T.O. stumps for San Fran return


When Braylon Edwards joined the 49ers, he initially wore No. 81.  But Edwards was quick to point out that he wasn’t thrilled with the situation.

“I’m not trying to be known as the next [Terrell Owens] or anything related to him, and maybe not even 17,” Edwards said at the time.  “Maybe a fresh start means a fresh number, so 81 is temporary.  And when the time is right, I’ll find the number that I’ll be wearing.”

He eventually landed back in No. 17, and on Tuesday the 49ers assigned him a permanent 86.  So with a vacancy on the depth chart, why not consider bringing back the guy that Braylon didn’t want to be?

Owens has made it known on his Twitter page that he’s interested in returning to the team with which he got his start, way back in 1997.  “Let em kno if they need me, I’m ready homie!!  I’m ready 2 take em deep!!” Owens said in a tweet directed to 49ers safety Donte Whitner, a former teammate of T.O.’s in Buffalo.

Whitner responded favorably:  “I know u are!  And I’m ready to Vouch for…and let everyone kno how GREAT of a teamate u were in buffalo!”

The 49ers have expressed no interest in Owens, who tore an ACL in the offseason but who has been cleared to return to action.  If, however, the Niners dumped Edwards because he was perceived as being a pain in the behind, why would they want to bring back a guy who became one during his years in San Francisco?

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    This idiot thinks after the way and reasons he left SF that he would be welcomed back now that the team has a shot?

    Sorry T.O. you burned that bridge a long time ago.

  2. Harbaugh and Baalke would never allow this to happen this late in the year.

    One of the reasons Braylon was released was the fact he and Smith couldn’t get on the same page. What is Owens going to bring to the table at this point? Very little, and that includes being a decoy for defenses, who undoubtedly have no respect for his game at this point.

    No, good or bad, the 49ers will stick with what they have and maybe elevate some practice squad’ers before bringing in a 37-year old WR who might cause waves at the worst time.

  3. Everywhere he has gone, he has been great (or in the case of the last two stops, good) on the field and problem free off of it for the first year.

    You can look it up. His first year with the Eagles, Cowboys, Bengals and Bills were all trouble free.

    I can’t believe no on has taken a shot with him. I mean, it would cost virtually nothing and the upside is considerable.

  4. it would be pretty funny if they brought him in and Alex Smith starting dropping long bombs throughout the playoffs to TO….

    but that will never happen. ha

  5. TO would be great insurance for the playoffs. The guy is a TD maker.Harbaugh just has to explain the Law of the land to TO before bringing him on. TO wants to get back into the league next year, I’m convinced he will be on good behavior for the rest of next year.

  6. After reading this site for a year, I can now tell with 99.9% accuracy who has written the post without looking at the byline.

    MF posts are the easiest to ID.

    They either include some bad linear joke leading nowhere (like the 86 above), random speculation and/or putting nonsensical spin on someone’s quote-

    Or one of the following:

    “Unless and until”
    “Whether and to what extent”

    It’s positively formulaic!

  7. I would love to see T.O. sign with a playoff team, I jus dont see Harbaugh bringing this guy in because if they dont go deep into the playoffs then the heads will turn to who ever wanted this guy in their locker room. I have to say that T.O. can still produce he had a good season with Cincy last yr and I think he could help a team out like JAX or STL next yr

  8. The chances of TO playing for the 49ers, or any NFL team for that matter, are somewhere between very sim and non-existent.

    Why won’t this idiot just go away? If a team was interested, you’d think he’d be playing by now…

  9. If he is healthy, why not take a shot? TO is a freak of nature even at 38. He had over 900 yards receiving and 9 TDs in 14 games last year. Plus you would get him cheap b/c he’s got something to prove. He would be able to stretch the field while Vernon and Crabtree work underneath. With just his presence alone the safeties would not be able to cheat up to crowd the line to stop the run which would mean more room to run for Gore.

  10. The 49ers are a serious team and all business. We don’t need or want this clown back. Ocho Cinco is an example of big name and small production…he has done nothing in New England and TO would not benefit the niners. Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn may play this Sunday, but at the latest they will both be ready for the playoffs. The niners are a run first, ball control, controlled passing attack…this does not fit the mold of what TO wants to and is able to do. The 49ers have found a way to get to 12-3 without any distractions…please don’t blow it now. Has he matured? Maybe. But too little too late…he basically told the niners to screw back in the day, well here is the favor returned.

  11. The ‘niners are showing great team chemistry — can’t imagine they’d risk upsetting that at this point of the season!

  12. a workout with the 49er staff wouldn’t hurt..besides Patrick willis and VD wouldn’t allow him to act reckless

    *Go Niners*

  13. It just doesn’t seem right to have a wide receiver wanting to take someone deep in San Francisco. Then to have someone else vouch for you…
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  14. Reports coming out, such as this, keep saying that Braylon Edwards was “being a pain” and “locker room poison”. Did I miss something? I don’t recall at any point in Braylon’s career where he was anything but a positive guy. Not to mention, there was a story released just last week about him paying his entire 2011 salary to put kids through college, following up on a promise he made. In 2008, he also visited St. Jude’s children’s hospital every week during the season. Sure, he’s dropped some passes in his time, but I seem to be missing the negative impact he had that led to his release.

  15. The niners need speed to blow the top off of defenses. I don’t know if he still has it. They need a Denarious Moore. If they actually had speed on the outside the offense would be so much better cuz db’s would play deeper and there would be even more room for gore and vd.

  16. bigtganks says: Dec 28, 2011 1:58 PM

    Everyone call/tweet your ex-girlfriends from 7-8 years ago and say “If you want me, I’m right here!!”

    Yah, that’s how delusional he is.

    Guys that tweet never had a girlfriend.

  17. as a cincy fan……….u better not……..that is all I am saying….I personally saw him whiff on multiple throws to avoid getting hit……stuck with hungry young receivers rather than diva vets…………see AJ GREEN

  18. i remember watching the T.O days in san fran. it was amazing to watch him beat every secondary and score at will. one of the hardest working wide outs ever on and off the field. yes, he was a huge head ache to the organization but, i believe that he is a changed man and now is ready to take the next step to winning a championship. its up to harbaugh to want him or not. i have faith in coach harbaugh so if he decides he wants to sign T.O, im all for it. and PLEASE dont compare T.O to Edwards!! PLEASE!! T.O is top 3 ever to play once he gets on the field…i believe in you T.O, prove everyone wrong

  19. why would they want to bring back a guy who became one during his years in San Francisco——–///////–//–//—/————–////——–

    Have u seen Alex smith? And harbaugh, there goes a guy with no ego.(sarcasm) I’m not saying it’s a no brainer but he is one of the best wr’s ever and a freak of natur. he’d be well worth the vet. min. just make him the conditioning coach

  20. T.O. means Too Old?

    Did I miss something, or did he put up Pro Bowl numbers last season.

    I don’t think there is a WR in the NFL who works as hard as he does keeping himself in the shape he is. He would help the 49ers, their coach has a good grasp on their team. He wouldn’t be able to bring drama.

    HOWEVER, Denver should sign him.

  21. I don’t think there is any chance at this happening….

    …but I also didn’t think they would be 12-3 at this point and have 8 Pro Bowlers and TEN Pro Bowl Alternates (yes, thats potentially 18 Pro Bowlers).

    I initially thought they would just promote TE Conrad Reuland from the PS, but if thats what they were gonna do, why wouldn’t they have done it already?

  22. Jim Harbaugh’s brother John was in Philly when Owens destroyed that locker room. There is a reason that despite needing so much help at WR the last few years the Ravens haven’t looked his way. I expect John to let Jim know exactly why to and he won’t get a call from the 49ers either.

  23. Its probably too late for him to play in week 17 so why would the Niners bring him back for just one playoff game?

  24. …and he also would love to play for Philly again

    …and he also would like to get that chance to play for Baltimore that he wishes he had back

    …it’s sad when you have made millions of dollars over 15 years and have blown it all. It’s sad that he has been reduced to a beggar. It is weak watching him beg teams to sign him.

    He will never play in the NFL again.

  25. So … TO wants to return to the Niners and, given how he acted before and after he left the team, thinks there is a chance they would want him?

    This type of thinking is what happens when crazy, desperate people stop taking their meds.

  26. Why not? SF will need deep threats to stretch field and keep pace with NO and GB. The guy is still in awesome shape. No worry about his off-field behavior. He can be cut or benched immediately. That stuff is all overrated anyway. This is Willis’ team, not T.O.’s (like everywhere else he’s been)

  27. I think his primary goal is getting a ring, not helping the team. If he has a ring, the possibility of making the HOF rises significantly. And he knows he’s out of time and out of teams.

  28. What’s ironic is if T.O. had kept his big mouth shut during his career and simply let his playing do all the talking, the Niners would be seeking him out rather than him seeking them out.

  29. watters7 wrote:

    Just like Colonel Troutman said to Rambo “Come on out John. It’s all over!”
    Nothing is OVER!!!!!!!!! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off…..;)

  30. Matter of fact gimmie owens moss favre barber and whoever else is “too old” if u don’t think older players can contribute u haven’t been watching football. Seems like the niners just missing experience or as some of you call it “age”

  31. This isn’t happening, they could have had TO when they signed Brett Swain.

    They did this to free up a roster spot to sign a TE. They hope Delanie will return so they won’t IR him yet. Why don’t you write a story about the remaining TE free agents that might work for them. Anyone know how I could see who is still available?

  32. The niners released Edwards because they don’t need another WR. Crabtree has had a solid year, but they’ve made it to 12-3 without a real deep threat. Harbaugh has a pattern – run first, pass short, run again. And it’s working. It’s all about the running backs and tight ends. They even use their receivers to rush the ball a couple times a game.

  33. It would be essentially renting. He has done enough to warrant a try out. He is one of the best conditioned athletes, at least his history shows that. Even though he is coming off of an ACL he must be able to show that he can still move, if he cannot – end of try out, thanks for coming. He is on the team on a week to week basis, based on performance, skill, and attitude. Nothing guaranteed.

    Even those that hate TO because of his History of Problems could not object to this. TO has ALWAYS worked harder than anybody short of Jerry Rice…he just had problems getting along with people. A short term contract with no guarantees fixes the attitude problem or he is gone. Simple.

  34. Dude causing a distraction and he is not even on the team, nor is he in the NFL, nor does anyone want him in the NFL…because he is not that good anymore and he is a distraction and poisons every team he has ever been on!

  35. Why do people love to watch people go through a hard time? Sure, Owens rubbed some people the wrong way but wow he never did anything so terrible. Bunch of vultures…

  36. “Let em kno if they need me, I’m ready homie!! I’m ready 2 take em deep!!”

    With hip spelling and cool use of the English language like that… at first I thought it was tweeted by Jim Ursay!

  37. Why am I reminded of Arnold screaming at the Predator “Come on, doo it! Kill me, I’m right he-ah!”?

  38. In related news, Brett Favre tweeted today that he would like to assist the Packers in their playoff push. Since, you know, they don’t have anyone better and need a less-than-disruptive force.

  39. niners are very thin at receivers. Ginn, Morgan, Walker, and Williams all injured and now edwards is gone. DO YOU REALLY THINK ITS THAT BAD OF AN IDEA? i mean…its either him or swain. just sign him for the rest of the season.

    and im a niners fan.

  40. and…he would be the only 49er that was in the playoffs. as a 49er. i mean. that aint bad. at all. you guys just like to hate on people and kick people when they are down. scumbags you are.

  41. Nothing wrong with a receiver wanting the ball, and wanting to make a play with confidence.

    His ego got the best of him in the beginning, but when he went to philly – coming back from a serious injury to play exceptionally well in the super bowl when mcnabb was huffing and puffing making errant throws with the game was on the line – of course he’s going to be frustrated. The media baits him into making ill advised comments because he’s an emotional player – then spin his words to write headlines.

    From the mouths of his own team – he was not a cancer in the Dallas locker room – he played at a very high level. To this day people are critical of Romo when he makes some bone head plays, so why single out Owens?

    Thumbs up or down won’t change the fact that Owens is more than capable to continue to play at a high level. Respect the career.
    Regardless of where he’s played, no one can deny that he produces and plays at a high level. It’s the coach’s responsibility to control the team – and quite frankly Reid, Phillips and Marvin Lewis haven’t had a track record of keeping their house in order.

    A lot of WR’s talk up a big game and produce slim to nothing to the extent of what Owens has done.

  42. why not give him a chance, he wants to play and really the talent in the nfl is pretty spread out. Heck I wish the Broncos would sign him. Tebow could at least save his soul

  43. The niners did not work out any WR’s today…why? Because this was the plan all along. Promote from within. Bring up a guy who been with the team from the get go. Deep in the playbook.

    Enter Joe Hastings…who knows he may be the spark at WR this team needs…4.42 speed an all..

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