach, how the Chiefs finnish might change which guy has which title.

    With that being said, I think both Orton and Cassell will be back next season. Both have had some success in McD’s offense and I’m sure both are still pretty familiar with the offense. Orton isn’t likely to find a better situation anywhere else so staying on a short term, heavy incentive contract is probably his best bet.

    If the Chiefs bring back both QBs and have McD running the offense it would also allow them to focus on other parts of the team in the draft and free agency. The Chiefs did win the AFC West last year and their defense is starting to look pretty good.

  6. “If Crennel does stay, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested that Josh McDaniels might arrive as offensive coordinator.”

    So Josh McD will be right there ready to take the reins if Crennel sputters next year.

  7. Lol us bronco fans would LOVE to see mcdummy Orton in KC! That would only leave the Raiders and Chargers to worry about for the division every year.

  8. What I saw in that Packer game was the same old Kyle. Great between the 20’s, useless in the red zone.

  9. Might be a little premature to say Romeo is the man for certain, but I’m really excited for the last 2 games.

    And even if they lose those games 100-0 (they won’t), I still like him over Josh McDaniels.

  10. How about some reporting on who they are playing the next two weeks and what their odds are. Bring some common sense information to your articles. Thanks.

  11. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Crennel has to get the job for next year, Orton would have to want to re-sign with KC, and Pioli would have to admit his second mistake and move on from Cassel. I don’t see all three of those happening. 1/3 for sure, but the second (Orton re-upping) would be dependent upon the third. And I agree with GR’s speculation. Whomever they keep will likely be paired with a young QB. Whether that be Stanzi or a 2012 draft pick, I’m unsure.

    What the team really needs to spend some picks on is the atrocious defensive line and adding a starter to the offensive line. The inconsistent line play is what has killed this team all season.

  12. Denver fans understandably consider Orton a bust but sometimes a change in scenery can propel a player so only time will tell.

    Crennel should be given a lot of consideration in getting the HC position and McDaniel as OC. I think it would be a good combo.

  13. This is getting ridiculous. WHY is Josh McDaniels so “highly regarded”, every time there’s going to be an OC opening, or a chance to work with a QB? Yes, the Rams are a terrible overall team, but the fact is, SamBradford as an individual, has regressed horribly this year. Common sense, anyone?

  14. Crennel taking over the Chiefs will end up being the equivilant of Frazier taking over the Vikings..and will most likely get the same results..

    Be careful what you wish for Chiefs me on this one. We seen it first hand up here..

  15. I would say Romeo did a good job. But whoever had the idea of running McCluster up the middle and trying to run Jones to the outside cost us golden opportunities. We should have blown the Packers and their fans out of the building. Yes, a third of the stadium were Packers fans. I really believe that if Haley had been fired earlier and Orton would have played since his arrival, we would be playing for a shot at the playoffs. Also, the Packers offensive line is horrendous. A guy like Ware will tear them apart like Hali did.

  16. @ Stoogie…Would that be the same Raiders that got shutout 28-0 by a worse Chiefs defense? Yeah thought so…

    and queue the excuses

  17. boiler72 says: Dec 20, 2011 2:19 PM

    This is getting ridiculous. WHY is Josh McDaniels so “highly regarded”, every time there’s going to be an OC opening, or a chance to work with a QB? Yes, the Rams are a terrible overall team, but the fact is, SamBradford as an individual, has regressed horribly this year. Common sense, anyone?

    even tho you may be a boiler fan (GO HOOSIERS!), you’re dead on. McD will only end up in KC b/c Pioli has a hard-on for ex pats. Hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if Mangenius is the next D coordinator if Romeo is HC. However, i’d much rather see Jeff Fisher as HC and Romeo DC (altho he probably won’t take the step back down if they finish strong). Also, I know Jeff Fisher wouldn’t take the job unless he was given total control on his QB choice.

  18. Orton is so underrated it’s funny, I’m not a fan of any team he’s played for , but the guy can win, he’s not afraid to throw down field, and he can also be a game manager. Not saying he’s elite or anything but it’s funny how some people are so quick to judge his talent, he’s a lot better than most you give him credit for, especially for the personnel the kids had to work with.

  19. Orton is the best qb on this team right now and even Belichick did not do well ” up there”. In fact really no one. Love to get a patriots fan take on McDaniels he did very well with Cassel and has worked with pioli.

  20. Crennel as a coach has extensive experience in the job, meaning this. He understands the amount of time you need to put into it. The little housekeeping duties that a head coach performs every week coupled with the overall focus, goals and training is a lot of work. Just understanding the logistics of controlling that many employees is a job in itself. It is 20 hrs a day 7 days a week. The education Mc D received in Denver only adds to his experience. Josh worked for two real good football organizations. Notice that the fans in Denver who call him McDoufus do not credit him for brining in Tebow and getting rid of a quitter named Jay.

  21. Orton is so much better than Cassel, it’s just not even close.

    He has a good arm, takes big hits in the pocket while still delivering catchable passes, finds his second and third reads and is outstanding on play action fakes.

    I have watched Cassel for two and half years, and I can honestly say I rarely ever saw him display one of the things I mentioned above. Even if Orton is inconsistent at times and subpar in the red zone, at least he is capable of good games and can actually drive a team into the red zone to begin with.

    Orton might be a “middle-tier” guy as the article stated, but Cassel is nothing more than a backup. The only thing a rookie is going to learn from him is how to curl up into the fetal position at the mere sight of an oncoming defender.

  22. If Sam Mellinger says it, it must be true. The fact that he called for Haley’s head and he got it 24 hours later says it all.

    He uses a voodoo doll to make Pioli dance.

  23. wow, no comments about the dramatic change in play-calling for KC under Crennel, the time Orton had to throw to wide open receivers?

    yet Cassel has better career averages (other than yards/game – because he’s been stuck with Haley meddling in the offense).
    Cassel goes from a good coordinator in NE, to crap in ’09 with KC (Haley as coordinator/play-caller), to good with Weis as coordinator/play-caller in ’10, to crap with Muir/Haley as coordinator/play-callers in ’11.

    how many QBs can flourish when you run up the middle twice in a row for no gains, then throw designed swing/screen passes on 3rd and longs all the time? or a drag route 4 yards short of the first down marker?

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