Brian Cushing fined $10,000 for hit on Cam Newton


Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was penalized both by the officials and the league office for a hit on Cam Newton on Sunday.

The league office’s penalty was $10,000, as reported today.

The 15-yard penalty was costly on the field for the Texans. It came after Newton had thrown an incomplete pass on second-and-10, and the extra 15 yards helped the Panthers march down the field for a touchdown.

Prior to that game against the Panthers, the Texans were in the lead for home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Now they’ve lost two in a row, both to teams with losing records, and are likely headed for the AFC No. 3 seed.

20 responses to “Brian Cushing fined $10,000 for hit on Cam Newton

  1. That’s very unfortunate. I was really pulling for them on the AFC. Not a Texans fan but they’re a team that really deserves to be on top

  2. Man the NFL is really showing it’s holiday spirit levying all these fines right before Christmas!!

    As far as Cush is concerned, he needs to lay off the roids!

  3. Funny….I just received a fine from Roger GODdel too. $10,000 for the hit on my girlfriends clamburger last night. Guess I was leading with my helmet

  4. That’s what you get for touching the best young QB in the league. Next time he’ll show more respect.

  5. I think Roger Goodell should put on a helmet and pads and do a tour during mini camps and training camps to all 32 teams and show teams the proper way to tackle since he is an expert. Time to step up Goodell, what is your jersey number?
    I would love to see Roger Goodell in the Oklahoma drill.

  6. The NFL didn’t get the deal they wanted from the players during the lockout so they’re getting it back through fines. Are they distributing the money to the owners or charity? Someone needs to look into where all the fines money goes.

  7. Amazing how you dont hear any derogatory comments about Cushing like you did Harrison?? I thought the Harrison remarks by some were waaay out of line beyond football. I guess some things dont change. In the grand scheme of things this is football and these hits will continue to happen. It doesnt mean a player is dirty or trying to hurt someone. It simply means they are playing a physical, unperfect game. There will be unintentional hits every single week of football. Again, doesnt mean theyre dirty.

  8. Wow! Cushing tackled him by the shoulder pads and his forearm brushed across his neck. I thought it was one of those heat of the moment bad calls. If I was a DC I’d tell my players aim for the numbers when hitting the QB. Anything higher or lower is going to cost you 15 yards.

  9. @granadafan

    NFL fines go to retired player programs and various charitable causes according to an agreement between the league and the union. In 2010 for example, $500,000 went to the Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief.

    If you want the fines investigated write the union. They should be ensuring the league lives up to it’s obligations.

  10. curtainclosed says: Dec 23, 2011 5:41 PM

    Texans got robbed. Helluva team. If not for injuries, they’ve got this years championship.


    Welcome to the NFL. The same can be said for a lot of teams.

  11. I love my texans. Cushing is an animal. you go Brian. hopefully the games to follow, this year and next. don’t play partiality like they obviously have this year. but if they do. going to kick butt anyway. Cushing is my favorite player. Can you tell?

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