Jason Taylor says he’s done, and won’t change his mind

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Don’t expect Jason Taylor to pull a Brett Favre.

Taylor, who announced his retirement on Wednesday, said that no matter who the Dolphins’ coach is next year, no one is going to convince him to change his mind and keep playing — and no one could get him to play for any other team next year, either. Taylor says he knows it’s time for him to walk away, period.

Look, Sunday is my last game,” Taylor said. “I am going to go ahead and walk away hopefully healthy, get through this next one, this last one, preferably win the game and sail off in the sunset for a while. I’m not going to even leave the door open for that stuff. As a matter of fact, I may change my cell phone number so they can’t get me.”

Dolphins fans will give Taylor a warm sendoff against the Jets, but Taylor said he thinks the game should be the focus.

“I really want to stress that this is not about me,” Taylor said. “This is about this team trying to win one more ballgame. And they’ll kick ole 99 out the door and move on to the next one, so I’ll find something to do. Might take some time, but I’ll find it.”

Whatever Taylor finds, we wish him well.

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  1. He’s a class act on and off the field. You will be missed and have been a pleasure to watch. Good luck!

    Oh yeah, make sure you eliminate the Jets from the playoffs as your last NFL good deed. Thanks.

  2. I am sure Taylor is a nice guy, but he is overhyped and not as memorable as the press seems to think he is.

  3. Sadly, he has already done Dancing with the people who who were stars for a brief moment of time who hope to be one once again by dressing in frilly costumes and being ridiculed by three other people with accents that no one has ever heard of before.

    Good Luck Jason.

  4. Still a great situational pass rusher. 7 sacks for a part time player is solid. He will walk into the HOF and a player like that on any roster really helps the younger pass rushers with their game.
    Best of luck in your future JT and please sack Dirty Sanchez a few times for all your Dolfans.
    I’ll be rocking my JT jersey on Sunday!!

  5. The most interesting aspect of Jason Taylor’s career was his ability to mentor younger players. I saw him take over a few games over his career but I never thought of him as a consistent game changer. In fact, at times he looked like a DE trying to play OLB. Periodically, Taylor would allow blockers to tie him up and then stand him up. He wasn’t an every game destroyer like Ray Lewis. Jason was an consistently and thoroughly prepared 4-3 – Defensive End who could lead by example and share his wisdom with those who would listen. He will be missed – He was a Dolphin through and through!

  6. There was always something about Jason Taylor’s play that bothered me. He has a ton of sacks yes but in all his time did you ever watch a Dolphin game and say, “man, Taylor is absolutely taking over.” It was weird. I’m a Jets fans so I’ve seen a lot of him. He never had that intimidating factor that comes with great defenders, ie: Ray Lewis, Jared Allen and Demarcus Ware. He was more like the NFLs first pass rushing diva.

    Great player but just not one of the best of his era.

  7. Espn da da da,da da da…see you soon JT….out with the Gru, and in with the new! Great career. Great player. Consummate professional. Thanks JT.

  8. Oh and at 36 with the Jets he had 5 sacks, 1 off your sack leader that season and 1 off your sack leader this season.
    Did I mention he is now 37 and a situational pass rusher with more sacks this season than any Jet last season or any Jet this season?

    Now you morons have distracted me from my run so I will go now that I’m feeling much better having proven you ignorant Yets fans and any other teenage doubters wrong.

  9. Why was that post deleted? Broke down comparisons between JT, Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware perfectly PFT??
    You gonna reword it and post it as your own??
    The just of it:
    In his prime at age 29 his stats are nearly identical to Jared Allens this season when he was a pure DE.

    First crack at OLB came in 2006b under Dom Capers at age 32 and he won D-MVP after having a better season than Ware currently is in every stat but sacks taking multiple picks to the house, forcing 9 fumbles, defending 10 passes and even blocking a kick.

    jmagnet28 you are clueless

  10. “I want to stress this isnt about me its about the game on Sunday”. Then, Jason, why didnt you announce your retirement next Monday after the Jets game. Its “not about you” my azz. Its always about you, its a way of life in the NFL. The very reason why a player cant cellebrate a TD for no more then 5 mins.

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