Zimmer could get second interview in Miami


With Jeff Fisher out of the mix, the Dolphins need to move on during their coaching search.

That could include a second interview with Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.  Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports he’s hearing “strong buzz” about Zimmer’s first interview with the Dolphins and that he may take a return trip.

Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland and Zimmer worked together in Dallas. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said the team was also looking to talk to coaches that were still active in the playoffs.

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  1. Prediction: Zimmer will land the Miami job. Hue Jackson will be his offensive coordinator.

    Great hires for Miami.

    Love Hue and will miss him in Oakland.

  2. Great, another former Dallas guy. Does Jeff Ireland know there are 30 more teams out there? I’m sure a defensive guy will upgrade our predictable, poor offense. Makes a lot of sense.

  3. I really think he has a good thing going in Cincinnati. Think of the team they could field now that they have two first round picks. Stay the course Zimmer, your team and fans appreciate you; from an outsider’s perspective.

  4. People make too much of the Dolphins going after Dallas players/coaches. It happens all of the time in the NFL. Look how the Jets and Patriots poach our players and coaches on a regular basis.
    Ireland has misfired on seveal Dallas retreads but what would you suggest now? Do they ignore all future players and coaches from Dallas just because we have hired several that have not panned out?

  5. As long as Ireland is there you’re only going to be able to lure a second tier candidate. Might as well get Zimmer under contract so he can get a start on interviewing possible coordinators. He is the brightest of the remaining candidates left.

  6. @ autumnwind999

    That’s a very good prediction right there. I’m also gonna add this: Jason Campbell signs with the team and Chad Henne goes into free agency.

  7. If he was a better candidate then Sparono don’t you think the Tuna would have thought about him when he was here. Dallas rejects are now Miamis first pick. That’s why Fisher didnt get the job-so they could find someone who’s buddy enough to be Irlands puppet.

  8. All I have to say is NO to this !!! It’s the same reason I didn’t want Fisher. These guys play 1980’s football and that isn’t going to cut it in the NFL now a day, thats why the Jets are home for the playoffs. If they want to hand it over to a defensive guy then either promote Nolan or give it to Todd Bowles and move on.

    I would rather see them hire Chudzinski or Philbin so that maybe Matt Moore could move to the next level. So far he has only played for the old guard, Sparano and Fox, and done fairly well for himself. Personally I would like to see Daboll stay since Moore played better this year than any other but that would mean hiring Bowles.

  9. Way more excited about Zimmer than Fisher…Fins already been midocre for far too long…it’s time to take a chance….why not interview Chud? Better yet, I would love to see what he can do in Carolina in the next year, so nix that!

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but didnt ireland bring in matt moore and reggie bush. And with his first draft on his own drafted solid players including charles clay who made plays late in the year? Daniel Thomas was good before all the injuries. I think ireland gets too much blame for a lot of the tunas mistakes. Btw I think zimmer is a fantastic coach he’s been solid as far as i.can rememeber

  11. Zimmer is a heck of a coach. I wish him the best of luck but we are gonna take a step back without him. Too bad Rex Ryan is finally getting exposed as blow hard. Otherwise the hot former Cowboy coaching prospect would be Rob “Hippie Hair” Ryan. I think he would be exposed the same way but at least Cincy would hang on to a great coach.

  12. Hire Philbin as head coach ,he comes from a team who knows how to win Super Bowls.If you hire Zimmer it would mean 3 more years of being bad.

  13. He’s been an NFL coach since 1994 and started coaching college in 1979. 32 years and never a HC has me wondering why. Another great DC but suspect as a HC?

  14. OK…Maybe Ross should either fire Ireland and hire Jerry Jones to be the Dolphins new GM or the Fins should reconsider their logo and have the dolphin jumping infront of the Dallas star. What in the world…not all available talent runs through Dallas first!!

  15. The penchant for looking to former Dallas Cowboys personnel is a little disturbing. I have no qualms with Zimmer but it is starting to look like Parcells, Sparano and now Ireland have been doing “favors” for guys that may have helped them “deal” with things in Jerry’s world rather than honestly/competently assessing talent for the betterment of the Dolphins. It’s like Sparano and Ireland got their jobs solely on their relationship with Parcells. Many of the players were acquired for no apparent reason whatsoever. Carpenter, Olshansky, Columbo…really?

    I do not doubt that Zimmer is a very good DC but if he is that great of a HC prospect why has he not been hired as a HC in the last 25 years?

    Time for Ross/Ireland to put their pride in check, get rid of whatever petty issues they have and at least give Billick an honest/fair look.

  16. I think the Bengals need to step up and keep him… Make Lewis at GM or something meaningless..

    Make The ZIM our next head coach!!!


  17. I agree that Mike Zimmer has the potential to be a good HC given the fine work he’s done previously. He certainly deserves the shot (probably deserved it in Dallas some time ago). Hue Jackson as OC might be interesting, too.

    I also agree with the comment about Brian Billick, whom I would choose (and would have chosen over Fisher). But it might be the “control” issue there, too, since clearly Ross will not give up on the Parcells/Ireland paradigm. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I do commend Ross for sticking to the concept oif a GM. Marty Schottenheimer would be a fine choice – not quite sure why he hasn’t been more on radar except in Tampa. He’s an excellent HC.

    I’d also look at established college HC’s since I do think they need to get someone with HC experience. Not the usual suspects, either. Mack brown would be a good NFL HC in my opinion. Reminds me a lot of John Robinson.

    The comments on the Ross/Ireland thing from the blog owners here are a little annoying. It sounds like crowing on the fact you weren’t fed infornation previously. Just report or comment.

  18. The only coach I’d take from Dallas is Tom Landry if he was still alive.Maybe they ought to see if Jimmy Johnson would come out of retirement.If they hire Zimmer maybe Ross will learn his lesson when the stands are empty foe every game.

  19. We need an Offensive minded coach. We need to setup an interview with Chudzinski. He made D. Anderson a probowler and Cam Newton has turned out to be a decent QB as well.

  20. uscfan1988 says:
    I think ireland gets too much blame for a lot of the tunas mistakes. Btw I think zimmer is a fantastic coach
    I “think” you THINK too much!!!

  21. Was thinking Norv would be canned and Zimmer given a chance in SD, what they needed since O seems to be set and the D needs an attitude adjustment. He’s a good man, hope he gets the shot and it works out.

  22. as a bengals fan, the selfish side of me wants him to stay. he has turned this d with no names into a top 5-10 d…..but i want him to be as successful as he can be, if that means him being a head coach then good luck and thanks for everything zimm!

  23. Our young defense NEEDS YOU Zimm! We’ve got a great think building here in Cincy! Now that I’ve got my selfish feelings outta the way, I wish you the best no matter what you choose. Ur a HELL of a coach and u definately deserve and HC position…….but I’d still like to see ya be our head coach haha

  24. Billicks name isn’t coming up as a candidate for anybody becuase obviously he doesn’t want to coach or doesn’t want to coach where there are currently openingsor and maybe more importantly he doesn’t want to coach in Miami. Shotty has been a HC for 26 seasons and has a pretty good regular season winning record at .615. His teams have been to the playoffs 13 of 26 seasons but his winning playoff record is only .278. Lets get an OC with some NFL cred that doesn’t qualify for AARP yet

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