Report: Colts may keep Tressel, but not as head coach


Jim Tressel may wind up staying employed by the Colts. He just won’t be taking over for Jim Caldwell.

Mike Freeman of has a Colts source that says there is “no way in hell” Tressel will get the top job. Still ,owner Jim Irsay reportedly likes Tressel and may want to keep him in some capacity.

We’re not sure what capacity exactly that would be. Surely, the next Colts head coach would have something to say about it.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has floated Marc Trestman as a possible candidate in Indianapolis. Steve Spagnuolo met with the team about the defensive coordinator position before Caldwell was fired.

Otherwise, the Colts have done a good job keeping their head coaching search a mystery so far.

24 responses to “Report: Colts may keep Tressel, but not as head coach

  1. Spags would be a good HC there. He could work wonders with the defense and leave the O in Peyton’s hands

  2. First rule of NFL Journalism:

    Dont take ANYTHING Mike the moron Freeman says as the gospel.

    Take it with a very large grain of salt.

    In that article Freeman says the Colts would be the “laughingstock of the NFL” for hiring Tressel.

    Was Dallas a “laughingstock” when it hired a multiple national championship winning coach named Jimmy Johnson way back when?

    Was Seattle a “laughingstock” when it hired a tainted Pete Carroll, who actually FLED his job because he knew sanctions were coming immediately.

    Freeman’s opinion and analysis on anything shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The man is a reactionary idiot.

  3. The first step for the new GM after getting rid of Caldwell is to get Tressel as far away from Indy as possible. Then bring in Spagnola in and let Manning coach the offense. He’s been cowing that for the last 3 years anyway. Maybe Spags can get the defense back on track.

  4. Raider-in-PA says:
    Jan 19, 2012 1:05 PM
    I dont get it with these players…

    Stay clean until your NFL days are done, then take your millions and relocate to Amsterdam…

    Problem solved!!
    Methinks you’ve attached this comment to the wrong article.

  5. Payton will be the HC. It makes sense and saves money. Play til he cant, then coach Luck.Irsay is crazy enough to try it.

  6. I have to agree with mac3333.

    While it may not be the most inspired choice, I don’t think anyone in the world other than Mike Freeman would think hiring Tressel would make the Colts the “laughing stock of the NFL”.

    Sure the guy made some huge mistakes in his last years at OSU, but the guy won or shared the last 5 big 10 championships. Lord knows far less qualified men than him have gotten NFL coaching opportunities.

    The funny thing is that when I googled Tressel’s name to check his record, the first link at the top of the page was an article claiming Tressel would interview for the head coaching position.

    Someone’s wrong, and I have a sneaking suspicion his name rhymes with “Pike Beeman”.

  7. I stop following Peter King on Twitter…

    And I started following Rob Lowe on Twitter for his
    NFL updates and reports…

    Until Rob Lowe confirms it…this is only a rumor.

    But why not keep Jim Tressel in the ‘West Wing’ of the Colts organization?

  8. Tressel is a notorious liar – run out of the NCAA for his serial lying. That’s who I want at the top of my franchise.

  9. djstat says:
    Jan 19, 2012 12:58 PM
    Spags would be a good HC there. He could work wonders with the defense

    Uh yeah, just like he worked wonders with the St. Louis defense?

  10. Are they going to make up another job. Where could he go from being the TV Watcher and Replay Challenge Recommender in Chief?

  11. Indy before Manning 2-14. Indy without Manning 2-14. Who needs a coach? The Colts just need a Peyton back.

  12. Having Tressel around as a football man to serve Irsay is a good idea. It will allow a solid organizer and coach from the college ranks to get a handle on how the NFL operates. Keeping an advisor on in the front office to temper the owners interference of the team is better than the existing system in Dallas.

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