Jared Allen gets to 20 sacks in first half of close game

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It’s one of the few meaningless games of Week 17, but the Bears and Vikings didn’t get the memo.

Through two quarters, the Bears lead, 14-13.

Christian Ponder has exited with a hip injury, after completing only four of 10 passes, along with an interception that was returned for a touchdown.  Joe Webb has completed seven of 10 for 93 yards.

Minnesota led 10 before a pair of 22-yard touchdowns by the Bears — a touchdown pass from Josh McCown to Roy Williams and the interception return by Charles Tillman.

Percy Harvin has 95 total yards and a touchdown for the Vikings, and Jared Allen has gotten to 20 sacks with another 1.5 in the first two quarters.  He’s 2.5 sacks short of the record of 22.5*.

10 responses to “Jared Allen gets to 20 sacks in first half of close game

  1. Muskrats fault Ponder is always exposed. He hasn’t made a line change all year except for injury and constantly calls naked bootlegs.

    Great job by Jared and the rest of the Defence. Where was this effort by them the rest of the year?

    And Jared just got another!

  2. Very immature how this guy keeps doing *22.5 for Strahans record. How about putting an asterisk on any record made when teams are sitting their starters in week 16 or 17, or against a team who is without their best player or two? Serioisly where does it end? Did he take PED’s and I’m missing it? We’re not in grade school, he earned it all year long just as anyone who set a record non-PED induced

  3. I’m pretty sure he’s the only guy who hasn’t gave up on the season. Even though the season was over by the opening kick off of game 1… Jared is awesome. I hope the offense doesn’t get another 1st down so Jared has more plays to get this record he deserves!

  4. Joe Webb may just be the best quarterback on the Vikings’ roster. It just seems like every time he gets a chance this season and even last season he does something to make you sit up and take notice. I hope he eventually gets a fair shot somewhere to develop and compete for a starting job.

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