Haley may return to Arizona


Todd Haley could be headed back to the place where he experienced his greatest moments as a coach.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that Haley is expected to talk with the Cardinals about returning to their coaching staff.

The Cardinals have an offensive coordinator in place — Mike Miller. But Haley would likely take on those duties even if Miller stayed on the team.  (Haley would likely get an “assistant head coach” title along with the deal.)

Haley left town after Arizona’s Super Bowl season and Kurt Warner retired a year after that. Arizona’s offense collapsed when Warner left. Haley’s name hasn’t popped up for other openings around the league.

28 responses to “Haley may return to Arizona

  1. I don’t see why not. If he has Fitz’s blessing, that’s good enough for me. He may not have been a great head coach, but he is a terrific coordinator. Hopefully he can keep his temper in check. He can be a real baby sometimes.

  2. todd haley is a good coach,

    he will be a head coach again…

    he’s tough sometimes, but he knows offense,

    kurt warner/boldin/fitz = superbowl birth for AZ,

    i never thought i would see AZ in a superbowl, come on now…

  3. Haley is a very good offensive coach. Some guys become head coaches and for one reason or another it doesn’t work out. Haley will be back as a head coach in the near future.

  4. I think Haley going back to Dallas would be a better fit. Allowing Garret to focus on being the head coach. Won’t happen though… the problem in Dallas is no one can set their egos aside for the sake of the franchise. Jerry Jones the GM is a perfect example. Haley will instantly make Kolb better though.

  5. If you’re going to say something barbaric, at least have the courtesy to list your full name. The anonymity of the internet brings out so many cowards.

  6. Just want to remind everbody (again) that it was haley’s offense that couldn’t make a tackle on a pick at the end of the half that basically cost Arizona the Super Bowl

  7. This is actually a great fit. Again. He’s the anti-Whisenhunt. He’ll get in your face, and demand the most out of you as a player. The ultimate good cop/bad cop situation. This could really work. I think he’d really get the best out of Kolb as well.

  8. The only thing that will make Kolb better is for their offensive tackles to pass block. Both Levi Brown and Brandon Keith are free agents and won’t/shouldn’t be back. Kolb and Skelton run for their lives on almost every pass play. Once that problem is addressed then maybe Haley can help Kolb.

  9. Haley can’t be all bad, he was the one that lit a fire under Fitz by calling him a one trick pony.

  10. Haley is an overgrown child. I’m surprised he has any opportunity after his sabotaging stunts he pulled in KC. He may have some talent as an offensive mind but Warner was his ticket & until he reaches manhood, he’ll never be successful with more on his shoulders.

  11. Warner had collapsed until he worked with Haley. His career had been in the dumps for 5 years before that.

    Under Haley he averaged a 95 qb rating and 28 TD throws a year.

  12. Westcoastredbird is right. That OL needs to be fixed. Levi Brown is the worst starting tackle in the league now. I can’t wait for that guy to be gone. Sendelein and Colledge are safe, but the Cards will (they better) have 3 brand new starting lineman next year. They’ll tip their hand during free agency on what they’re going to do in the draft. If we see them jump on OL then the assumption is that they want to go veteran there, if they don’t then you can expect them to go tackle at #13. No matter what they do on OL in free agency it’s a good bet that they’ll take at least 2 linemen in the draft. Clearly their weak spot.

  13. Nice to see Haley get canned, he can’t coach because he has a HUGE inferiority complex due to the fact he never played. I’m just glad Pioli axes him right before the Packers game and spared us from all the annoying fans talk about their team going undefeated.

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