Brian Schottenheimer’s future up in the air, despite Jets statements


The Jets have said that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will be back with the team next year if he doesn’t get a head coaching job elsewhere in a variety of forums.

Rex Ryan said it in his season-ending press conference. Ryan and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said it in a variety of radio interviews.

And yet no in New York seems to believe them.’s Rich Cimini writes that he would be “stunned” if Schottenheimer is back with the team. Cimini believes Schottenheimer could make a lateral move before returning.

So what’s the delay?

The Jets reportedly want to save as much money as possible off Schottenheimer’s contract. He’s due $3.2 million over the next two years, which they would have to eat if they fired him.

The New York Post, meanwhile, has an article Sunday about a list of offensive coordinator candidates. Brian Costello reports that former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter have been targeted as potential replacements.

An ESPN report Saturday said that Sparano could get interest from the Jets.

The Jets can say they are just performing due diligence in case Schottenheimer gets a job elsewhere, but let’s be real. He had one interview (in Jacksonville) and he’s a longshot for that job.

It appears the Jets are greasing the skids for his exit.

29 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer’s future up in the air, despite Jets statements

  1. Dirk Koetter? If they thought this years offense was bland and ineffective watch some Jacksonville game tape

  2. Ryan needs to go also..he lost control of that team.them players are selfish and only care about there personal goals..if the coach cant keep a team focused on what should be then he needs to go.

    Ryan has a bad way of running his mouth the wrong way.and his players are acting just like him.they don’t know how to keep it shut.if a coach cant control the players then he needs to go.besides he sucks as a head coach

  3. I’d take Marty’s kid here in Cleveland as the OC. Hell, he’s more qualified than our HC to run the team. Does anyone know if he ran into Mike Holmgren in the past decade or two or if Bob Lamont is his agent?

  4. PFT stands for Pro Football Talk. When will PFT realized that one can not trust anything that comes out of anyone’s mouth in a position of power in the NFL. They will say whatever they have to regardless of the truth. At least 99% of the time. But somehow it’s always a “story” or a surprise.

  5. Good receivers? Burress couldn’t get separation from my grandmother, and Holmes gave up on the team in like week 5.

    Schotty definitely isn’t great, but he’s taking the fall for an overrated receiving corps, Tannenbaum and Rex’s TERRIBLE decision to let Wayne Hunter play (with Ducasse as his back up), and a QB who’s got the accuracy of a blind man.

  6. Just fire the guy and move on. I love that an NFL team and their billionaire owner are worried about 3.2 million. That’s a drop in the bucket for them. I’m a Jets fan for over 15 years, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to support this team year after year.

  7. Let’s not be hasty here people. We need to give Rex, Schotty, and The Sanchize a few more years to work on this thing. The division can be theirs in 2015…or 2016 if we are patient.

  8. i said since Sancheze got drafted that he wouldnt be a great QB.the draft experts had so much hype built up around the guy.what a wasted draft pick.i think the steelers got the better end of the trade deal for Holmes..his brain looks like scrambled eggs from all the pot he smoked lol

  9. “Schotty definitely isn’t great, but he’s taking the fall”

    No doubt that he’s taking the fall to some extent but it’s not just this year. He’s been the OC for six years and with three different QBs and his best year they ranked 10th in the league. I think his next best offensive rankings are in the high teens and the rest in the 20s. He hasn’t gotten it done as an OC.

  10. I can’t believe the Jets are dismantling a coaching staff that has won the last three Super Bowls.

  11. He will end up taking the fall but it’s not the coaching. Bad QB, average receivers, with a B minus running game adds up to what you got.

  12. Too bad BB didn’t know Schotty was available or maybe he wouldn’t have hired McD? Yeah right , hahahaha.

    On a serious note any fellow jet fans must be REAL excited about the possibility of Dirk Koetter from the Jags ( Could you imagine Sanchez in that offense?) or Tony ( fistpump kick a 20 yd FG) Soprano leading the jets O ?

    That would guarantee the 44th Anniversary !

  13. Oh I see because Rex said it this means it will be true.

    Hmmm just like winning the Superbowl.

    The Yet’s are in turmoil which has been the case for 44 years.

    Don’t expect anything different for the next 44 years!!!

  14. Fire Rex? It took Coughlin 11 years to win something, Shula 9, Belichick 6 and Landry 12 (it took him 7 years to even put up a winning record), but let’s fire Rex after 3 because he went 8-8.


    You make it seem like either of those guys wouldn’t be a step up from the son of Marty, he is so, so bad.

  15. Mike Martz??? This would be classic. Can you imagine him and Rex together? There aint enough room in the Tri-State area for their egos.

    I mean this would be must see TV. The press conferences would be classic. In game one Martz revitalizes the offense, they put up 30 and Rex’s D gives up 31. Let the tweaking of 2 self-proclaimed football geniuses begin.

    By week 3 I can already envision a Buddy v. Gilbride fight style fight on the sidelines. The ironic thing is that fight actually happen while the Oilers were playing the Jets.

    This would be a match made in heaven. HBO cue up a seson long hard knocks for this debacle.

  16. It’s funny to see how many people get joy from any adversity that the Jets franchise goes through. It’s laughable really.

    People want to blast the Jets as some sort of failure organization. In the last 15 years, They have had only 3 non winning seasons. They have been a playoff contender virtually every year. This idea that the Jets have been irrelevant is an idea that is misguided.

    The Jets are at a crossroads right now. The first two years for Rex Ryan’s team was a success. The entire franchise took a step back in year 3. How they decide to move forward now will determine how far the Jets can go. They have some crucial moves to make. Hard to be an elite team with a mediocre quarterback/passing game.

  17. In fairness to Schottenheimer, imagine being the OC of a team with a QB that can’t throw the ball more than 5 yards accurately.

    I mean, there’s only so many rollout 5 yard passes you can run.

  18. @firstand4ever
    the jets have won the same number of AFC East division titles as the Houston Oilers.

    what is every team’s first goal of the season?
    1. win the division.

    ps. the oilers left the AFC east in 1969

  19. firstand4ever,

    jets have 5th worst franchise record since the SB era. Yes it is some “sort of failure organization”.

  20. Cimini may be right, but I also wouldn’t completely trust his word or opinion because at times he is a moron. And the way this article is written, Cimini = all of NY.

  21. Seeing how Brian has had 6 years with this team and still constantly holds the team back every year. Yes they made afc championship two years in a row which is easy, I could have done it, hmmm hand off left ok now hand off right. And the defense should get most of the credit. It’s only fair to give Sanchez another year with a different oc and then if he still puts up numbers like this, then yes it’s time to move on from him.

  22. Tough year. Doesn’t matter. Still love em. J!E!T!S!. Haters can kiss my hiney. 🙂

    Rooting for New Olreans because of Cajun food. Shrimp PoBoy ftw

  23. It WASNT Schottys fault that BRAYLON-ELLIS-JCO- and BRAD SMITH were let go-while we OVERPAID Holmes AND Plaxico.
    Tanthebum and Rex are having Schotty take the fall for THIER INEPTITUDE!!

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