Bumping a ref costs Antwan Barnes $25,000

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Chargers outside linebacker Antwan Barnes bumped an official in Sunday’s regular-season finale. That was a big mistake.

Barnes was ejected from the game, and now the NFL has fined him $25,000.

That’s a disappointing ending to what had been an outstanding season for Barnes. After bouncing around the league as a reserve and special teams player in Baltimore and Philadelphia, he had found his place in San Diego in 2011. Barnes became a starter for the first time in his career and had 11 sacks.

Sunday’s game was the second week in a row that Barnes found himself in a confrontation. Barnes also mixed it up with Lions center Dominic Raiola prior to their Week 16 game, but he was not fined for that.

12 responses to “Bumping a ref costs Antwan Barnes $25,000

  1. Only $25,000??? If you bump a ref in the CFL it is an automatic ejection and minimum $50,000 fine…and those players make a lot less…but you know what, nobody touches a ref in the CFL. Yet again, another lesson to be learned by our neighbors to the north.

  2. I don’t understand why my comment is getting “thumbs down”…Sounds like you guys are sold on the whole “NFL or nothing” campaign that is constantly be stuffed down our throats. Look around man, the CFL is legit. It’s not close to in popularity I admit, but the level of competition is getting darn close!

  3. Jeez, the way the NFL is fining people anymore, they ought to just require a $25,000 security deposit from players and give it back to them at the end of the year if they DON’T get fined for something. Like wearing the wrong color socks. Or complaining about the officiating (even if it’s warranted). Or whatever.

  4. @ factoryofsadness I actually thumbsed you down because you don’t make any sense. “Another lesson to be learned by our neighbors to the north” what lesson do the Canadians have to learn? You just spoke on their behalf, then say they have a lesson to learn? Doesn’t make sense…

  5. If you go after a ref you should be suspended for games, not fined. This has happened in the past…

    Unless you’re Warren Sapp, then you can cry to the league that you will miss your last game of your career because you were stupid and charged a ref.

  6. Too bad for ‘Twan. He could have had an hour of “Bumper Car” for $2.50. Or “Whack-A-Mole” for about $0.25. Pick your spots better.

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