Watch Cowboys-Giants, chat with Florio

11 teams are in. Next week’s playoff matchups are almost set.

We’ve got one more team to figure out on a rainy night in the New York/New Jersey area.

Watch Cowboys-Giants live on SNF Extra and chat with Florio during the game. This game doesn’t really need any more hype.

Win and in. It should be fun.

11 responses to “Watch Cowboys-Giants, chat with Florio

  1. If the league wants to cut down on stupid celebrations, how ’bout they prevent the networks from piping in stupid accompanying celebration music?

  2. If Terence Newman is a millionaire and gets to start for the Cowboys then I would like to tryout for the team. I can look that awful too in one half of a NFL game. He is an utter disgrace, something I’ve been saying for three years.

  3. 21-0 Gmen. Looks like another fat, bloated, bragging Ryan is all talk and no walk. Love seeing the fat men home for the playoffs.
    This just in, Jets and Cowboys in the Super Bowl next year! Shh, don’t tell anyone but you heard it here first!

  4. Why is Chris C. so biased for the Giants? I thought commentators were supposed to be neutral. This is crap!

  5. At 14 seconds in the first half of the Giants-Cowboys game, the scoreboard shows 1 time out Dallas, 2 New York.

    Dallas uses a time out, which the broadcast team describes as their “final time out”.

    Magically, the time out is deducted from the Giants side, and Dallas calls another time out to set up for the field goal.

    What’s going on, NFL?????

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