Dolphins will interview Dave Toub in head coach search


There isn’t a long history of special teams coaches making the leap to head coach, but that isn’t stopping the Dolphins from taking a look at one.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Dolphins have asked the Bears for permission to interview their special teams coach Dave Toub. Toub’s contract expired at the end of the season, but the Dolphins needed to ask permission because the Bears have a 15-day window of exclusive negotiating rights.

Bears coach Lovie Smith sounds like he wants to use every one of those days to convince Toub to stick around, although he acknowledges that he can’t offer anything like the chance to run an NFL team.

“Dave has been here every day that I’ve been here,” Smith said. “So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I kind of like what he does and he likes it around here. But in the same sense I know that Dave has goals too that he would like to get accomplished. And every coach on our staff, especially coaches who have been on the staff for eight years, you would like to see them take another step. I know one of the things Dave would like to do is someday be a head football coach and hopefully he has that opportunity some day.”

Toub’s special teams units are routinely rated among the best in football. Devin Hester has had a lot to do with that, but Toub’s shown some inventiveness through the years so it hasn’t just been a case of having the best returner in history falling into the coach’s lap.

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  1. jasons81 says:
    Jan 2, 2012 3:16 PM

    Wasn’t Lombardi a special-teams coach before head coach?

    No, I think he was the OC for the Giants beforehand. John Harbaugh was the STC before becoming a head coach.

  2. No Lombardi was offensive coordinator for the NY Giants. Tom Landry was his counter part on defense.

  3. Dave Toub is not only the best Special Teams Coach in the league, he’s the best coordinator period. I have mixed feelings because I would love for the Bears ST to retain him, but ultimately I want him to succeed wherever he goes. Godspeed Toub

  4. It’s not unprecedented.

    J0hn Harbaugh was mostly a special teams coach for the Eagles, coaching the secondary only his last year there.

    That being said, Dolphins fans can’t be excited about the prospects of an Ireland/Toub combo in 2012.

  5. I don’t mind them interviewing this guy. I hope they take a hard look at jay gruden also. The next coach needs to understand true leadership, have a grasp on what it takes to develop players into a cohesive team, and he must be able to adjust to what does and doesn’t work. An understanding of clock/timeout management would be a plus also

  6. Great. Every Bears Front Office person I want to stay is leaving and everyone that should have been shown the door is staying. Toub is our best kept secret Miami fans. He is very deserving of a shot.

  7. I don’t see anything mockable in this candidate. It’s a great addition to the list. The biggest concern remains whether or not Ross thinks “big money” decisions have a greater and longer term impact that simple “successful football” and if he can arrive at decisions that can be stuck with for some time to provide consistency, growth, cooperation amongst the parts. Not the candidate choices so far; in fact, very happy to see little mention of the formerly-successful, now-talking-heads head coaches.

  8. Who? Never heard of him. I thought they were only going after a BIG name coach. Bad news for RG3.

  9. He should move on if given the opportunity. He’s never going to enjoy a championship working for Lovie Smith.

  10. This would be a good hire. I just hope Steve Ross doesn’t pass because Dave Toub isn’t a “big” name, and fears a backlash from the fanbase.

  11. When I think about it this makes total sense, as the punt return is the best offensive weapon da Bears possess…

  12. Why, Why, Why, Is Ireland still the GM????
    We will never get a respectable coach as long as Ireland is here!!
    I hate you Ross!! Sell the team you idiot!

  13. Cowher is not in league with talking head coaches. Cowher built a team that has been winning for 20 years! Built it from scratch I might add. To lump him in with the “talking heads” as tfaulk calls them is insane. If we don’t land Cowher, or some part of Steelers or Patriots organization, then we better try to get Belichick to retire in S. Beach or dig up Vince Lombardi. All other options are second rate and will not build a Steelers 40 year dynasty (FORTY YEARS!) or a Patriots 20 year dynasty (TWENTY YEARS!) 49ers had 10 years and then they went into obscurity – that is no dynasty. That is having hall of fame QB and not able to replace him, just like Miami! Give Ireland back to the Irish! I want to spend money on beer and not on green fees!!! Are you listening Mr. Ross?!!

  14. PS I hear there’s a really good O.C. in N.Y. looking for a job, slightly tared and feathered.

  15. As a Bears fan, I wish him the best either way. He’s been awesome for us, and his unit has picked up a lot of the slack when the offense isn’t exactly tearing it up. Hester only returns punts. The entire unit has consistently been top notch under him, and really creative. His unit has blocked a ton of kicks, had top five in return yards and scores, a high fg percentage, and sent gunners to the pro bowl. He’s at least deserving to undergo the process, and if he doesn’t get it I hope we can bring him back. Good coach.

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