Colts continue to line up general manager interviews

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The Colts are interviewing a lot of folks outside their own building for their vacant G.M. job.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the team has been given permission to interview Atlanta Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead.  The Colts are also expected to talk with Falcons director of college scouting David Caldwell, according to Adam Caplan of Sirius XM radio.

The list goes on from there. Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports the Colts will meet with Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross.  The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that Eagles director of player personnel Ryan Grigson will meet for the vacant position.  And finally, reports that the Colts have requested to speak with Cowboys assistant director of player personnel Tom Ciskowski.

Snead and Grigson are also expected to meet with the Rams for their vacant G.M. position.

The names above may not be recognizable to most fans, but the Colts’ wide net should make their fans feel good. Owner Jim Irsay has aggressively lined up interviews with many of the rising names in player personnel, looking for the right fit to lead the team’s franchise into an uncertain time.

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  1. The Colts situation is a hornet’s nest. Replacing a legendary QB is tough under any circumstances. Only two franchises have done it and both had their share of growing pains along the way. There was a full civil war among Packer fans over Favre-Rodgers, despite it being pretty obvious pretty early that Rodgers could play. With Manning’s medical status and bonus looming, it is compounded. Throw in the number #1 choice-presumably Luck or RG–and you have a lot of very big moving pieces that must be put in place very quickly. The choice(s) must be made with only a knowledge from a distance, instead of seeing the players day in and day out at the practice facility.

    They’d have an easier time if Irsay would just publicly state he is making the call on Manning. And do so before the GM comes on board. It won’t make the situation any less sticky but it will provide some cover. And maybe make the position more attractive to a higher profile candidate. “Casting a wide net” can be a good thing. But it might also mean they are coming up empty with a more targetecd search.

  2. gf2711 says: Jan 6, 2012 10:36 AM

    Will whoever gets this job really be given so much credit for nailing their first pick?

    Polian turned drafting Peyton Manning and riding his coattails for 14 years into somehow becoming a “genius” so yes, he probably will.

    Granted Manning vs. Leaf was a closer race than Luck vs. Griffin, but at worst it was a 50/50 shot, and the team he built around Manning couldn’t win 3 games without him.

  3. The idea that the Colt’s position should be avoided escapes me. Yes they are in for a dramatic transition, and their are unknown factors, but where do you have to go but up, and with the number one pick you get off to a great start.

  4. austrianpanther says:Jan 6, 2012 11:45 AM

    1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Jan 6, 2012 11:14 AM
    Please pick a GM that will trade the first pick to Miami. Name your price

    Must be a disgruntled Dolphin fan!

    Are there any gruntled Dolphins fan out there?

  5. Jimmy

    Why don’t you give a chance to the men Polian screwed the most and at least let them interview for the position:

    Clyde Powers and Mike Butler

    They share your vision and the have all the qualifications you are looking for.

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