Multiple Jets rip Sanchez

In the final segment of PFT Live, NY Daily News beat reporter Manish Mehta reports on Jets players quoted as not necessarily believing in QB Mark Sanchez.

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5 responses to “Multiple Jets rip Sanchez

  1. Stafford was a bust and Sanchez the steal of the draft just a short time ago.

    Can any Jet’s fans honestly say they rather have Sanchez at this point over Stafford?

  2. @forem4n

    Depends….is he healthy? Because if so, yeah we’d take him, but if he’s Matt Stafford……let’s just say Wayne Hunter doesn’t see him making it past the game we played against the Ravens.

  3. Multiple Jets rip Sanchez… and rightly so, the Jets overrated this guy, he’s a bum and they should look to trade him.

  4. Everybody needs to calm down.
    Sanchez in the past 2 years has the most 4th QTR/OT comebacks out of all NFL QBs.

    Is he great, no. Is he good? no.

    He just turned 25 years old a month ago.
    Threw 26TDs, and rushed for 6TDs. He had a bad year though using your eyes. That is still very good production for somebody who obviously had a bad year using the ‘eye test’.

    People hate the Jets because Rex wont shut up, but Sanchez never did anything, besides pose in GQ, and donate all the money to charity. Geeze what a bad guy Sanchez is. People need to relax.

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