Andy Reid says McCoy and the Eagles’ other starters will play

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Although Eagles running back LeSean McCoy hinted after Saturday’s game that he’ll sit out the season finale, Eagles coach Andy Reid says otherwise.

According to the team’s web site, Reid said McCoy and the rest of the starters will play in the season finale Sunday against the Redskins.

“We’re in this thing to play the best football we possibly can,” Reid said.

The Eagles are eliminated from playoff contention, but Reid doesn’t want to give up on the season, and so he’ll apparently tell McCoy to tough it out despite an ankle that’s bothering him. The Eagles want to beat the Redskins to finish the season 8-8, and Reid wants all of his football players playing football.

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  1. Of course everyone will play. If they don’t and they lose (unlikely even if they don’t play cuz it’s the Redskins), they won’t be able to have that “we’re the best 8-8 team in football history and nobody wanted to play us in the playoffs and watch out for us next year” parade down Broad Street.

  2. Why the bleep wouldn’t they, what, are they resting them for next September? They’re getting paid, why the bleep wouldn’t they play? That’s as weak as can be, McCoy… even for an Eagle.

  3. Basically, Reid is putting the franchise’s best player out there on a bum ankle because 8-8 is more likely to save his job than 7-9 is.

  4. Typically you want to start playing your best football throughout the season. Thanks for going all out when the seasons over. Reminds me of the last kids at the end of a race.

  5. He’s only trying to save his job. Can’t wait to hear the hype machine around this team start up right after the Superbowl.

  6. While the difference between 8-8 and 7-9 may not make any difference in terms of the disappointment of the 2011 season for the Eagles, I do think that the team should try to win every game that they can. They’re professionals and they get paid to play. Sitting out simply to avoid get hurt going into the offseason, at the expense of giving the game away, is the coward’s way out. If the Eagles have a big lead in the 2nd half, I’d say then would be the time to work in some of the reserves. Besides, do you really think Jason Babin wants to stay on the sidelines when Rex Grossman is out there on the field?

  7. From hopes of the Super Bowl to hopes for an 8-8 season ……

    Let me say this one last time:


  8. To eagle nation: we’ll take back the division next season. It’s the eagles fault they’re out of it, but the last month they’ve shown how good they can be. They are obviously the best team in the NFC east as their soon to be 5-1 div record will show. Again this is no excuse, it’s the eagles fault they’re not in it but if you’re a Dallas or ny fan, u can’t feel too good about a long playoff run with those terrible defenses. You’ll soon be spectating as well.

  9. Reid is such an idiot. Why risk McCoy’s health? This is just stupid. McCoy always plays hard but we don’t need him being in the same situation as A Peterson

  10. McCoy doesn’t make himself sound great saying it– that’s the coach’s decision, shut up and let him make it– but he does kinda have a point. I probably wouldn’t agree at another position, but every running back has a shelf life that revolves around the number of hits he takes. And McCoy isn’t exactly built like Jerome Bettis. If his ankle’s not right, he loses some of his ability to protect himself.

    There’s a fine line to walk. Fans shell out millions of dollars for tickets, they deserve to see as competitive a team as the organization can field. On the other hand, the team also has a responsibility to protect their assets, in the interest of fielding the best long term product possible, with the best chance of contending for a Super Bowl.

    Given the rate of attrition at the position and the particular player’s value to the organization. . . I’d probably sit him out. His health, and the health of his knees, are of more importance to the franchise’s ultimate goals than Andy Reid’s pride. Obviously you expect every healthy player to play, but I wouldn’t risk McCoy on a gimpy ankle the last week of the season just to be macho.

  11. He played with broken ribs last season. I think his ankle although not broken is pretty hard to run on if it’s hurt.

    McCoy’s in a contract year. I think he’s proved enough that he’s a valuable asset to the team. You don’t want another Adrian Peterson goal to be ready for duty by week one of the 2012 season.

  12. Andy Reid doe not need to save his job because there is no chance he will be fired. You play to win and McCoy has a slightly sprained ankle. End of story.

  13. If Andy wants the team to play their best football, HE SHOULD FIRE HIMSELF !!!

    1. Let the best kicker in the league go, to bring in a rookie kicker that has blown at least 2 games, by missing last minute kicks.

    2. Converted a coach from offense to run an experimental defense, that can’t stop a good college team from scoring.

    3. Inability to protect his franchise QB. Every other play, a player on defense comes free to get a clean shot on Vick.

    4. Overall bad coaching decisions. Players will complain and ask him to throw a challenge flag, but for some reason, he doesn’t trust his players to throw a challenge. At least one game was lost this season because he would not challenge a play.

    Andy has taken the talent on the Eagles as far as he can. Time for an upgrade at the head coaching position.

  14. Rich Kotite was ripped unmercifully the 4 years he was in this city he ended up with 36 wins in his four years as coach of the eiggles ! Andy Reid has 37 wins in his last for years with a chance at 38 this coming week ,enough said !

  15. Coming from a Giants fan, the Eagles TODAY are the best team in the NFC East. Too bad they lost Vick for a while and struggled early getting their chemistry. I agree though, 8-8 looks much better than 7-9.

  16. 3. Inability to protect his franchise QB
    He’s not a franchise quarterback. The sooner you realize that, the less stressed you’ll be. He’s pretty much average.

  17. I always felt bad for teams that would get it together late in the season and would or could be better than most play off teams going into the play offs.

    Maybe a change in the pre season game creating a longer season would change that its just a guess because it could be argued that teams are either healing up from earlier injuries or wearing out because of fresh injuries and the long seasons toll on the players body’s.

    Anyways this is the eagles team we expected this year and it is always a good feeling if your team can keep the momentum into next years season.

    I am sure the team will want to come out with a winning record at least being at .500

  18. Fat Fred…no one thinks a Pro Bowl candidate is average. He has been to several previous Pro Bowls and if he didn’t get hurt this year, his chances at being a Pro Bowler would be more clear.

    So your bias against a Pro Bowler are obviously clouded by the number of doughnuts you eat…Fat Boy …..ahahahaha

  19. I get the whole players get paid to play and the finishing on a good note, but at some point you have to be realistic and think about next year. I’m not saying bench all the starters, but there are a few key positions that take a lot of abuse and are more prone to injury that they should sit, or at least treat like a preseason game and have them play just the first few possessions. I’m saying this as someone who has tickets to the game. Regardless of who plays it is gonna be just like the cowboys game, a hollow victory if they win. No matter how competitive the game is it is hard to really be excited about a victory that doesn’t really mean anything at the end of the day.

    Also to all the haters who complain about eagles getting all of this coverage you should be use to it by now. Between Andy Reid, Donovan Mcnabb, T.O., Desean Jackson, and all the others who I may have forgot at the moment they have always been one of the main focuses in the league the last 10-15 years win or lose. There like a tabloid celebrity where everyone likes to build them up and tear them down over and over again.

  20. @progress
    How long has he been a starter in the NFL, and how many playoff wins does he have?

    That’s what i thought.

    And seriously, how dumb are you? You say “if he stayed healthy”. Well, how many years has he played a full year? Again, that’s what i thought.

  21. Fatty,

    What you need to realize is – the league is changing before your very eyes.

    The days of a qb only having the one dimensional game of only being a pocket passer are numbered ( aka Brady / Manning )

    The new standard will be qbs with the ability to be a dual threat…pass for 200 + yds and run for 50+ per game. AKA – Newton, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Vick etc.

    Any somewhat educated person/ fan would look at Vicks stats and the records he has broken by being a dual threat and conclude the obvious fact that he is a ” Pro Bowler “.

    Additionally, Vick was the first qb that generated enough excitement in Atlanta to sell out the stadium, for the first time in the history of the Falcon franchise. GM’s understand the impact of a game changer….a revenue maker.

    Which is why Philly, gave him the ” FRANCHISE ” TAG.

    I have better things to do than to be your daddy, by educating you about evaluating talent and the economics about sports/ revenue generating players etc.

    I just heard Gruden plans to return to coaching. He has coached a superbowl winning team and would be a good upgrade over Andy.

    I guarantee you, Vick will be the starter next year and will be there after Andy is gone.

    Go on about your way and continue to make yourself appear as you do…..ahahaha

    The facts speak for themselves.

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