Seahawks have five Pro Bowl alternates, including a 27-year-old “rookie”


The Seahawks won’t be making it back to the playoffs in 2011.  But they’ll potentially be well represented at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu.

John Boyle of the Everett (Wash.) Herald reports that five members of the team have been named as alternates for the league’s annual all-star game.  While the information isn’t generally publicized by the NFL, the league informs each team of the players who will serve as the understudies if/when members of the main team aren’t available, due to injury, qualification for the Super Bowl, or lack of desire to attend.

According to the report, cornerback Brandon Browner, safety Kam Chancellor, and fullback Michael Robinson are first alternates, running back Marshawn Lynch is a second alternate, and punter Jon Ryan is a third alternate.

Several of the Seahawks’ alternates have a shot at playing in the game.  The NFC roster has only one fullback — John Kuhn of Green Bay.  If the Packers make it to the Super Bowl, Kuhn will be out and Robinson will be in.

Lynch already may be guaranteed a berth in the game.  Matt Forte, who was placed on injured reserve today, surely won’t put his knee at risk as his rookie contract expires.  (The fact that he’s finishing the season on IR probably gives him an automatic exemption from the game.)  Assuming that the first alternate is Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who tore an ACL over the weekend, the guy who likes to taste the rainbow will be parked under a real rainbow in Hawaii.

As to Browner (pictured), there’s a good chance that Charles Woodson won’t play, regardless of whether the Packers make it to the Super Bowl.  If he qualifies, Browner will polish off in style one of the best stories of the entire season.  Undrafted in 2005, the 27-year-old is technically a rookie after four seasons in the CFL.  He has six interceptions on the season, tied for second best in the NFC.

And so, as the Seahawks try to finish with a better record than they did in 2010, there is reason to believe that the foundation is in place for future success.  Some of the men responsible for this season’s strong finish undoubtedly will be on display next month.

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  1. Really enjoy seeing what Petey has done for this team. I like their roster a lot on both sides. O-line is really coming together and their wr’s are good. Not to mention Earl Thomas is a fricken monster. This guy is gonna be top 5 status at safety during his career guaranteed. All they really need to address is their lb’s and possibly their qb situation.

  2. Lynch and Chancellor got hosed. Even if they do make it in as alternates. Robinson however should never be mentioned with pro bowl except as a special teams player. Norris consistently beat him out in SF and Norris sucks as well

  3. im the biggest niner fan you’lle EVER meet but, i personally think Lynch is more deserving than Gore. #JUST’SAYING…


    They both are deserving. Gore has fought through injury all year and it’s hard to argue against being second in the NFC for yards. Jackson was also deserving of consideration but got snubbed completely. I don’t think Petersen was deserving after being 17th in the league though and Forte has been out

  4. sportsguybayarea says: Dec 27, 2011 9:19 PM

    im the biggest niner fan you’lle EVER meet but, i personally think Lynch is more deserving than Gore. #JUST’SAYING…


    I’m just looking forward to the next few years in the NFC watching Seattle and S.F. pound it out!

  5. Lynch should have been in there ahead of Forte even though Forte was having a great year. Lynch was a TD monster and would have even better yardage if he hadn’t missed a game. Casual fans may not have noticed but Pete Carroll and Schneider have put together a tough D in Seattle. Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, KJ Wright, Red Bryant all young players having solid years. Can’t wait until that young o-line comes together again next year with a season behind them and a full training camp. Gonna see Beast Mode all year not just the last half.

  6. inteesting that 4 teams got no one selected. st. loo i understand. no skins, titans or bills?

    a long time ago, the leagus made sure each team had one selectee BEFORE people started bowing out.

  7. As a Rams fan, I root for anything good that comes out of the NFC West. They’ll prove to be an obstacle for years to come but congrats to the Seahawks. Browner and Chancellor have flown far under the radar.

  8. Getting some respect, finally. This team was built through the draft and has depth on defense. Mad props fellas

  9. No idea how Forte got the nod ahead of Lynch, lynch kills him in every category

    Seems forte, rivers and gates got in on brand not performance

  10. Lynch is a second alternate? So assuming 3 rbs are chosen (I think that’s right) plus the first alternate, that means people think there are FOUR running backs in the NFC playing better than Marshawn Lynch right now?

    Don’t see it.

  11. Ryan played in the CFL too – in fact, he is a Canadian. I know, I low. Who cares about punters? Well, if you don’t care about punters you also don’t care about Devin Hester, Joshua Cribbs, Randall Cobb, etc. after all, someone has to kick them the ball to make them relevant, right?

  12. dirtdawg55 says:
    Dec 27, 2011 10:35 PM
    Ryou also don’t care about Devin Hester, Joshua Cribbs, Randall Cobb, etc. after all, someone has to kick them the ball to make them relevant, right?
    True, but no one cares who that is.

  13. Lynch and Kam should be starting.

    Robinson does some good things, but some really really bad things too, don’t know how he’s even considered. His boneheaded play on 3rd and goal arguably cost Seattle the game against SF. If they score a TD there, that’s a completely different game.

    Chris Clemons and Red Bryant are also deserving of at least a mention.

  14. realitypolice says: Dec 27, 2011 10:07 PM

    Lynch is a second alternate? So assuming 3 rbs are chosen (I think that’s right) plus the first alternate, that means people think there are FOUR running backs in the NFC playing better than Marshawn Lynch right now?

    Don’t see it


    You don’t see it because there is more than 6 or 7 weeks in a season. The pro bowl is supposed to be about the whole body of work. Lynch has been the best back in the conference the past 6 weeks without a doubt, but he is still only 7th in yards and has the 2nd lowest YPC of anyone in the top 10

  15. Giants fan here– I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed by Pete Carroll/the GM’s outside-the-box thinking with their secondary. I believe the safety position is going to start to evolve to emphasize guys like Kam Chancellor that physically match up with the basketball-player TE types that are dominating the league right now (Gronk, Graham, Gates) and that Seattle is ahead of the curve in this regard.I can also see a day where we wonder why we didn’t demand taller corners with the athletic ability of smaller guys to cover all of the elite WRs in the league. I love innovation in football and respect the Seattle FO so much for their approach to their secondary. Now if someone could just explain to me who slipped who a mickey to convince them that TJax is a serviceable NFL QB..

  16. @goldrush36: Yeah, Mike Rob is a good locker room guy and all that, but I’m still puzzled why Seattle had Mike Karney in town twice and didn’t sign him. I like RObinson, but Lynch runs much better behind a fullback, especially with Seattle’s battered line. Karney would be a much better option. Heck, we’ve never even had Mike Rob throw a pass as part of a trick play. That’s just a waste.

    I think that Lynch should be starting simply because he’s been putting up excellent numbers and playing incredibly well despite playing behind a line that is made up of practice-squad types because of injury.

  17. This team is being built the right way, from the inside out. Whoever the long-term answer is at QB will be in much better shape now that the running game has developed and the offensive line is coming together.

    Three more plays this season from the QB position, this team is in the playoffs.

  18. hey PFT,

    i expect a story tomorrow how messed up the league is voting james harrison as first alternate in the pro bowl. i mean not only did he miss 5 games but he is a dirty cheap player.

    why would he get this accolade by fans, his peers and coaches if the way he plays is disgusting!!!!!!!

    oh wait, the dude is awesome!!!!

  19. norcalmafia apparently lives in a small box.

    browner and wright should get plenty of rookie of the year consideration. if people would look at the games and not have ESPN brain wash them, you would see that the nfc west is improving.

  20. You cannot tell me that Brian Urlacher had a better season than London Fletcher. I know my skins suck but London Fletcher is the only guy the deserves to be in the Pro Bowl.

  21. Imagine what this good young team would be with Matt Hasselbeck were its QB instead of Tarvaris Jackson.

    Carroll has done a lot of good things, but that was very stupid.

  22. To nflfan877: Think of where Matt Hasselbeck would be if he had started the year as Seattle’s quarterback. ….. Virginia Mason Hospital.

    Hasselbeck would not have made it out of the preseason with that young offensive line. Jackson was absolutely mugged in the preseason and the first four games of the year. Marshawn Lynch’s poor rushing numbers in the first part of the year are not because he was not running the same way as at the end of the season. His numbers were low because the line did not block for him.

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