Broncos lose Chris Kuper for rest of season


The Broncos won the AFC West title despite a loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, but they will have to stick around the playoffs without one of their starting offensive linemen.

Right guard Chris Kuper needed to be carted off the field after injuring his leg when right tackle Orlando Franklin fell on it from behind. After the game, Broncos coach John Fox told reporters, including Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post, after the game that Kuper broke his leg. He’s done for the rest of the season, no matter how long it lasts.

You can tell from the picture up top that the injury is a particularly nasty one. Kuper, who started every game this season for the Broncos, will likely be rehabbing all the way through the offseason. Russ Hochstein replaced Kuper on Sunday and is the likely replacement going forward.

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  1. … The likely replacement going forward. In other words, one more game.

    Nasty break though. I wish Kuper well in his recovery.

  2. it was a gruesome awful break… that picture is toned down a bunch from the live broadcast believe it or not….

    here’s best wishes to Kuper and hope he makes it back….

  3. Nasty break. One of those grotesque looking deals when you see it. Wish him well and a successful recovery. Denver will be defeated by the Steelers next week. They lost 3 in a row coming in and teams have figured out the Tebow “Magic”. It is not magic and now that teams have got it figured out the Broncos are done. This is just like the Wildcat. It was successful only because it caught defenses off guard and they weren’t used to defending it. Once teams were able to figure out what to do, it has become largely ineffective. Now Tebow and the option is being exposed and it has run its course. Want evidence???…. they scored 3 points today against KC and the offense was unable to sustain drives because Tebow couldn’t pass effectively when needed. Look at his stats, look at the score… it’s undeniable.

    Again, wish Kuper well and a successful recovery.

  4. So he misses a few snaps next week. After their perfomance today they should default their position to a team with a QB. Like any of the other 31 teams.

  5. Tough break for Kuper. Hochstein is underrated; I don’t think there will be a significant drop-off.

  6. Good luck to Kuper. Elway has to see that we need a quarterback next year. I’m a 35 year Bronco fan and Tebow isn’t anywhere near talented enough to play QB in the NFL. Elway is a smart guy…he knows, as do all of us if we’re being honest. Great guy but…please God, get us a real quarterback.

  7. People should not let their agreement or disagreements with Tebow’s religious beliefs affect football judgments.

    Tebow-mania and Tebow-hatred are both foolish and outside the bounds of football.

    Any objective look at his NFL performance to date gives no reason to expect he will survive the upcoming encounter with the Steelers with much standing as an NFL quarterback. He will most likely be eviscerated by the Steelers ‘D’ and the Broncos have to be a severe long-shot to advance.

  8. This is what happens when you cross Tim Tebow.


    Chris Leak
    Kyle Orton
    Brandon Lloyd
    Josh “draft him but don’t play him” McDaniels

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