Rex Ryan: Heat should be on me, not Sanchez or Schottenheimer


Jets coach Rex Ryan is putting himself on the hot seat.

After Saturday’s loss to the Giants (a loss that disproved Ryan’s boasts about the Jets being the better team in town), much of the criticism from Jets fans and the media is going toward quarterback Mark Sanchez and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, whose play calling had Sanchez throwing 59 passes. But Ryan said at his press conference today that the heat should be on him.

Asked if Schottenheimer’s job is on the line in Sunday’s season finale, Ryan said, “No.” He then elaborated.

“You know what? You look at things right now — and I know Brian takes a ton of the heat, he’s taking heat, Sanchez is taking heat, whatever, I’m taking heat, that’s fine,” Ryan said. “It should be on me. It shouldn’t be on other coaches, players, whatever. I’m the guy that said that we were the better team and we weren’t that day. So that should fall on me. The criticism should be on me. And trust me, I know a bunch of it is and rightfully so.”

It’s hard to defend Schottenheimer’s play calling, but Ryan defended Schottenheimer’s work ethic.

“He works about as hard as anybody I’ve ever been around,” Ryan said.

Ultimately, Ryan said, he thinks there’s plenty of blame to go around in his locker room, but that the bulk of it goes to him.

“I don’t think you blame things on one guy,” Ryan said. “And if you are going to blame it on one guy, it should be the head coach. That’s what you get paid to do, and I’m certainly not ducking my responsibility. That was my responsibility to win that game, it didn’t get done, and so the criticism should be placed on me. And you know what? I got broad enough shoulders. I can take it.”

Ryan should be ready to take it for several months of a longer-than-expected Jets offseason.

76 responses to “Rex Ryan: Heat should be on me, not Sanchez or Schottenheimer

  1. The blame should be on Rex. Oh, but he’s a media darling. His soundbites are hilarious and epic. Blame anyone else. Don’t blame Rex, because we wouldn’t want that Clown to lose his job.

  2. Hmmmm …. Lots of hard working guys on the Jets player and coach roster. So their suckitude really must be about lack of skill then, seeing as how they work so hard and still can’t produce.

  3. Rex, the criticism isn’t based on that one game….it is based on a history of “talking”. It’s a pattern of over-hyping and under-delivering.
    After awhile, it get’s old.

  4. I’ll give Rex credit here for not throwing Sanchez under the bus but anyone who has watched Sanchez can see that he is a mid level back up at best. I have only watched 3 full Jets games and each time I am more confused as to why he is a “franchise” QB. The Jets/Broncos game was terrible and Tebow actually looked like the better QB.

  5. Rex is loyal but to a fault.he won’t hold anybody accountable for the mistakes that’s ultimately gonna keep the jets out the playoffs. Like 19 turnovers in 15 games(Sanchez) or 60 freaking passes in one game (schotty)

  6. Longer then expected Jet’s Off Season?

    Maybe with the media because they are so enamored with disfunctional teams, coaches & players but certainly not anyone with a football IQ.

    Same Old Jet’s

  7. The heat is really starting to get cranked up on the Yets.

    This Pat’s fan is loving it.

    If the Yets don’t get into the playoffs, one of those three heads is going to roll, guaranteed, and the low man on the totem pole is Schottenheimer.

  8. Can anyone tell me the difference between Rex Ryan and Harold Camping?

    Neither one has made a prediction in the past three years that has come true.

  9. Shotty called 59 passed for Sanchez. Unless your qb last name is Rodgers, manning (both), Brees, or Brady, that should not happen. There is plenty of blame to go around but shotty gets the most of it. Fire him today!

  10. “He works about as hard as anybody I’ve ever been around,” Ryan said.

    Same thing Andy Reid said about Juan Castillo. That didn’t work out so good either.

  11. the next coach that has to fill Rex’s shoes is really going to want to disinfect those Nikes…… I mean get a case of that bowling shoe spray or maybe even burn those things….. can’t even imagine what those feet have been through.

  12. I dislike Rex as much as the next guy but, in a season where Jack del Rio was fired earlier on in a situtation he passed the blame to everyone but himself I can appreciate rex’s stance on this…for once

  13. Getting tired of Ryan trotting out the “party line” at every press conference. At some point, people start tuning it out.

  14. To his credit, Rex has gotten by these past couple of years talking his team into playing better than they actually are. What separates good coaches from the bad ones are those who can actually get their teams to sustain that good play. For Rex to do that, he’s gonna have to start actually coaching his team and scheming x’s and o’s more so than he ever has.

  15. Good that he’s taking this on his shoulders, but… sorry Rex. You’re not the only one to screw up out there. Schottenheimer biffed it by having Sanchez- an average QB, at best- throw that many times. Sanchez biffed it by… well, being Sanchez. And Rex, you biffed it by insisting on Sanchez as your QB and letting it happen. You deserve an offseason of questions- thing is, so does the rest of the Jets organization, like it or not.

  16. If Woody told Rex a loss on Sunday would result in one person losing their job, I doubt he’d be saying it’s on him, he is so full of it. It’s easy to talk with no repercussions.

  17. You all don’t like him. I get that. But it’s stuff like this that makes me happier that he’s leading the team.

  18. How can the heat be on Rex or Sanchez? They’re coming off back to back Super Bowls Titles and are on the way to number three. The good people of New Jersey have no reason to be upset with this type of dominance.

  19. I sometimes hate rex for never shutting up, but his players must love him for at least publicly taking all the pressure off of them and putting it on himself.

    If sanchez takes another safety with the game on the line or cromartie forgets one of his kids names again, maybe rex saying he’s the one responsible will allow mark to go pose in white pants for gq and cromatrie to knock up some other chick while rex takes the heat instead.

    Smart guy…

  20. I like Rex as the head coach. but if he can’t at least see the obvious then he needs to go as well. Many great coaches were considered “players” coaches and were able to call out the bad play\coaching of their players and assistants. there is nothing wrong with saying “we expected more from our qb or he needs to improve his play”. this constant blind faith and lack of accountability in sanchez is atrocious. If sanchez can’t take that then he needs to go. however, from what i have seen of sanchez he can’t handle any negative thrown his way. bad plays in the game always are followed by more from him. they even had to get on him about his body language. I think everyone has seen that and are so afraid to criticize him they have in essence neutered their ability to coach him.

  21. So, the Rex haters will be posting in a minute, but before they do I’d like to just say it doesn’t matter how much smack he talks, he can admit when he’s wrong. He may not always admit it publicly, but he admits it.

    And BTW, I’m glad he’s a loud mouth. he’s doing it for two reasons. 1-to motivate the team-I would rather have Rex’s brand of motivation than some coach who doesn’t get excited IN PUBLIC about his team. 2-It can get into other team’s heads. Sometimes, and we’ve seen it, it can work against you, but this is Football. This is smash mouth. For all you girls who want him to be a nice guy and not say anything, go fckn watch Dancing With The Stars.

    This is Rex, like it or not. If he was let go today, there’d be a ton of owners who’d want him coaching their team.

    Look at what he’s done with his defenses-both on the Ravens and the Jets. He certainly can back a lot of that talk up.

  22. Is it true that in Little League, the Ryan brothers would regularly point their bats at the wall in left center field right before taking a called third strike while trying to get the hot dog guy’s attention?

  23. Let’s not pretend Rex didn’t have a hand in the pass happy offense. Hell it was probably his idea and if it wasn’t he approved of it early in the week.

  24. At a time where NOBODY wants to accept blame and EVERYBODY looks for the scapegoat (the Cleveland Browns with LS Ryan Pontbriand, The Packers a few years ago with Ed Donnatel, I could go on), it is good to see someone say, “Look. I am not looking for someone to take the heat. No scapegoats here. The blame is on me. I am responsible. I am the one accountable.”

    It is no wonder that his players, past and present are willing to run through fire for the guy. I have had terrible bosses in my lifetime. Ones that went so far as to manipulate computer systems to throw others under the bus instead of taking the heat for something they screwed up (just happened recently on my job). I have only had a couple of great bosses. Ones who I would run through fire and do anything for, Rex seems like one of those guys. It is great to see someone willing to take the heat rather than deflecting all blame onto some kind of scapegoat.

    “I got broad enough shoulders. I can take it.” Not hard to see why his players love him. A leader stands up for the people under him. He tells them when they screw up, of course, but he doesn’t put them on blast to the media or the rest of the group.

  25. uh, unless he resigns, than all of this is nothing more than what any coach is going to say. in other words, big deal.

    hey rex its all on you? then do the right thing and quit….then maybe this bogus “its all on me” nonsense would actually mean something. if you arent going to quit then shut your mouth and spend more time putting together a real team and less time telling everyone how good you and the jets are.

  26. “Rex Ryan that isn’t butter sizzling on that hot seat.”

    Actually it’s bacon fat. Or at least it was before he ate it.

  27. My high school football coach yelled at me”how can u expect to control the man in front of u when u can not control yourself”.and thats what ya have with rexxy,he’s out of control and so is his team

  28. I’ve lost track of the number of times numerous Jets defenders have just given up on big plays, like Tebow’s TD run or that huge Cruz run last week. People who claim the team has bought into Ryan’s boasting and loves him for it are apparently watching different games than I am.

  29. “Heat should be on me, not Sanchez or Schottenheimer”

    You mean, even LeBron, DWade and Bosh are hatin’ on Sanchez? Wow, that’s saying something.

  30. The Jets braintrust is just very reluctant to say out loud and genuinely admit that they “missed” on their pick to get Sanchez. He has done nothing to prove he is EVEN a top 10 QB in this league….
    Didn’t they trade up to get him also?
    The 2 AFC championships games were a result primarily of a Great defense and Game Manager type offensive play calling, along with LT having a Renassaince year…

    The same “owners remorse” applies to the decision to hire Rex Ryan as a HC.
    COuld be time to “blow it up”!

  31. Ahhhh…. as a Patriots fan you gotta love this. YETS are imploding, but their fans will be the first in line to insult the Patriots and their successes… Also they never get over the “spygate” comments – so, yes, as a Patriots fan, I am loving what’s coming out of the YETS camp lately!

  32. godofwine330 says: Dec 28, 2011 3:57 PM

    At a time where NOBODY wants to accept blame and EVERYBODY looks for the scapegoat (the Cleveland Browns with LS Ryan Pontbriand, The Packers a few years ago with Ed Donnatel, I could go on), it is good to see someone say, “Look. I am not looking for someone to take the heat. No scapegoats here. The blame is on me. I am responsible. I am the one accountable.”


    It WOULD be nice to see that….if the guy weren’t such a blowhard and his words had any sense of integrity whatsoever. But they don’t. He’s just babbling and it means nothing. He’s not accepting responsibility. He’s still just babbling out hollow words.

    If people don’t take his puffery seriously (which they don’t anymore), who would his personal humbling hold any more value?

  33. heat on rex because he lets shottendummy call dumb plays…..
    at least they stopped the run run wildcat bs….

    they coulda got much farther last year if they stopped that bs before the season started

  34. This team has gone as far as it can with Sanchez at QB. I mean this team really has over-achieved with Rex at the helm … He gets the most out of his players, but it’s just not enough right now.

  35. Let’s revise that number for accuracy … Sanchez threw 59 passes, but he was also sacked 5 times – those are pass plays as well – yards lost on sacks go against net passing yardage. So it’s 64 pass plays in the game for the Jets.

    The only QB who would want to sling it that much is Favre. Even Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and the Mannings know they need a running game. Time of possession comes from using the RBs and O-line.

  36. nyjalleffingday says:

    He deserves some for sure, but if the Jets are the Republic, Schottenheimer is Palpatine, using his evil to destroy the Republic from within.


    And you seem to have delusions of grandeur, much like Luke Skywalker, regarding the greatness of your head coach.

  37. I personally don’t care about the talking but damn if you can’t look at that team and see the problems(QB and OC) then you have no buisiness being a HC.

  38. I get that RR talks a lot of junk and I tire of it sometimes and think he’s out of line sometimes. But the man is taking the blame here just like he did after the NYG game and people are criticizing him for it? Really? I think with guys like RR people tend to look at the delivery and the shock value of some of his words sometimes or there are just soundbites with impact ant they don’t see/hear the rest of what he says and instead of really listening to what he said and judging it on its own merits people jump on him.

    And I am a PATS FAN.

  39. I read an interesting article the other day from a former pro (I don’t remember who, sorry) that explained that most of the blame should fall on the players. Schotty can only call the plays, it’s up to the individual players to go out an execute them. He can’t help the fact that sanchez is so shell-shocked by his prior mistakes that all he does it throw check downs. And I know everyone is freaked out by the fact that he made sanchez throw 59 balls, but you have to realize that obviously so many pass plays were called because they felt thats where they would have success. Its not schotty’s fault that the plax is too old/out of shape to get any seperation, that holmes is a diva who only plays hard when he knows hes getting the rock, and that dustin keller couldn’t catch a cold. I truly believe that this team’s problems are directly related to their HORRIBLE offensive line, and the team’s overall execution, not play calling. Full disclosure, I’m a giants fan, albeit an “objective as possible” giants fan.

  40. Of course it’s Ryan’s fault. He picks the groceries and he coaches the team. He puts not only the team but certain players on the team on the Pedestal of Failure; trying to live up to something or someone that you may not be capable of.

    But the worst mistake Rexy ever made was to decide against kissing Billy’s rings. You know, get a little magic, maybe work down to a toe or two.

    One thing is sure. Rex will never learn. No one is making him do it except some personality quirk that was never recognized and rectified during his youth and now is impossible to stop.

    Perhaps if he were to have a few sessions with the reknowned psychiatrist Dr Brandon Jacobs there may be some hope, but don’t hold your breath.

  41. Of all the bad things that happened on sunday for the Jets, of which there were many, one of the plays that showed how far Sanchez has regressed was the safety he gave up that started on the eight yard line. This does not even happen in college.

  42. Tough! you wanted to be a coach in NY we can blame who we want, this ain’t Baltimore. You open your trap bringing added pressure to your team and when they fail they can’t take the blame? BS. No wonder your QB is a baby. You can’t have it both ways. Maybe next time shut your mouth and coach.

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