Rex on Giants: “Clearly, I was wrong”


Jets coach Rex Ryan’s Christmas dinner will consist of a heaping helping of crow.

And he’s already starting to chew on it.

“They were definitely the better team this year,” Ryan said after Sunday’s 29-14 loss to the Giants.  “Clearly, I was wrong.  I will take the responsibility.  It is on my shoulders and it should be.  That’s just the way it is.”

It’s a far cry from Rex’s boasts in his 2011 book, Play Like You Mean It.

“I have news for you,” Ryan wrote.  “We are the better team.  We’re the big brother.  People might say they are the big, bad Giants, but we are not the same old Jets. . . .

“To me, it seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years.  Whether you like it or not, those are the facts, and that’s what going to happen.  I know it’s going to happen because our style of football is different.  We are going to take over the town whether the Giants like it or not, so those fans on the fence that like both teams are going to be Jets fans in the end.  The truth is, if I am going to watch one game, I am going to see the Jets, without a doubt.  We are better.”

It looked like the Jets would be better, until Giants quarterback Eli Manning and receiver Victor Cruz connected for a nine-yard catch followed by an 90-yard run.

“They had 80 yards up until that point, if that,” Ryan said.  “We had it in control.  He threw it into double coverage and we missed a couple of tackles.  The young man did a great job.  He is a Jet Killer it seems ever since that preseason game when we [didn’t] know if he is a receiver or what.  He showed today that he is a heck of a receiver and I give him all the credit.”

And so, barring a joint Super Bowl berth in 2012, 2013, or 2014, the Jets and Giants won’t meet in a game that counts until 2015.


80 responses to “Rex on Giants: “Clearly, I was wrong”

  1. You were wrong, but so was Cromartie after he said that the Giants receivers aren’t “Pro Bowl material”. I do believe Victor Cruz proved him WAY wrong.

    I will not knock Revis. The guy played a whale of a game. He deserves all the respect he gets. Ryan and Cro, not so much

  2. His act is getting old. maybe if he didn’t run his mouth so much teams wouldn’t try so hard to shut it.

  3. Hear that locker room? He admits he was wrong. He’s going to lead you into the abyss. He swears he knows where he’s taking you…….

  4. ‘quadassio says: Dec 24, 2011 8:09 PM

    More like “ground and punt” offense.’ ————————————————————————————-
    I’ll go one better…..
    grounded AND pounded!

  5. “Clearly I was wrong.” Just add that to the list of things he was wrong about…

    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2009
    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2010
    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2011
    “Mark Sanchez is a good QB”

  6. I really really dislike that Ryan. He is such an attention hoe. If you did as much coaching as you did talking you might win a game or two.

  7. only a clown wouldnt acknowledge….before the game….that cruz is a serious stud. the giants have been around for ever…..and cruz is their ALL-TIME single season leading receiver….and the jets dont know who he is????

    lol….either the jets are ignorant fools….or they talk WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much bs.

    ps…obviously rex wil survive this season…..but i really hope he gets axed after missing the playoffs AGAIN next year.

  8. I cannot decide if I enjoy my favorite team winning or the Jets losing the most..
    I sort of lean toward watching the Jets lose.

  9. This dude makes you long for the good old days when players played, handed the ball to the ref after scoring a TD (rather than these stupid “dances” in the end zone, and coaches let the play of their teams on the field do their talking. Can you imagine Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Chuck Noll, or Bill Walsh trash talking like this fat slob and his moron brother constantly do? Ah, for the good old days of the NFL when dudes like this never made it past ball boys.

  10. I can only hope that Miami wins and drop the Jersey jets from the wild card. Bill p.s fireman Ed needs to support the Jersey Giants, at least they aren’t a joke like the jets.

  11. Now the Jints are the champs of NE New Jersey.

    And the Bills are the best NFL team in the state of New York.

  12. What was clear from this game is that the Jets will never win anything as long as Mark Sanchez is their QB. Hands down worst in the league.

  13. At least Rex managed to keep the real story off the back page. That would be Mark Sanchez proving to be a bottom five starting QB.

  14. Couple things to note…

    A) Rex Ryan has done a masterful job keeping the spotlight off his fragile and moody QB. Like it or not, Rex got more out of Sanchez this year than should have been possible.

    B) Notice that today in Detroit, the Lions had no personal fouls, walked away from confrontation and quietly handed the ball to the officials, after they scored…except for Cliff Avril, who quietly handed it to a fan.

    C) I don’t see the AFC winning the Super Bowl, unless it is the Patriots. Call me cynical, but Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Houston all seem badly flawed, and none of the possible AFC wild card teams look like anything to worry about. The Patriots win when they’re supposed to win.

    D) Worth noting that Jim Schwartz received two Gatorade baths at game’s end, and shrugged both of them off…obviously his field jacket was heavily waterproofed. That’s a statement of confidence, folks.

  15. “cometkazie says: Dec 24, 2011 8:49 PM

    Now the Jints are the champs of NE New Jersey.

    And the Bills are the best NFL team in the state of New York.”

    Only if you define them as the only team in New York. Giants beat them as well.

  16. Said it the day Rex was hired, and every day since. He knows football, but he’s a CLOWN coach, and CLOWN coaches don’t win it all in the NFL.

  17. As a Bills fan, can we get another article on the real difference maker of the Jet, Aaron Maybin. I mean he really got Tom Coughlin and Ware with that late hit.

  18. “If we lose to the Giants, blame me”
    Hey, Fat Man …….. we’re blaming YOU.

  19. The Jets have been a joke for a long time. Years of mediocrity while renting a room from the Giants, failed to get there own place so had to come back, hat in hand back to them, hire a loud mouth rotunda clown of a coach and all of a sudden they believe they are elite. Give me a break. Keep Cheddar Bob, Skitish Sanchez and the rest of those clowns. And P. S. Rex, after 3 years of running your suck, you’ve won as many Lombardis as I have.

  20. Can anybody name some great fat coaches? Not good, great.
    So that means no Ryan brothers no crennel(yet) no reid, I think holmgren is the best they got. Not hating just don’t think fat guys make good motivators, if I’m wrong please show me my error

  21. Rex on Giants: “Clearly, I was wrong”

    About being a fat loudmouth? No no, don’t worry. You’re better then ever, Rex. Keep the self-inflicted shame coming.

  22. Pathetic excuse for a football team right now. A lot of wasted talent. This one isn’t on Rex and it’s time he put it on his team.

  23. Both Ryan brothers are fat loud mouth slobs, just like their old man. He couldn’t win as a head coach. Rex can’t win as a head coach and that fat hippy slob Rob won’t win as a head coach – if someone is dumb enough to hire him.

  24. Maybe it’s just me, but when a guy talks soooo big, and then fails, and owns up to the failure….and then continues to do it….

    It just makes ALL his words ring hollow. So at this point, “Clearly, I was wrong” isn’t manning up….it’s just more blathering.

  25. maddenwizkid says: Dec 24, 2011 10:51 PM

    Can anybody name some great fat coaches? Not good, great.



    You ever see the buttertits on Bill Parcells?

  26. I think it’s unfair to say that Rex’s Jets have to beat the Giants in order to break out of their “Second Banana” status in the Big Apple. They’ll probably have to wait another 4 years till the next duel.

    Winning a championship is what it’s all about. That’s the real objective for the Jets. They’re asking too much out of Sanchez. And they don’t even utilize him right.

    Instead of forcing him to be a pocket passer, let him roll out and make plays like he did at USC. And instead of having playmakers at the WR position, they need to have them at TE and RB.

    The current approach is not one to be used for a defensive-oriented team with a game manager at QB, which is what Sanchez really is.

  27. scoops1 says:
    Dec 24, 2011 9:50 PM
    is Fireman Ed on suicide watch….

    he should be

    YOu are an ass..why dont you kill yourself….

  28. Rex is right. His fault. He chose the players, the plays the players played and the he sealed the
    jets fate by running his mouth. Rex isn’t that
    good of a coach, not that good at selecting his
    players. Oh they are big and bad, but they have
    no will to beat the team they are better than, for
    the next ten years. Rex, don’t you ever get tired
    of your line of BS?

  29. TxGrown says:
    Dec 24, 2011 8:18 PM
    ‘quadassio says: Dec 24, 2011 8:09 PM

    More like “ground and punt” offense.’ ————————————————————————————-
    I’ll go one better…..
    grounded AND pounded!

    You people need to listen better…. He said that he loves ground round…..

  30. I must be rip van winkle. I cant believe ten years passed so quickly. Before you know it, Rex will be a defensive coordinator on a college sideline. Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

  31. And yet it will only be a few days at the most before you run your fat mouth again…

    He can’t help himself; he’s not only addicted to food but also to the sound of his own voice!

  32. Parcells, great set of fun bags, yes, but I think madden has to be the best big guy now that I’ve examined my username thoroughly and the tuna can be second. Although I don’t think either one is great. BOOM!

  33. Brandon Jacobs is pissed cuz he’s a jets fan. He was just elected to be the voice of the he can go back to sucking I hope he told him from one fat loud mouth underachiever to another it’s time to shut up soon the giants season will be over and the two of them can sit down at golden corral and talk like men

  34. Re: Ultraback. In case you don’t know this, the Jets do have a TE. His name is Dustin Keller. He can be found each Sunday having passes sail over his head or at his feet.

    A couple of other random thoughts…

    What in God’s name makes a fat, ugly man so arrogant and pig-headed? I mean, honestly…what?

    Speaking of the buffet-buster himself, I love the arrogant/elitist quote about Victor Cruz today after the game where Wrecks referred to him as “Jet Killer”. No, Wrecks, look around the league…the guy has over 1,300 yards and is headed for Honolulu. Victor Cruz isn’t a “Jet Killer”…he’s a “Pro Bowl WR that myself- and my team- didn’t take seriously enough”.

    The End.

  35. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Dec 24, 2011 8:18 PM
    “Clearly I was wrong.” Just add that to the list of things he was wrong about…

    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2009
    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2010
    “The Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl” – 2011
    “Mark Sanchez is a good QB”
    How long will this city put up with this windbag ?
    Does a whole lot of talking but never really says anything. This is EXACTLY why Baltimore passed him over for a headcoach position.

  36. His Royal Fatness is a d-bag. He has no respect for the game and is a sore loser like is father. His unprofessinal attitude will get him fired hopefully soon. He is false bravado. He likes to hear himself talk and talk is cheap. Enjoy the countless servings of Humble Pie. We know you have your own fork.

  37. Big mouth – but at least he holds himself accountable – like a good leader should – a very often missed or over-looked attribute missing from many HC’s around the league

  38. someone tell me what the jets record was when rex took the team over (9-7). he has done nothing ….so what afc championship . all mouth to draw attention, its all getting old now. just like his team

  39. All I hear from Jets fans is how Rex Ryan got the Jets to the AFC Championship 2 years in the row. And as great as that is, you don’t sell merchandise strictly on that accomplishment. 3 things Rex has continued fail at doing is win the AFC East, win the AFC and just get to the Super Bowl to win that. Yet he continues to run his mouth over & over again, setting himself up for an amplified crash and burn. The fact that he hasn’t learned that in the past 3 seasons is why he’s a moron. If you are going to talk big you better be able to back it up. Otherwise it looks like false bravado and your credibility gets taken away. His mouth has hurt the Jets more than anything else, coupled with the fact that he obviously can dish out the trash talk but can’t take it, makes him & the franchise that supports him a joke. His willingness to engage in immature, fowl-mouthed banter is proof that he needs to grow up.

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