Derrick Mason retiring from NFL

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Derrick Mason is finished after 15 NFL seasons.

The wide receiver had a rough 2011 season, bouncing from the Jets to the Texans without making much impact in either place and finishing with just 19 catches for 170 yards. He was released by the Texans near the end of the season and Mason told Aaron Wilson of that he isn’t going to try to extend his career as a player any further.

“I’m done,” Mason said. “I won’t be playing football. I only knew one play to play football, going all-out and having fun out there.”

Mason would like to move into broadcasting. Mason, who made two Pro Bowls, finishes with career totals of 943 catches, 12,061 yards and 66 touchdowns.

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  1. As a Steelers fan, I hated him. Derrick Mason was a slow receiver who somehow managed to always get open.

    For some reason, though, the Steelers never had an answer for him, whether he was in Tennessee or in Baltimore.

    He was truly and underrated receiver. He even did decent in Baltimore with average to awful quarterbacks.

    My hat goes off to his career.

  2. Derrick Mason was an outstanding receiver. After the catch, he was extremely difficult to bring down, especially once he got in space. Kudos to a nice career,

    sorry I just sneezed.

    and best of luck. He really set the standard for toughness.

  3. good player. amazingly similar numbers to hines ward. but never seemed to get as much attention as ward. maybe because mason wasn’t a dirty player.

  4. Thank you for your great plays Derrick, plus the Memphis miracle.

    You deserve a ring and a spot in the HOF.

  5. 943 catches? Wow, real productive career by Mason, especially considering his first few seasons he was primarily a return specialist. Enjoy your post-NFL life, Mr. Mason.

  6. Horrible way to end career… spoke out against the NFL owners during the lockout then gets cut for undisclosed reasons.. flopped around until no one wanted to sign him…

  7. I think every retired player goes to broadcasting because:
    1. Its a source of income
    2. Still around the game
    3. Football was probably their best subject in college and they have nothing else to fall back on.

  8. Great career by Mason. Constant thorn in the side of the Steelers. I hated him and I say that with respect and as a compliment. He was tough, he was clutch.

    Very similar numbers as Ward. Well (and said with a wry smile), other than played 25 more games over 1 more season and had 57 fewer catches, 22 fewer yards, 17 fewer total TDs, 2 less Super Bowl trophies and 1 less SB MVP award. And one day, probably one less HOF bust. But yeah. Other than that. Really similar.

    But I jest and I mean it when I say he was a beast. Great competitor. Great career. Owes this game and the fans nothing. He left it all out there.

    Thanks for the memories Mr. Mason!

  9. Thank goodness. I was afraid the Jags would try to sign him. Great and underrated player in Tenn but thats what playing for the Appalachian FedEx’ers will getcha.

  10. Thanks for a great career Derrick Mason. One Ravens fan here who is thrilled we had you in town for six seasons.

  11. Best WR the Ravens ever had. Great hands. Ran exact routes. Played hurt. Gave it his all, all the time. Only downside was that he had some “diva” in him like so many other WR’s.

    Someone earlier compared Mase to Hines Ward. Although many of the Pukesberg fans would disagree, I think it is an apt comparison. Had Mase done more than return kicks for the first couple of years of his career, he would have equaled or bettered Ward’s numbers. But both were hard working guys, who made the best out of whatever talent G-d gave them. There is no slight meant or taken when you compare Mase to Hines Ward.

    I hated Hines Ward with a passion. But I would have loved him if he were on my team.

    I hope they both go on to happy careers and lives wherever they go.

  12. Outside of being a diva, definitely a guy that is easy to route for. Probably one of the more underrated players of his generation. For the most part he is loved in Baltimore and it’s a shame that his mouth, not his skills, will be the reason he will not win a ring with the rest of his teamates this year.

    Thank you D-Mase!

  13. “I only knew one play to play football, going all-out and having fun out there.”

    Seriously? It’s pointed out by a reader and not only do you not put the post up, but you don’t bother to fix it? Nice…

  14. Derrick Mason is the reason the Ravens couldn’t get over the playoff hump.
    Derrick Mason is also the reason they were in the playoffs in the first place.

    He could only run 2 routes(the 9 yard hitch and 11 yard out) but he was almost always open on them because he was so shifty. Glad to see him go in favor of more speed that the Ravens needed, but hate to see him get axed from the Jets and Texans before retiring.

    Anyone remember him getting hurt versus the Cowboys in the last game at Cowboys Stadium and he played the last 3 quarters or so with 1 arm? He was responsible for 2 HUGE plays in that game, a fumble recovery and a TD where he completely faked out the defender. He would catch a pass in that game, roll around in pain, get taped up on the sideline then come back out the next play. Heroic performance.

    (Note:Mute your computer, the audio is terrible to this video)
    Good luck in your next career #85.

  15. Shame the guy never really had a decent QB for most of his career…

    He had Flacco and McNair for like … 2-4 years of his career, imagine his numbers if he had a pro bowl caliber guy his whole career instead of doofus “Elvis Geer-Back” types.

  16. Every time I hear Mason’s name I think of Bill Belichick yelling at him on the sidelines “Shut the F up Mason, look at the scoreboard” classic…

  17. Obviously I disliked him as a Raven, but there’s no denying this guy has had a long and prosperous career. Other WR’s should be so lucky to spend 15 years in the league and finish with his numbers. A class act, the NFL will miss him.

  18. I’ve been watching NFL football since 1977, and I’ve never seen a receiver as tough as Derrick Mason. In addition to playing through pain, he ran routes as precise and fearlessly as Art Monk and was as clutch on 3rd down as Steve Largent.

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