Jaguars interested in Broncos’ McCoy, but playoff schedule an issue


Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy called a great game against the Steelers’ defense on Sunday. And that may have hurt his chances of becoming a head coach.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that McCoy was going to interview in Jacksonville today for the Jaguars’ head coaching job if the Broncos had lost to the Steelers, but because the Broncos won, McCoy won’t be able to do that, as he’ll be predisposed preparing a game plan for the Patriots.

It’s not clear whether McCoy and the Jaguars will set up a time to talk on the phone this week, whether the Jaguars will wait until the Broncos’ postseason run is over, or whether the Jaguars will simply move on with other candidates.

But it is a reminder of a strange aspect of the coaching searches that take place around the NFL every year: If assistants on playoff teams want to become head coaches, they may be better off if their teams lose.

18 responses to “Jaguars interested in Broncos’ McCoy, but playoff schedule an issue

  1. Tim Tebow threw for 316 yards. Timothy 3:16 says “Without question, this is the great mystery of our faith…” I believe! Go Tebow Go!

  2. I think this Offensive Coordinator is way overrated. Tebow is making his job easy. Timmy is a BEAST! I could be the coordinator with Tebow behind center and be successful.

  3. Nno idea if he’s going to be a good head coach, but he called a great game yesterday against an outstanding defense.

  4. If the Jags aren’t willing to wait a week or two to interview him, then he is not a serious candidate. Or perhaps they are not a serious franchise. Ridiculous to eliminate somebody from your coaching search because they are still coaching. I don’t believe it.

  5. Tell the Jaguars that Mike McCoy will be available to interview after 11:30 Pm on Saturday night as the Broncos postseason run will end.

  6. Seriously, what does it matter? Even though I am a Denver fan, you can have McCoy; I’ve never been a fan of his “pound the rock down their throats even if it doesn’t work” ideals nor his conserv-u-game approach.

    It’s strange, but whenever he does get aggressive Denver, for some odd reason, wins . . . *hint hint*

    If McCoy potentially goes anywhere it’ll be to the man that hired him in Denver as an “Assistant to the OC” – Josh McDaniels.

  7. There must be high demand for offense coordinators who run every first down and who shut the offense down once you reach the red zone. Tebow and the Broncos have been winning despite his play calling, not because of it.

  8. ampats says: Jan 9, 2012 8:45 AM

    Tell the Jaguars that Mike McCoy will be available to interview after 11:30 Pm on Saturday night as the Broncos postseason run will end.


    That’s what they were told about last night.

  9. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jan 9, 2012 9:47 AM
    Can we stop all the Jags to LA talk and instead replace it with Jags should be contracted talk?


    Seriously? The NFL currently has 32 teams, in eight nice, tidy divisions of 4 teams each. There is no way the NFL contracts a team at this point. I don’t care how badly a team were run right now, they wouldn’t contract and go to 31 teams. Your comment makes zero sense.

  10. This is ridiculous.

    Why do teams think it is so urgent to have their new coach in place before the Super Bowl? What exactly is going on with their pathetic franchises over the next month that prohibits them from waiting on the guy they want?

    It’s not like there are a bunch of A-listers waiting to hear from the Jags who won’t be around in 3 weeks.

  11. @realitypolice: Why do dumb people think it is so urgent that they spread their drivel on other teams’ news articles? D’you think Jaguars fans care what you think about our “pathetic” franchise? Troll elsewhere.

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