Raheem Morris: “I had nothing to stand on”


Raheem Morris wasn’t fired because of unfair expectations. He wasn’t done in by his “Youngry” roster.

Morris was fired because no third-year head coach can survive ten straight losses, with the final five games by an average of 23 points. Even Morris admits it.

“I can’t do nothing but be gracious to everybody involved,” Morris told Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “I almost pulled it off. I almost did it. I almost got us winning again. At the end, though, I had nothing to stand on. The last 10 games – you can’t do that.”

He’s right. The Glazers took their time when they fired Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden, but this decision probably wasn’t as hard for them to make.  They acted quickly.

In a more formal statement, Morris thanked the Glazers and the entire “class” organization that Morris has worked for in some capacity since 2002. Morris’ entire coaching staff has been let go.

“I can’t be negative to anybody in the organization – not Mark Dominik, not anyone, not one bit. I can’t do it. They were too good to me,” Morris told Cummings.

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  1. I for one will miss you Raheem. Do I think you should be let go ? Yes I do , that defense was the worst I have ever seen ! And being a Buccaneer fan since the beginning, that says a lot !

  2. AMEN! Now, lets get some talent and not be cheap.

    If the Bucs orginization reads this: NO TO FISHER……… He is not as great as people preceave him to be…. You should have never fired Dungy. Cower is the one to get.

  3. The show must go on and it’s clear not all stage hands and lighting techs can play the lead. He’ll make a good coordinator somewhere…maybe, but not everyone is cut out for the HC job. Look at the 49ers. Exit Singletary, enter Harbaugh and see what you get. Same team, much different result.

  4. wicky888

    He definately doesnt have an education to stand on, or as he would put it “I didnt have no education to not be standing on”

    Kind of ironic that you question his education when you can’t even spell “definitely.”

  5. I tend to disagree with some of the posts saying he will be hired again somewhere else. GM’s and owners around the league saw what happened this year. They’ll go for the next guy perceived to be “up and coming”. Which fanbase would be excited about hiring Morris? The answer is none. He might get a head coaching job at the collegiate level someday.

  6. I think “definitely” is the type of word my third grader might misspell. I’m pretty sure Raheem made it out of elementary school, maybe you should go back for remedial English.

  7. He will rise again, plus, he gets paid a year without having to be there, which is a deal better than the players get. He will come out on top eventually.

  8. Maybe you should look in the mirror and realize you had a dam good team that lost because the coaching sucked and thats you baby.

  9. Does anyone else ever wonder if commenters like wicky888 are really that breathtakingly stupid? Maybe they’re just troll geniuses.

  10. Which fanbase would be excited about hiring Morris? The answer is none

    You forget each NFL (and college) team has a plethora assistants and coordinators on their staff. He’s young, and now has NFL experience. He has a lot to bring to the table on someone elses staff. I doubt there is much of a gap in his paychecks.

  11. The good thing for Rah is he still ahs about $2Mill coming for 2012, he got about that for this season, and add in what he made in 09′ & 10′, the guy will walk away with around $7Mill in 3 years. Not to shabby for a defensive backs coach. He is a fun personality and I could see him helping out on one of the Networks. Not the shiniest apple on the tree, but often witty and clever, and one big ole smile.

    Good Luck Rah, thanks for giving it your best. Learn from your mistakes, and good luck in Pittsburgh.

  12. I think that it was perceived by a lot of Buc fans that Raheem enabled the undisciplined and immature behavior from his young players by always making excuses for them and never holding them accountable. The working class of Tampa Bay, who support this team by buying tickets and merchandise, arent impressed by gun wielding cornerbacks, drug using safeties or a running back that gets jammed up in assault cases. The area doesnt need role models on the field, but it would help if they werent a menace to the public either. Just sayin’.

  13. Not all his fault, he’s a class act..he had to many cancers on his team, need to clean that roster up. He’s young, but he’s a class act and he got in a bad situation on a team with no heart. He will be a successful coach one day, guaranteed.

  14. I almost pulled it off. I almost did it. I almost got us winning again.”

    Funny- I thought it was a -TEAM- thing.

  15. They have bigger issues than Haynesworth. How about the secondary or the receiving corps. All bad!

  16. What do you of us Mental Midgets now you moron.? And you say your team was prepared to play on Sunday? You are a moron. While you are unemployed, try an English course,“I can’t do nothing…” You were and are an embarrassment to your team and town. Maybe you should have stayed as a physical education teacher 15 years ago, but why give them a bad name also. Just go hide somewhere, and remember when you call people Mental Midgets for thinking about a coaching change. The Mental Midgets that hired you I’m sure liked hearing that. Moron.

  17. The Raheem Morris and James Harrison School of grammar and texting…

    “If I cant coach then can’t nobody coach… Lights out!”

    Nobody in Pittsburgh understands why this is funny. Therefore, I think Raheem Morris should be next Steelers Coach. Also he is a very young coach, so he would help to drop the average age of the Steelers to 36.

  18. The race based comments in posts about black head coaches being fired are downright embarrassing.

  19. Billick got fired because he thought Kyle Boller was, what we all knew he wasn’t.

    Raheem Morris got fired because he thought Josh Freeman was, what we all knew he wasn’t.

    Raheem Morris = Mark Sanchez with a suntan.

  20. And that many wins in the next 4 years. 36. He needs to go coach high school. That would be his skill level. You must not be a Steelers fan if you want him for their coach.

  21. From day one, this was one of the worst hires in NFL history.

    Mr. Morris never had any business being a head coach.

    He’s probably a capable assistant, but he was an unmitigated disaster as a head coach.

    He’ll land somewhere as a secondary coach and best of luck, Mr. Morris, as you rose more quickly than others to the level of your own incompetence.

  22. Ha. Difference between Dominik and Morris. Morris saw players who had issues and stuck with them anyway. Dominik saw a coach who had issues and fired him to save his own neck.
    Its a cutthroat business.

  23. Bucs, admit your mistakes, throw 8 Million at Dungy with complete control of staff and make him turn that down. Won’t even cost you a plane ticket to “interview” him.

  24. When Mr Morris was hired the team was in deep trouble. The front office had just cleaned house on the old vets and no other coach wanted the job. The hiring of Mr Morris was similar to the hiring of Jim Zorn in DC. Neither of those guys were supposed to be head coaches in the NFL but the hands of the front office were tied.

    Going forward I wish Mr Morris the best. He appeared to be a high end position coach/ low end coordinator but he was in way over his head.

    Now it’s time to bring in Fisher, this guy was ran out of Tennessee because they wanted someone younger and flashier but he still knows the league. Any college coach will be just like Mr Morris or they wouldn’t leave their college program (Miles, Saban, Kelly). Former NFL coaches (Billick, Scottenheimer) will be too far out of the game like Shanahan in DC

  25. Patriot42 says:Jan 2, 2012 2:13 PM

    What does a misspelled word have to do with his dismissal? I hate when the spelling critics stick their nose in.

    It has nothing to do with it, but when somebody, like wicky888, comes along and pretty rudely criticizes another person’s education, but can’t spell a basic word, or use an apostrophe in a contraction, he really deserves all the disdain the community can muster.

  26. I hope they just cut Talib and move on. Really hope we land a great receiver, a true all purpose back or at least a scatback to try more of the two-headed monster approach next year, a decent corner with lots of upside, a better Right Tackle, another speed rusher and a true DT that can stuff the run. They also need LB help. What they have now isn’t working and won’t work next year. The South is going to be tough for years to come, as much as that pains me to say, so Tampa better catch up and get on board. Even going 8-8 every year in the division would be okay with me. Carolina is on the rise, Falcons and Saints, well, they are always tough and are loaded with talent.
    The one plus I could see is that once Payton or Brees, or both leave New Orleans, then it could get a little easier in the South, but not until then. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some team in the next year or two try and pull a Tampa Bay and buyout Payton’s contract and exchange draft picks for him. I don’t know why a team hasn’t done that already. I don’t know what it could hurt.

  27. Did they cut off the end of Morriss’s sentence? He almost got them back to winning – after Jon Gruden tore down the house that Dungy built.

  28. nflfollower,

    You mean like when that Cleveland team did the same thing to Bill Bellichick 15 years ago or so? Worked out okay for him.

    All he needs to do is get a coordinator job and keep working because anyone denying he can coach is an idiot. He won 10 games with a roster that’s been heralded but really I don’t see all of this talent on. Dominic should have been under fire more than anything.

    morris had to go because the team quit on him, but who assembled that roster? He’ll definitely get another shot with his personality, pedigree, and a 10 win season under his belt with one of the league’s worst rosters. Buc fans, you’ll soon see what everyone thinks about your roster when coaches decline to interview there or take the job. No one wants to be saddled with a GM who’s picking bad players, something that the Dolphins will find out soon enough too.

  29. The Glazers are complete idiots. The Bucs roster is mostly garbage, yet Morris is expected to perform miracles?? Stop being the East Coast version of the Bidwells and actually get the coach and Josh Freeman some players. The Bucs going on their 3rd head coach in 5 seasons. Nobody wins with that kind of coaching carousel

  30. I think Danny will sell them Shanahan, and Spanos will sell them Norv…

    Raheem Morris was a great defensive backs coach and a young and coming coordinator. He was thrust into a position above his abilities at the moment, but he still would be a great position coach or coordinator on a team playing Tampa-2 defense.

    Like Norv, Bellichek, Shanahan, Crennel and the other retreads in the league he will have to build his coaching reputation back up again and prove that he matured and learned from his mistakes before he is made head coach again.

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