Former Patriot Ray Costict dies at 56

Ray Costict, a former Patriots linebacker, has died at the age of 56, the team announced.

Costict was the all-time leading tackler in Mississippi State history and the SEC defensive player of the year in 1976, and the Patriots drafted him in 1977. He played with New England for three seasons.

The team said Costict died on Tuesday in Orlando. No cause of death was announced.

12 responses to “Former Patriot Ray Costict dies at 56

  1. Ray wanted a number in the 90’s. Or at least the 70’s or 80’s. But the highest number the trainers could give him was 55. They chided him about silly superstitions.

  2. R.I.P Ray Costict.

    Hope you’re in a place where you’re forever 23 years old and having all the fun that comes with being so young.

  3. I see another concussion lawsuit. And everyone complains that the nfl has gotten soft. Boy the nfl will have to set players out a whole season per concussion with all this litigation

  4. RIP Ray

    it’s sad how young a lot of these NFLers are when they pass away…

    I hope that changes soon….

  5. RIP did not know you but may you and yours be bless.

    56 and pass away I am sitting at a computer at 69 in good health it may be the way we made a living I retied as a truck driver no hits to the head or hard body blows I wonder is that the difference?

  6. Live fast, die young. They live the life of dreams but they always end up paying for it.

  7. I played with him for 4 years in college and he was pound for pound the most boisterous bad ass mofo I ever knew on the football field in those 4 years from Miss State or any other college
    team we played. His senior year he had more tackles than anyone on the team or any other
    team in the SEC.
    It takes a supernatural bonzai toughness to stay on an NFL team for 3 years solely for your ability
    to cover on punts and kickoffs. Players know
    exactly what I am talking about.

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