10 things to know for Friday night, from NBC SportsTalk

After an unexpected trip to Connecticut to fill in for an under-the-weather Dan Patrick, I made the short trip down the road to Stamford for Friday night’s NBC SportsTalk.

At the top of the show, we went over the 10 things to know as of Friday night, with Peter King checking in from the 49ers’ facility.

Disregard the point on the Dolphins’ coaching search.  During the show, word broke that Joe Philbin has gotten the job.

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3 responses to “10 things to know for Friday night, from NBC SportsTalk

  1. Giants win.

    Color me skeptical lightning strikes twice for Smith. I trust Eli much more.

    I agree with Cosell about the Giants WRs vs the 9ers secondary, as well as if the 9ers line can keep Smith upright.

  2. Mike, I got to say something about the whole Reid-media thing: the fact that he’s not saying anything about Castillo isn’t helping his relationship with the media. In fact, it’s make it worse than ever since they and the fanbase demand to know what’s going on here. Fact of the matter is they dropped the ball badly on letting Spags go to New Orleans and not even calling him about coming to Philly and getting rid of Castillo-Washburn (the wide nine isn’t a fit here). Until Reid speaks, this is just gonna fester to the point where the media will tee off on him and the organization more and harsher than ever.

  3. That pretty much sums up the Ravens defensive scheme.

    Take Brady out – whatever it takes – spend a lot of 15 yard penalties and see what you can do

    Focus on his left shoulder, courtesy of Goodell’s mandatory injury reporting.

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