Woodson due $4 million bonus in April


The Packers aren’t going to blow up their team because of one very rough loss.

They have one of the steadiest and sharpest general managers in football in Ted Thompson, and he’s clearly established that his approach works.

Thompson has shown a knack for giving up on veterans at the right time and has a few tough choices to make this offseason. We mentioned Donald Driver earlier Monday. We suspect he’s played his last game in Green Bay.

Cornerback Charles Woodson’s contract requires a decision by the Green Bay front office by the middle of April.

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes that Woodson is due a $4 million roster bonus within the first month of the new league year.

On the surface, it’s a no-brainer to keep Woodson. He’s a team leader, a starter, and provides a lot of intangible. Still, Woodson is due over $11 million in total pay in 2012, which is a high number for a player coming off two good-but-not great years.

We suspect Woodson will be retained because of what he means to the Packers. But it’s not necessarily a simple decision and Thompson’s track record is to skew young. It wouldn’t shock us if he considered not picking up the bonus.

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  1. A not so great year? He still had seven picks, at least third most tackles on the team, and a few sacks. For his age, I’d say that’s pretty darn good. No way the font keep him for at least two more years; maybe move him to safety.

  2. Come to Dallas, Charles. We would love to see you replace Newman, and Ball, for that matter. He will have a “comeback” year next year, though a good year for him is a great year for 90% of the CBs in the NFL.

  3. If he’s on the roster he get’s the bonus right. This is where the clubs hold all the cards with these players contracts, they are under no obligation to pay a bunch of back end bonus money they simply cut the player. You don’t hear a lot about no trade clauses in NFL like you do MLB. I wonder what percentage of the contract they sign players actually see?

  4. Might depend on whether Nick Collins can come back.

    Maybe not.

    Interesting off-season coming up for the Packers.

  5. Keep him. The money doesn’t matter because Ted Thompson does such a good job with his cap. Get rid of him after next year, use a high pick on a cb, trade Flynn for a high-mid high round pick & continue to stockpile talen on the defence because the offence is stacked. Driver is old but it says something when a guy, who played as good as he did Sunday, would be no higher then 5th on the WR depth chart in 2012-2013

  6. I was thinking that both Woodson and Driver, the later said he won’t retire, would call it a career but apparently they want to stick around for the big payday before calling it quits.

    Screw loyalty, you have to go with what have you done for me lately and both aren’t worth the money they could be getting. I love both these guys but you have to move on and they should be calling it a career and if they don’t, then adios.

    Not when the team needs a quality pass rusher, a quick running back and some offensive line help since Clifton will probably call it quits or should.
    He hasn’t played an injury free season in five years.

  7. Pay Woodson. He has had a good year and there is other holes to fill on defense without having to worry about finding a replacement for him.

  8. 4 million dollars for Charles Woodson is chump change. He isnt going anywhere. Ted Thompson always takes care of his players. He just doesnt pay for other teams players.

  9. Where were all the blitzes from the edge where he’d abandon the receiver and charge unabated to the QB like he did last year?

    It’s not Woodson’s fault Capers didn’t utilize him correctly this season.

  10. Move him to safety, he can free lance back there all he wants. Maybe then he’ll pay attention to assignments…its harder to stare at the QB 20 yards down field where you can’t really see his eyes. Maybe then he won’t get caught cheating for the INT every play as his assignment runs behind him 5 or 10 yards for a wide open catch.

    The same goes for Trammon (minus the safety part)…yep the qb is looking at you cause he can’t believe you’re still staring at him waiting for the comeback route…meanwhile the WR works back to the middle of the field for a 20 yard gain. Repeat 7-10 times a game..multiply by 17 weeks and you have 38’s entire season, play by play.

    Keep Driver. He can still catch better then most of the receivers on the squad. sick of watching him lose opportunities from guys that don’t catch consistently in an actual game. looking at you 88.

  11. I’d see if Woodson is as bright as the Packer fans and offer him some of those Packer “stock certificates” in lieu of the $4million roster bonus!

  12. I know Charles Woodson had that turf toe and the Raiders let him go after waiting for that to heal up, And he had a fat contract. He could play Receiver as well back in the day and Gruden wouldn’t give him that chance because he didn’t want to risk an injury to woodson because he was to viable at the CB position. There was one game nearing the end of the season he ran a few surprise offensive plays and got the black hole all excited.
    He is a great player and awarded Heisman winner over Peyton manning then drafted to the Raiders out of Michigan 1998. Man time flys.

  13. Packer fans, face it and don’t be emotional over this. Woodson’s play has declined and he has lost more than a step. In the base defense, he is a liability in coverade,

    The giants threw at him all day as did a lot of teams. Answer this question, in what game did he have his last pick? They were all in the first half of the year.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is one of my favorite players. This is not a decision about favorites though.

    As I see it, Two top priorities are a ROLB to pair with Matthews coming off the Edge. After watching that Texans game it sure would be nice to have Brooks Reed coming off that corner. I thought we should have drafted him with the 32nd pick.

    Next priority is and we’ll find out in March. Can Nick Collins return. If Not, we move Woodson to safety and draft a corner that can play. Next priority is a DE.

    We have the offense in Place, Grant will be gone, Starks, Sane and Green can handle the load.

    We go defense, defense and more defense. Randle cobb needs a lot more playing time as the #3 wideout.

    We have the third youngest team in the league, with Clifton, Driver and Grant gone, we will get even younger.

    We have to face the fact that Our defense although opportune all year was bad and very vulnerable.

    We can’t depend on our offense scoring 35 points every game.

  14. vikingfan12 says:Jan 16, 2012 8:46 PM

    if they decide to not wanna pay woodson, id take him in minnesota, hes 1 great DB in this league…..and i feel he has 1-2 years as a playmaker
    How about a trade? We give you Peprah-Bush, and onother DB to be named later for J Allen, and throw in Hawk. I know you would be getting the better of the deal, but hay we can always dream..

  15. woodson is a playmaker. you can never have too many playmakers. outside of clay mathews and maybe morgan burnett, this defense is short on playmakers. so in my opinion its a no brainer. pay the man!

  16. Just restructure his contract and give him his own State Farm “Discount Double Check” commercial to subsidize his pay…..

  17. I’m a Woodson fan. In his prime, he was an elite player, without a doubt. But, Father Time and the wear-and-tear of playing professional football have greatly diminished his skills. While his experience and savvy still helped him make some interceptions, he’s become a serious liability at cornerback. Maybe he can extend his career for a year or two by switching to safety. If not, it’s time to hang-up the cleats.

  18. Pack have a lot of homework to do.

    Honestly, it looks like Woodson is getting beat more often than not. It’s tempting to say “he’s a liability in coverage, he’s lost a step,” but how can you even tell? Did they plan any man coverage against the Giants last week? Seemed like receivers were finding 5-yard pockets in their zones all day — some of it was Woodson & Co making poor decisions, gambling too much — but I thought a lot of it was Capers failing to put his guys in the right schemes.

    I think it boils down to Collins. If Collins retires, I can see the possibility of keeping Woodson and moving him to safety.

    Another option there would be to let Woodson go and try to bring a free agent safety like Laron Landry. If he’s healthy, he can probably be had at a fair price. Thompson doesn’t wade into FA often, but he did for Woodson.

    There are also a slew of decent CBs on the market this spring — Finnegan, Grimes, Carlos Rogers, etc. If they can’t draft someone they expect to play, they need to make a move.

    Driver is as good as gone. Love the man, but it’s a numbers game. It’s about letting your young guys meet their potential — Cobb starts as #4, works his way past Jones to #3. Gurley is the #5 guy.

  19. I know everyone seems to keep saying Woodson lost a step, but it seemed to me like teams were abusing Peprah and Burnett in coverage all year. Those guys had a few picks, but off the top of my head it seemed like they were mostly on overthrows, not really plays where they were breaking up a pass. I think both of those guys are OK in a SS role with someone competent at FS, but are a bad tandem in coverage.

    It seemed like the Giants stayed away from Woodson for the most part. Most of the big key plays seemed to have some problem in zone between Williams and whoever was supposed to be giving help underneath or over the top.

  20. He’s one of the few free agents that Thompson has ever signed, so it’s not likely Thompson is going to cut him. They may well try to restructure his contract to make it more cap friendly.
    His biggest liability apart from age is that he guesses too much. His freelancing was directly responsible for several big plays by the Giants (not just on passes) and that’s why I can’t see the Packers moving him to safety. They’ve already got one undisciplined freelancer back there in Burnett. That’s not what you want at safety, and you certainly don’t want two of them. He’ll stay in his current role for one more season and then I think he’ll see the writing on the wall and hang it up.

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