Dolphins hire Joe Philbin as head coach


Joe Philbin is the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins made the decision to hire Philbin as their next coach today, multiple media outlets reported late Friday afternoon.

Philbin had been the Packers’ offensive coordinator, and his personal story overshadowed football when his son died last week. After mourning his son during the week, Philbin was there with his team at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Now Philbin takes over a Dolphins franchise that has major question marks, particularly at quarterback. But there’s no question that Philbin is a coach who knows how to implement a strong passing game.

151 responses to “Dolphins hire Joe Philbin as head coach

  1. Not sure if he’s right for the job, but I do applaud the Dolphins for sticking to their guns and hiring him despite his recent tragedy. That could have scared some away. It’s a classy move.

  2. Now they just need a good QB and they’ll be ready to compete. Good luck to you Philbin.

  3. Ok, who wants to bet Miami made this hire knowing Flynn’s a FA and Philbin can get him to go to Miami.

  4. Yes. I live to see this after reading post after post of supposed “fans” hating on my team every single day. This team has done nothing but improve year after year the last three years, and this may be the final piece. Go Phins. Watch out for em this year.

  5. Great hire by Miami. Their defense is borderline elite and with Philbin this offense can vastly improve in 2012. I think Miami has a good chance at a wild-card spot next year, with Pats still taking the division.

  6. Wow, first we lay an egg in the playoffs and now our coaching staff is getting stripped from underneath us. NFL really does stand for “not for long” after all. Good luck to Joe, however, he’s a damn good coach.

  7. Godspeed Mr. Philbin. Losing a child is an unbearable heartache that never goes away. Hopefully in a new setting you and your family will find PEACE.

  8. If he can convince Flynn to, ahem, take his talents to south beach, this could get interesting.

    I was pulling for McCoy out of the remaining candidates, but each one would have been a roll of the dice.

  9. Not a Fish fan but I wish this guy well. If A.Rodgers says he was important in his development then that should be a ringing endorsement. I’m interested to see if he sees something in Matt Moore and keeps him around.

  10. Mike McCoy Denver OC with the 23rd offense in the NFL turned down an interview with the Raiders. Smart move Mike! Let’s see how your offense ranks next year and how many more chances you get.

  11. Just think, if MIA would have taken this guy just a couple weeks earlier, well, I dont have to get too far into this. There are no frozen rivers for sex offenders to fall into in South Flordia…

  12. I would be happy to see Flynn come to Miami and COMPETE with Moore. But Moore absolutely deserves to be the starter going into training camp. He did about as well as anybody could have asked stepping into an offense he had to time to prepare for. There is not enough film on Flynn for me to say he should just be the guy. Let’s see some good competition. What an offseason this will be for the Fins!

  13. Risky – I don’t think he calls the plays, guys like that failed in the past. If his head coach doesn’t trut him to call plays, why tryst him with your fanshise?

  14. Nice hire…I know this sounds crappy but maybe they can keep Bowles as D-Coordinator..I think the guy knows his stuff and will have the defense playing aggresive…I know it’s second place…but a job is a job for now.

  15. McCoy shunned Oakland, thinking he’d get the Miami job. I must say, without wasting several hours of his life in an interview, Reggie discovered everything he needs to know about Mike McCoy’s judgement, intelligence and maturity level.

    Well done, Miami.

  16. Another baffling decision by Ross. He was the oldest and least qualified of the 3 finalists. He has no NFL play-calling experience, and he’s coming off a horrible family tragedy that will make things very hard on him. This is Cam Cameron all over again. Oh, well maybe Cowher will be ready next year.

  17. Deepest condolences to Coach Philbin on his loss. Wishing him all the best with the Dolphins organization. Those longsuffering fans deserve a break.

  18. Congrats, Mr. Philbin.
    Nothing can replace your loss, but maybe a change of scenery can help the healing process.

  19. all u guys talking about matt flynn to miami he had 1 good game now hes an elite qb cmon man i say get flynn and let him and moore compete for a job

  20. @philyeagles5

    So, Matt Flynn’s one good game isn’t enough for people to call him good, but it’s enough for you to call him garbage? Seems fair…

  21. Of course you would delete my comment. Anything said against this site what so ever is deleted, but a disgusting comment about a dead person is perfectly acceptable. Way to go freedom of speech. What a joke. Your comment department is a joke.

  22. Matt Flynn you are needed at Terminal B.

    Good get by the Dolphins, and good for the rest of the leagues Defense if the Packers have some fall off.

  23. I hope he can get his mind set after his loss. Its very tough to lose a child. The miami weather will help. Good luck joe philbin. Beat belicheat and loud mouth ryan next year!

  24. Congratulations to Joe Philbin on being named the new Dolphins Head Coach. I hope the Dolphin fans give you a chance to straighten out the ship. Having lived in Miami for 15 years I know how fickle Dolphin fans can be.

  25. doh! there goes my (delusional) plan of having Flynn chuck the rock to Moss, Gaffney, Cooley and Blackmon(r). tear…

  26. good luck joe, you will be missed in green and gold. it looks like the dolphins got lucky losing out on fisher, joe will get that offense turned around quickly. smart choice

  27. Dolphins fans have seen what has happened with Kevin Kolb and AJ Feeley in their own past, why are they calling for one game wonder Flynn?

  28. Excellent!! Moore is better than people are willing to give him credit for. Miami needs to get him more weapons and a RT. Look at Rogers and Brady and how many weapons they have. Yes they are elite, well coached, have good o-lines and yes plenty of weapons.
    I do like RG3 but not for more than 2 1st rounders.

  29. Why do all you posters thnk that Flynn is a lock to go to Miami? He’s a FA and will go to the team who offers him the most money and a chance to start. The second requirement, a chance to start, is more important than the money. If he wanted t0 clipboard hold and make a bunch of money, he could do that in Green Bay.

  30. Flynn for a reasonable price would be good to compete with Moore but I wouldn’t break the bank until a QB has shown it for a full season.
    In saying that Dan Snyder I mean Stephen Ross will get him.
    What is happening with coordinators I would love to know. Should have kept Nolan!

  31. Hey Fin Fans keep this in mind. Ross said he wanted a coach who was part of a winning SuperBowl team or Coached a winning team. Well he was the only one of the final 3 to be on that winning team! The only other choice would have been coach from New Orleans, but I think they are trying to keep him.

    So Lets look forward to a Better Season and who knows We could make it to the playoffs in 2012!!!! Congrats to Philbin……

  32. To all the Philbin doubters
    1) He has been in GB for 5 years with Mike McCarthy one of the best coaches in the NFL
    2) He has helped develop Rogers and Flynn
    3) Despite not calling plays his Packers offense had one of their worst games of the year vs an inferior team in the Giants. He obviously had a lot to do with the preparations during other weeks.

    Good hire.

  33. @kinggw

    That’s a great point. As a Dolphins fan I believe the should stick with Moore. His contract is cheap and he doesn’t lose games. This franchise has suffered because of poor drafts and poorer personnel decisions not QBs. Hopefully Philbin can get this team to execute for 4 quarters and develop the young players.

  34. Now is the time for Miami to compete. The Jets have a lot of problems, starting from the top. Buffalo is not there yet.

  35. Well, I’m happy for him and congratulate him on becoming a head coach. But I sure hope he knows what he’s getting into with that train wreck of a franchise.

  36. Congratulations to the Miami fans. And, nice job by their ownership.
    I think the Dolphins showed great class in this hire…..not letting the terrible tragedy that this man and his family have just gone through cloud their judgement.
    Miami fans…..I think you just found yourselves a really good coach.
    Congratulations to coach Philbin and his family, the Dolphins, and Miami fans.

  37. Dream on fin fans. Flynn will be a Redskin. With Snyder and his $$$$ Ross & Philbin will be no match. Count on it!

  38. For all of you who think Matt Flynn has only had 1 good game, go look at what he did against New England in the 2010 season. Also, his only season to be The Guy in college he won some little thing they call The National Championship. There is limited tape on Flynn, but it all looks pretty damn good. The next name on Ross/Ireland/Philbin’s radar should be TOM CLEMENTS…. Then worry about Flynn

  39. actually Ross is the second richest owner in the NFL after the seahawks owner. So he can match whatever snyder has to offer.

  40. The problem with bringing in Flynn to “compete” with Moore is that it will likely take Ryan Fitzpatrick money to sign him on the open market. You can’t throw that type of money out there for somebody who won’t start.

    Moore is a great fallback plan if the phins fail to sign Flynn or draft a start-ready rookie. He is the reason Miami doesn’t have to lose their minds in a bidding war for Flynn or to trade up. But make no mistake, Miami will be (and should be) trying like hell to upgrade from Matt Moore. Of course a new head coach is going to want to bring in his own QB.

    The most important relationship on any NFL club us that between head coach and QB. That is the reason Miami ought to go hard after Flynn- he gives the Philbin regime the best chance for success. Also, the Dolphins won’t want to go into the draft counting on being able to get QB help.

  41. phillyphever says:Jan 20, 2012 6:42 PM

    Ok, who wants to bet Miami made this hire knowing Flynn’s a FA and Philbin can get him to go to Miami.

    If anything can “get him to go there” it will be:

    1) Starting job
    2) Money with starting job
    3) Miami weather
    4) Miami poon, Miami beach house, etc.

    I think his agent and him will certainly be looking South.

    To the morons that think all he does is look at film, hand his suggestions to McCarthy, and then takes the rest of the game or week off…get a clue.

    Joe has multiple options that are set up for McCarthy based on what tendencies are and what defenses and blitz packages the opponents throw at them. EACH PLAY. That’s why he has a head set to offer suggestions to MM and almost always is up top. He probably should’ve had the assistant HC tag as well.

  42. First off Congrats Joe, I wish you the best. But wouldn’t that be dope if flynn ended up in Miami and in a couple years we could see a Packers vs. Dolphins, Rodgers vs. Flynn super bowl. Granted Miami is a ways off from that but anything could happen….Go Packers!!!

  43. “Oakland? Hi…this is Mike McCoy…I was wondering about that interview we had schedul…ummm…hello? HELLO?!?!”

  44. Finally Ross makes a good decision on the hire of the next head coach. It doesn’t matter if it is Flynn/Moore/Henne – if they don’t improve their offensive line pass protection they will be playing for third place with the Bills.

  45. blackbeardk says:
    Jan 20, 2012 8:22 PM
    Coach Philbin…you lost your son….what are your plans?

    I am going to Disneyworld!
    Go die of AIDS!!!

  46. This may not be the best hire for the Fins, but its great for Philbin. It gives him a major promotion and salary increase, and lets him get a fresh start away from where his son died.

  47. Objectively speaking this is a good hire! Honestly, I think the Dolphins can overtake the Jets and realistically compete for a wild-card in 2012, especially if they can get Matt Flynn.

    Signed, Patriots fan.

  48. @zonedogz:

    This is gonna be fun!

    So nice of you to drop in and spew fiction as if it were fact. You say Ross can’t compete with Snyder financially?? If you did your homework you’d know Snyder is actually the 12th richest owner in the league (estimated net worth $1.1 billion), he doesn’t even crack the Top Ten, whereas Ross is the 2nd richest (estimated net worth $3.1 billion) behind ONLY Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who owns the Seahawks and at a whopping estimated net worth of $13 billion could actually afford to buy nearly 1/3 of the teams in the NFL. Nonetheless, Ross has nearly 3 times as much money as Snyder. Next time try doing a Google, you’ll find it works wonders for your credibility. Furthermore, this is all pretty moot considering owners may be able to drop all the coin they want on coaches, but when it comes to player salaries they operate under this thing called a “salary cap”… It’s not a free-for-all.

    Hopefully Philbin can save Stephen Ross from further comparisons to Dan Snyder…. Lord knows neither one of them have been doing themselves any favors in the court of public opinion.

    Anyhow, zonedogz, hasta luego.

  49. Congrats Joe and good luck in Miami.

    I agree with most of you that Matt Flynn will almost certainly end up in a Dolpins uniform next season. It makes a lot of sense for one big reason; he won’t have to learn a new offense. Thats huge for a QB and I shouldn’t have to explain why.

    A head coach and his QB, you get those two things right and it won’t be long before the wins start piling up. Nice move Miami, now make it happen.

  50. Another coach with no experience and another backup qb on the shameful mt. Rushmore that is post marino/ shula dolphins football. But hey this should work!

    Oh the guy who argued flinn winning bcs nat championship; what does that have to do with nfl play? Chrid leak, tebow, greg mcelroy all won bcs cha,pionship titles want them as ur qb? All the while big ben played for a no name school and aaron rodgers played for a junior college.

  51. Great Hire Fins. I’m looking forward to next season. As far as Matt Flynn goes he is an unproven commodity in the NFL , sorry Matt Flynn lovers. However I’m all for bringing him in at a reasonable price and let him compete with Matt Moore for the starting QB job. Bring in a few key additions on Offense (a standout TE would be nice) continue to tweak the Defense and we’ll be in good shape. Also, to you people taking shots at Joe Philbin and his Sons death you’re idiots and just remember what goes around comes around. Go Fins!

  52. vikingdoode says:
    Jan 20, 2012 8:12 PM
    Matt Flynn has Scott Mitchell written all over!

    kinggw says:
    Jan 20, 2012 7:32 PM
    Dolphins fans have seen what has happened with Kevin Kolb and AJ Feeley in their own past, why are they calling for one game wonder Flynn?


    Your comparison of Flynn to these other QBs is based upon what?

    The fact that they all got starting jobs with new teams after only a couple starts with their original team?

    Because that is literally the only thing the Flynn has in common with those QBs.

    I was around for the Scott Mitchell “era”. Matt Flynn has more talent, poise, pocket awareness, and ability to read defenses in his little finger than Mitchell had in his entire giant, lumpy body.

    Flynn has been 100 times more impressive in his starts than Kolb or Feely.

    Every time Flynn’s name comes up, some Einstein is always quick to jump in and compare him to bust QBs who got FA deals after only a handful of starts.

    What about Matt Hasselback? How about Matt Schaub? Those guys seem to have done OK in similar situations.

    Matt Moore is making a career out of looking great playing in meaningless games. Carolina anyone?

    Flynn has had great games against really good teams that had something to play for AND he won a national championship in college.

    Making obvious, knee jerk comparisons that have been made a thousand times before really isn’t that impressive.

  53. I’m fine signing Flynn, but I’d prefer it be a contract with an easy out after the first season if he turns out to be a bust. Two good games isn’t enough for me. I think he can be pretty good, especially if he is playing for a coach he is familiar with.

    As for those suggesting Philbin is Cam Cameron 2.0, how is that relevant? Just because the Dolphins hired an offensive coach that failed miserably before doesn’t mean it relates at all to the Philbin hiring. It’s dumb to even suggest.

    Philbin wasn’t my top choice, but out of the three finalists, he was certainly the best. Glad we didn’t McCoy. I don’t understand what he’s ever done to be a head coaching candidate.

    Good hire by my Dolphins… Silence the critics (for the time being, at least). There’s a lot of them, deservedly so.

  54. Incredibly emotional couple of weeks for this man. From the absolute worst that fate can dish out to the absolute best you can hope for from your vocation.

    Miami is a long way from Green Bay. It’s a fresh start and chance to put some reminders behind him. Hope he does well.

  55. I am a Dolphins fan, and I am real happy with this decision. Whether he brings Flynn with him or not, I feel this is a great hire. With Ireland as GM, Philbin as HC, I am excited. Maybe keep Bowles to run the defense. Optimism hopefully will start soon in Miami. Everyone will talk quarterback as they should, but Miami fans should enjoy tonight and tomorrow’s press conference. Miami fans should have reason to be a little happy. Long way to go, but I like taking a chance with Philbin, an offensive guru. I’m Happy, tired of seeing my Dolphins lose, time to change that around.

  56. Only wish this guy the best. Hope everything falls into place for him from now on. He deserves some happiness.

  57. The offense in GB is based on precise timing throws, often to receivers with little seperation. It might be wise to temper expectations for the 1st year no matter who’s qb.

  58. I wonder if he will be hiring Kelly Ripa to be his assistant head coach?

    … oops, my bad, Wrong Philbin…

  59. Oakland is Green Bay West — now Miami will be Green Bay South!

    Here’s to a Green Bay – Green Bay Super Bowl sometime soon!

    Go Pack Go!

  60. Not to throw cold water on a great hire by the Dolphins but it just seems that most of you think that Matt Flynn will be in Miami because of Philbin. As a Packer fan I can tell you that Flynn may come to the Dolphins but the Dolphins will probably have to give up draft picks. The Packers are not franchise tagging Jermichael Finley so it is likely that they will tag Finley for the purpose of trading him. They will also offer Tom Clemens the Offensive Coordinator job so I doubt he’s going anywhere.

  61. Whoever think Moore is enough is nuts. Flynn is someone young n exciting who has the tools to be awesome n take this offense to the next level. If Moore was so great he would have started elsewhere. But RT in 1st round isn’t happening sorry. They’ll pick a wr before a tackle early. Or trade down n get TE Allen out of Clemson

  62. Flynn should be starting in the NFL.

    If Philbin is as sharp as Ross thinks he is, and he’s been around Flynn that much, I’m betting he’s telling Ireland to do what he has to do to bring Flynn to Miami.

    I think Moore is getting a bad wrap and no credit.

    But you have to think that Philbin would love to have Flynn there…

    If Flynn is THAT good. And I think he is…

  63. I hope that indianhead and blackbeardk never lose a child, no matter what his pass is, as a parent you still love your child, perhaps they some day will be in his shoes and will learn a hard lesson. Bill

  64. All due respect for the guy, but not a big splash….they could have done better, there was no harm in waiting around awhile to see if a bigger name surfaced ?

    Is Cowher still fat & happy in NY ? Man, some competitor he is, taking the easy money w/ the sideline crew

  65. I don’t get it. Why are Dolphins fans happy about this guy over McCoy? You have Philbin on one hand, who was a place holder really. Let’s face it, Mcarthy runs that show and Clements worked with Rodgers. You can’t point to his accomplishments with that offense because a)they’ve had amazing QBs and talent in a bad division b) He didn’t call plays, he didn’t develop QB. McCoy on the other hand helped put Orton, a really pedestrian QB, on the map. He also was able to tailor an offense to Tebow’s strengths, despite Elway and Fox doing all they can to thwart him. He also showed he can gameplan and win the big game as he did against Pittsburgh. The man had to overcome his owner, head coach, and the Steelers and succeeded. The only way this makes any sense is if Flynn comes as well. If they don’t get him Miami will be doing this same dance in another three years except by then all their young talent will be old and it will truly be a rebuild.

  66. Good luck Philbin. I’m not a dolphins fan but I’d love to see a real coach bring in the next Marino and complete the postseason.

  67. Now time for a Ballhawk Safety, One more pass rush LB, RT and of course, a long term QB. We’re 10-6 next year, take that to the bank YET Fans.

  68. Do Dolphin fans really think Matt Moore was the problem last year? Sure, it’s smart to throw money at Flynn based off two starts?

  69. Congrats Coach Philbin, Packer nation will always hold you close and I personally wish you and yours the best in the future…
    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. This hire is the best Miami has made in years. I’ve never been this excited about a coaching hire in all my years as a Fin fan. This guy has class, a resume, the right kind of philosophy, comes from one of the most high character organizations in the business. I’m excited to see what he can do for this team. I really hope he can swipe Clements from GB while he’s at it.

  71. Let me break this down, for all the ‘tards on here that think this is a good hire:

    Come with me if you will, and step in my way-back machine, shall we?

    Parcells the omniscient, hand picks a position coach…an offensive line guy, whose impressive credentials include having never called an NFL play in his life, never had any headcoaching experience, and wants us to believe that he can lead this franchise to certain glory…

    Sure. If by certain glory he means epic failure.

    FF to today: the pompous hairline of awesomeness, aka: “the decider” of my Miami Dolphins; aka:”the NFL’s Poo Poo Platter from which no real, experienced headcoach wants to touch, let alone take a bite from” figures the best thing for this franchise is to…

    Wait for it…

    Here it comes…

    Hand pick a position coach…an offensive line guy, whose impressive credentials include having never called an NFL play in his life, never had any headcoaching experience, and wants us to believe that he can lead this franchise to certain glory.

    Thank Sweet Baby Bearded Jesus he “decided” to go in a different direction.

    Wow. I guess the receding-hairlined-apple doesn’t fall far from the Dove-bar-eating fat tree.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I have nothing personal against Mr. Philbin…well that’s not entirely accurate…

    He does look like a cross between Larry Coker…and Nosferatu.

    But I digress.

    All I’m sayin’ is, he has little more qualifications than you or I; and furthermore, just because he’s had a recent tragedy in his life, is no reason to hire him out of some sort of twisted pity/logic…

    My mom died recently too.

    I’ve seen every game since David Woodley was QB…

    And I didn’t get an interview.

    Well, at least we still have some continuity/stability on the defensive side of the ball with Mike Nolan.

    Oh. Wait a minute…

    Hey! Maybe we can promote Todd Bowles to DC as some of you have so astutely observed—sure, he has zero experience in that department, but as our top-ranked secondary has shown, I’m confident his aggressive, complex, blitzing schemes will rank us in the top 5, consistently…who needs Mike Whats-his-name?

    And while I’m at it, don’t interview, or even consider, Chudzinski.

    What does he know about football?

    All he ever did was play an obscure, currently unimportant, unevolving position-at some teeny little private school-in some city I can’t even remember—it’s not like he’s some home-grown, local guy from our back yard with ties to the community—God only knows how far removed he is from here; he’s probably from some state with no-talent football players who serendipitously won silly little crystal football trophies and unceremoniously backed into some meaningless Forget-a-Bowls with zero fanfare, only to luck-out and land some entry-level position with the perrenial, offensive-juggernaut, Cleveland Browns, who—luckily for him—had an All-World, All-Pro, QB named Derek Anderson, coincidentally for that one good season, that just happened to be under “the Chud’s” tutelage…and then somehow, miraculously springboarded to the consistently-playoff-contending Carolina Panthers, only to underachieve as an OC who—lets face it—is only slightly responsible for the development of some cookie-cutter, run-first, athletic(you know what that means—wink, wink)rookie QB, who will definitely(according to all the experts)never have any-nay, possibly have an outside, longshot at the slightest modicum of success as a pocket-passer in this league; believe you me, it’s not like Peyton Manning’s rookie passing yardage record is in any immediate danger, especially, since this QB is of questionable character and the Chud will have zero influence over him…after all, again I ask, what does he know about football?

    God help us—one and all(Dolfans).

  72. I can’t see a new coach drafting a RT in the first round when it’s not a top tackle. I think they’re spending this offseason getting offensive weapons. To all the Flynn haters; u have no reason to be whiney. Would love to get him. Moore isn’t the answer. If he was we wouldn’t flirt with another qb

  73. blackbeardk says:
    Jan 20, 2012 8:22 PM
    Coach Philbin…you lost your son….what are your plans?

    I am going to Disneyworld!
    Disney World is in Orlando not Miami….smart guy

  74. Maybe Philbin can talk Favre out of retirement? 😉

    Can you imagine where the ‘Fins would be today if they’d taken Brees when they had the chance?

  75. I love all these Matt Flynn to Miami comments. I guess the Dolphin fans forgot about another hyped QB FA called Scott Mitchell.

    I guess everyone gets to dream.

  76. That collective shout of glee you hear is coming from the Dolphins Oline. Philbin is going to make them alot of money.

  77. Congratulations to Joe Philbin on being named the new Dolphins Head Coach. I hope the Dolphin fans give you a chance to straighten out the ship. Having lived in Miami for 15 years I know how fickle Dolphin fans can be.
    ……..says the fans that booed their own home team after going 15-1 this season!

  78. As a Bears fan I have alot of respect for the Packer organization and feel they had great management and coaching with the exception of head coach. I think the assitants and coordinators have made this team. Be interesting to see what McFatty can do after he loses some important pieces.

  79. zonedogz says:
    Jan 20, 2012 8:30 PM
    Dream on fin fans. Flynn will be a Redskin. With Snyder and his $$$$ Ross & Philbin will be no match. Count on it!
    You seem to be off base. As far as personal wealth, Ross is second only to the guy in Seattle. Snyder is not even in the top 5. That said, it’s irrelevant anyway. It will come down to desire/cap space.

  80. It’s been a long time since Dolphins fans have had something to be excited about. This is a great hire, and definitely will breath some hope into the fan base.

    I’m excited to see who Philbin brings in as his coordinators as well. On things for sure, if sexy Rexy figured he was going to get an inside edge by hiring Sparano, that strategy just went flying out the window. This team will look nothing like it did last year by the time we hit pre season!

    Thank Goodness Fisher never accepted the Miami gig. We just got an upgrade from even Fisher!!!

  81. “This will bring Matt Flynn to the phins. Ross may finally know what he is doing?”

    Some might suggest that with the 49er’s success this season that he knew what he was doing trying to hire Harbaugh. He just didn’t land him…

    What the Phins need is someone to get this team excited. Sporano – he who gets pumped about field goals – was not that guy.

  82. jeffirelandshairline says:
    Jan 21, 2012 4:33 AM
    Let me break this down, for all the ‘tards on here that think this is a good hire:

    TL;DR: This guy babbles a lot and thinks he’s really quirky.

  83. Good riddance since it was your fault our offense didn’t produce against the Giants—oh, wait sorry I was just possessed by a Packer fan for a moment!

    What I meant to say was, good luck Philbin, and it’ll be interesting to see what he can do for Miami since he’s been the OC since 2007 when the Packer offense really started to fly.

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