Chargers delay decision on Turner, reports conflict on Cowher

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Yesterday’s blowout loss to the Lions likely cost Chargers head coach Norv Turner his job, but owner Dean Spanos said after the game that any decision about the direction of the franchise will be made after the season.

“I’m waiting until next week,” Spanos said.

Spanos is reportedly distraught over the way San Diego fans have tuned out the Turner-led Chargers, and he wants a coach who can bring some enthusiasm back to the fan base.

Few coaches would generate more enthusiasm among fans than Bill Cowher, and Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post reports, citing “an in-the-know source with intimate knowledge of the San Diego sports scene” that Cowher already had an interview with high-ranking people inside the Chargers organization, and that Cowher expressed his interest in the job.

However, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that two Chargers sources said unequivocally and vehemently on Saturday that the Chargers have not talked to Cowher.

So the situation in San Diego is murky at the moment. Spanos will start to clarify things in a week, after the Chargers’ season finale against the Raiders.

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  1. You mean after the Chargers next loss, to the Raiders. This team has continually mailed it in under Turner, something a Cowher team would not do. If Cowher were indeed to be the next coach, it would not be under an AJ Smith, no doubt. Cowher would probably want at least a say as GM, so it would be a double dumping, AJ and Norv both.

  2. AJ Smith has to go too; he should have never fired Schottenheimer. The Chargers will hire COwher and be 1 of the 2 teams to move to LA.

  3. what about aj? i’d fire aj today as a present to the fans and place emphasis on his failures, and then norv quietly after the last game, he’s a loser head coach but a class act.

  4. Do you think any team that hires Cowher will be as patient with him as the Steelers were? 14 years to win a SB. Several wasted opportunities, choking in the AFC championship game time and time again?

  5. i doubt cowher talked to the chargers already, he said before he wouldn’t talk to a team that still had a head coach. out of respect to them. wether he’ll go there or not that depends but norv is definately out by the sounds of things.

  6. In numerous interviews over the past few months Dan Marino has stated that he talks to Bill Cowher all of the time and Cowher has told him several times that he will not be coaching any team in 2012. Cowher also made a statement to that effect on the CBS pre-game show a few weeks ago.

    Time will tell if Cowher has been lying or if the sources these newspaper people have are lying to them.

  7. Cannizzarro should know that Cowher has a residence, a girlfriend and a gig with CBS all in NYC …

    He ain’t going to the Left Coast.

  8. Everyone assumes he’s looking to coach again. It’s more fun to be the genius in waiting than it is to have to actually coach a team and produce.
    All these ex-coaches get a lot of mileage from the endless speculation.
    The longer they stay off the sideline, the better they were.
    It’s all media driven BS…

  9. Cowher would be a great fit for the Chargers! After all, Cowher and Philip Rivers already have something in common: they both spit a lot when they talk!

  10. When will these interfering owners ever learn? A pop star coach is only a temporary quick fix. Fans will come out only for a winner. And you build a winner with a strong GM who has all the authority over the football operations, including the hiring and firing of the head coach, and the ability to tell the owner to get lost and let him do his job.

  11. Do you think Jerry Jones fires Garrett after the season (especially if they don’t make playoffs) in order to get Cowher instead of losing him to the Chargers.
    That sounds like what Jerry would like to do.

  12. Fire both and start with a clean slate. Heads need to role to light a fire under everyone’s butt.

  13. Great idea! Cowher will do as well as other Super Bowl winning coaches who stayed out of the game for too long. Ditka in New Orleans. Jimmy Johnson in Miami. Bill Parcels in Dallas. Gibbs in DC. If its the playoffs chargers fans want they should hire Cowher to bring his 2005 philosophies with him and a coaching staff made up of favors and hasbeens. Dick Vermeil lost his Super Bowl and had the hunger to win. Jeff Fisher is still involved in the game not paid to comment on it. Oh and he lost his Super Bowl too. Super Bowl wins doesn’t always translate well, especially if a coach needs to catch up to the game.

  14. Spanos is reportedly distraught over the way San Diego fans have tuned out the Turner-led Chargers, and he wants a coach who can bring some enthusiasm back to the fan base.

    Not that long ago the Chargers were serious contenders and yet they still had a tough time selling out all their home games. I doubt a new coach is going to put people in the seats. Lets face it, there are too many other things competing for the fans dollars. Moving another Team to California would only make this worse. Plus, the economy stinks, anyone think of reducing ticket prices ?

  15. @dumassdirt

    Marino said he thinks Cower wont coach but hasn’t heard anything other than his statement on the CBS pregame show. Also he didn’t unequivocally say he wouldn’t coach.

  16. Norv can come back to Dallas as OC, anyone got Jeff Fisher’s number while I’m making coaching changes.

  17. Be careful what you wish for Charger fans. True you have to get rid of Norv and AJ. But when the last time one of these big name Superbowl head coaches went to a new team and win it all?? Look at the guys who have recently won Superbowls…Mccarthy, Payton, Tomlin, etc. None of them were particularly sexy choices at the time.

  18. Bill will never go to the Chargers,..its widely known Cowher hates Los Angelos. I just set you all strait.

  19. dirtdawg55 says: Dec 25, 2011 1:23 PM

    Do you think any team that hires Cowher will be as patient with him as the Steelers were? 14 years to win a SB. Several wasted opportunities, choking in the AFC championship game time and time again?

    In the NFL you cant expect to win the superbowl every year. During Cowhers tenure these are the superbowl winning coaches: dungy, belicheck, gruden, billick,vermeil, shanahan, switzer, seifert, holmgren and jimmy johnson.

    The only coach on that list you could put ahead of Bill is belicheck. An argument could be made for shanahan and Jimmy johnson but id still take cowher. Andy reid and jeff fisher arent better so you could say bill cowher was the second best coach in the NFL over his tenure as Steelers head coach.

    The dude always had a top defense and he went to an AFC title game with Kordell freaking stewart.

    He took his team to 6 afc title games, 2 superbowls 9 division titles and coached 21 playoffs games. That resume is better than most NFL franchises entire history.

  20. i think that cowher is going to be a bad choice for the team that hires him, if he does in fact return to coaching. the guy has been there and done that…..and he has already walked away once. if im a fan in need of a new coach, i want someone who is not ony going to be a good coach but someone who is going to be HUNGRY to be a good coach for a long time. nothing against cowher, but i really doubt that he’ll have the hunger to dedicate himself to a team for any decent amount of tume.

  21. citing “an in-the-know source with intimate knowledge of the San Diego sports scene”

    Articles with un-named sources don’t interest me. Give us a name.

  22. dirtdawg55 says:
    Do you think any team that hires Cowher will be as patient with him as the Steelers were? 14 years to win a SB. Several wasted opportunities, choking in the AFC championship game time and time again?
    In Cowher’s 15 years in Pgh no team won more games than the Steelers. 99% of the coaches who have coached in this league would kill to have his legacy. If he didn’t have Neil O’Donnell, Kent Graham, Kordell Stewart, Mike Tomczak, etc… under center, he would’ve done much better in the post season. After all, Belichik has never won a Super Bowl without Tom Brady–and the ones he did win were only by 3 points. If the Steelers had Brady under center during Cowher’s tenure they’d have about 9 rings. This guy is a great coach, and the San Diego Super-underachievers should be thrilled to have him.

  23. Well the wait will be over in about 10 days and we will know if Marino/Cowher were speaking the truth.

    Personally believe they are.

    Think it will be Gruden. Its a veteran team with a quality QB. Right up Gruden’s alley.

  24. Marshmont, the issue is it IS a poor place,..the good people have left SD and all theres left is illegals breaking into houses, cars, raping,..etc…typical border city.

  25. Bloggingpoodlewalker, still to walkin your poodle.
    There are plenty of good people left but most of them aren’t from here, simple as that. Military, college grads or transplants. But my friend is born here but is a hardcore Bears fan. Winning a super bowl isn’t an answer, look at Tampa. No coach has ever won a super bowl with two teams. Yes McCarthy, Payton and Tomlin aren’t sexy choices. Getting an expensive coach and it not work is likely more detrimental than a bust of a first round pick.
    I support Norv and AJ because this city has never won and why?
    Plenty of coaches, plenty of GMs. The thing that never changes is the fans, so step up next year, quit thinking you are Jr Exec GM and just be cheerleaders for once, DO YOUR JOB!!

  26. I think it will be Mike Martz and I was right when I said Norv Turner.
    Chargers get coaches for continuity because it too expensive to get all new players a new coach wants. That might be the reason there they havent won a championship

  27. Cowher was happy with great defense and a great running game with the occasional trick play. A quarterback was a game manager in his system. Tom Brady didn’t get his start like Manning as an appointed starter. Brady was a late draft pick and at one point I think he was a fourth string QB. Belichick didn’t get lucky. He had the sack to keep him on the roster and play him over Drew Bledsoe. Belichick won with a QB the Steelers passed over 5 times. Belichick made Tom Brady, Brady didn’t make Belichick. Cowher could have made Neil O’Donnell into a super star, but chose Ban Morris instead. He wouldn’t know what to do with Rivers.

  28. Hey, Chargers, after firing the 14-2 Shotty because he lost the 1st playoff game, you got Norv… How’s that working out for you? Chargers are cursed until Shotty passes away.

  29. Reply to shieldsisland. The Charger team is not talented. They have some talented olayers but the secondary on defense is lousy. Cason and Jammer should be gone. Jammer is way to slow to keep up. The O line is like a picket fence with slow pokes trying to block. I think AJ has done a terrible job building this team. Buttler did a great job before he died.

  30. Maybe he’s go back to the Steelers?

    Sorry….not a Tomlin fan and I want to win big. Don’t think Tomlin will be able to do that and if he ever does, that;s about 5 years of learning.

  31. How many super bowls would the Chargers have played in had AJ Smith not fired Marty Shottenheimer (After going 14-2)? Why is it everyone calls for Norv to be fired? If I were a Charger fan I would be campaigning for the immediate firing of GM AJ Smith. Lets see, let go of LT, Brees, Michael Turner (the real head scratcher). People always talk of how much talent the Chargers have, but name 3 people on their D. I feel bad for Charger fans. Cower is a poor mans Shottenheimer, and had the refs not gift wrapped that super bowl for him and the Steelers, he wouldn’t be held in the unbelievably high regard he is. They would be better off with Fisher, whose done far more with far less than Norv and Bill.

  32. Seriously though why did they fire Marty? Why on earth did they think Turner was a good coach? He sucked every where he went..
    I just hope Norv knows he is gone regardless what happens against the Raiders so he shoulod just tell his team to lay down to the NEW AFC WEST CHAMPS
    We love you KC! Now go beat Tebow!

    Would like to say sorry we do not play to get people fired only to win games it was not our intention to add to the unemployed list again very sorry but life goes on.

    Wish You The Best

  34. .

    Cowher does have an impressive career record, however he was also provided a very strong roster by Steelers management. Most years he coached, I believed that he had the best overall roster in the AFC.


  35. All those idiots who keep extolling the virtues of Schottenheimer seem to forget when he was in SD, they all wanted Marty ball and his ass out. They were tired of the boring ball control, conservative play, and his losing in the playoffs. So quit you’re whining about his coming back, he’s gone as of four years, more, ago, get over it already. Don’t see where he was ever rehired in the League and lead another team to Super Bowl victories. He got in a pissing contest with AJ over the disagreements in letting his coordinators take other jobs then was going to hire his brother. That’s it, he’s done and gone, let it rest.

  36. Why would a former coach who has been out of the game want to come back and work a minimum of 18 hour days? Cowher can do no wrong in the studio. Coaching returns have not worked for many big name coaches; they cash in for a huge paycheck and run like Johnson did with Miami, Parcells in Dallas, Gibbs with Washington D.C. The game has changed even in the last five years.

  37. wawa33 says:
    Dec 25, 2011 1:19 PM
    AJ Smith has to go too; he should have never fired Schottenheimer. The Chargers will hire COwher and be 1 of the 2 teams to move to LA.

    there will be a vote on the san diego stadium situation next fall..the spanos family has spent millions on research of a new stadium and could have left years ago if they wanted as their buyout of their lease is minimal…the spanos family doesnt ant to sell majority of their team which is what AEG wants to move to their stadium in LA. u must be jumping on the typical rumor bandwagon that has been beaten like a dead horse and is over 2 years old!! more current stories have risen since then link below states that rams move back to LA first and jags if not moving to LA would move to st louis.. link below

    also 2 months ago on cbs2 here in LA jim hill on sports central reported the raiders contacted AEG and LA officials about interest in playing in the new LA stadium.the Raiders dont wanna any part of the 49ers stadium or to share with them in any way a stadium.they want their own stadium. another and this is a rumor is that if the chargers were to actually move to LA that the raiders would consider moving to san diego since they have a fan base here.the spanos family knows it is very touchy because then the raiders would have the san diego market along with LA and in no way or form would that benefit the chargers as a franchise.
    The spanos family WANTS to stay in San Diego thats why they have been so patient with the stadium situation and doing 100’s of research studies on it and spending the money on it. thye are comitted to san diego as long as the city works hand in hand with them and the sides are alot closer now than they were 5-6 years ago.. do your research before just assuming what everyone claims is gonna happen..heck there is 5-6 teams that could be moving so lets sit back and just see what happens cause if we all knew what was gonna happen then we would all be buying lottery tix cause we knew what numbers were coming up!!!!

  38. AJ Smith is one of those GMs, like Napolian in Indy, that wants a submissive and non-threatening coach. AJ Smith chose Norv Turner because Norv is submissive and non-threatening to AJ’s domination. The problem with this is that Norv’s mild mannered coaching style leads to complacent players that don’t give it their all consistently. The Chargers have been loaded with talent for years. However, they are consistently inconsistent and that is on the coach. AJ got exactly what he wanted……a mild mannered coach. The problem with AJ’s decision was that he didn’t recognize that a coach like this can’t motivate the players.

  39. Trusting what Marino says is ludicrous! Cowher will coach again. When he said he wouldn’t, he had taken off to care for his dying wife and his children. The kids are in college or graduated from college now. I’d love to see him coach the Jets and stay on the East Coast. His kids are out here and he has made it plain he doesn’t like L.A; however, with Al Davis gone now, SD can lay claim to L.A. and that just might be a tipping point for Cowher. Rivers is 30 years old, however, and that might present a problem long-term.

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