Norv Turner has his players’ support to the end

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Chargers coach Norv Turner is widely expected to be fired after today’s season finale against the Raiders, and that will be a popular decision among San Diego fans.

But from all indications it will not be a popular decision in the Chargers’ locker room.

As points out, no matter how much public criticism Turner has taken for the Chargers’ struggles, he continues to have the support of his players, who insist publicly that he deserves more credit than he gets when the Chargers win, and less blame than he gets when the Chargers lose.

Coach did a really good job of just pushing through what nobody had ever been through before,” center Nick Hardwick told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I mean, he’s like a marathon man. He can just keep going and going and going. You know, guys respect the [heck] out of him. I love him, man. I love that guy. He’s just a heck of a man, really. He really is. He’s a good man. I’m proud to have played for him, to be playing for him and I hope to continue to play for him.”

Quarterback Philip Rivers says the critics have been so intent on bashing Turner that they haven’t noticed he’s won more games for the Chargers than any other coach.

“It’s really a shame because, I mean, the second he got here on the outside everybody was, ‘Why’d we do this?’” Rivers said. “It hasn’t been great [the past two seasons], but he’s the winningest coach in the history of this place.”

Having the support of his players has been a common theme in Turner’s coaching career, going back to his time as offensive coordinator of the Cowboys in the early 1990s, when Troy Aikman raved about what Turner did for his career. But the bottom line is that Turner hasn’t won enough — he holds the ignominious distinction of coaching the most games of any coach with a career losing record. In coaching, no matter how much your players like you, if you don’t win, you don’t keep your job.

12 responses to “Norv Turner has his players’ support to the end

  1. Norv Turner squandered one of the most talented rosters in football. Maybe he is a great man, but he’s an awful coach.

  2. AJ = bad. Norv = good. But Norv should still be fired. Getting fired after your last game in oakland is 1 thing but for it happen again 5 years later?!?

  3. Norv is the Peter principle prime example…great offensive coordinator…mediocre head coach…

  4. Some guys simply are in over their heads when they become head coach- Turner, Wade Phillips, Dave Wannstedt, there’s tons of them. Guys who were great coordinators, but not suited for the top spot. He hasn’t won in S.D., Oakland, Washington and won’t win if he gets another top job. Better than you and I, but not good enough to win the Super Bowl.

  5. No reason to fire Norv.

    Time to release the “Lord of No Rings”. His personnel moves became way too personal. He has not/will not win a ring because all the the skill players any SD coach ever needed to have on the field during camp were simply never there thanks to AJ and no one else.

    AJ Smith is arrogantly prideful of the “battles” he has won with player contracts and holdouts, but for this very reason he is an ass who will never bear a ring.

  6. Some generals are great with regiments and brigades but can’t command a Corps. He’s the Richard Ewell of the NFL.

  7. docredskin says: Jan 1, 2012 9:05 AM

    Norv Turner squandered one of the most talented rosters in football. Maybe he is a great man, but he’s an awful coach.
    Exactly. He’s a players coach, so they all like him, but he’s way too soft and the team has taken on his identity.

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